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Conservative Radio Host Cancelled After Wishing For Mass Shooting

Conservative Radio Host Cancelled After Wishing For Mass Shooting

Our radio station in Denver announced that
they had fired a conservative radio show host. Canceled his program that he hosted with his
wife, because on Wednesday during the impeachment debate in the house of representatives, the
host, the man by the name of Chuck Bonniwell, actually said the following, he said, you
wish for a nice school shooting to interrupt from the never ending impeachment saga happening
in the house. You wish for a nice school shooting. Mr Bonniwell had to say. His wife, the cohost Julie Hayden, then said,
don’t even say that. No, don’t even say that. Don’t call us. Chuck didn’t say that. Um, of course, then Chuck said, well, of course,
you know, we don’t want anyone to actually get hurt. And the radio station didn’t hesitate. And they said, well, guess what? Your canceled and here’s the thing. Then later on they took to Twitter, Mr Chuck
Bonniwell, and he had to say, I made an inappropriate comment meant as a joke. I’m sorry, it was not received that way. Um, you’re living in a state Colorado that
has suffered, uh, two of the most high profile mass shootings in the history of the United
States. Columbine and then the Aurora movie theater
shooting. And then let’s also not forget that back in
may in Denver, there was another school shooting at a high school. So you’re living in a state that has suffered
quite a few high profile mass shootings and you think it’s appropriate to joke about a
nice school shooting to interrupt from the impeachment. Maybe take the hate off Donald Trump a little
bit. The sad, sick, twisted part of this story
is that’s typically how these shootings work. When a mass shooting happens comes along,
something like that. The media focuses on nothing but that it is
a good distraction for a day or two and then the public moves on. But that’s what’s so sick about it. And the NRA prays for mass shootings because
every time there’s a mass shooting in this country, guess what happens? People run out and buy more guns. The NRA and their donors make more money and
then they pass that money along to politicians who after mass shootings offer nothing but
thoughts and prayers. Now, I’m not trying to be the joke police
here and say that, Oh, there’s certain things you can’t joke about there. There certainly are certain things you can’t
joke about, but this was not a joke. This man was dead serious because he doesn’t
understand how bad the problem of mass shootings are here in the United States. He is probably typically one of those people
who offers the thoughts and prayers and then says, now’s not the time to talk about gun
control. Now’s not the time to talk about expanded
background checks. We just have to be there for the families
when they need us and then when they actually need us not do what they need us to do. This was a disgusting comment made by a disgusting
human being that is finally facing the repercussions for his actions. I do not feel sorry in the least bit for mr
Bonniwell or his conservative program. That’s no longer in the air. Partly because knowing conservative media,
this guy’s going to find a new home, a new radio show, possibly even a new web series
before the end of the month.

100 comments on “Conservative Radio Host Cancelled After Wishing For Mass Shooting

  1. Does he not have a Brain? I can’t even think of when it would even be an appropriate time too say something like this.

  2. Chuck Bonniwell….I'm curious about one thing….What part of your statement was the "joke"? Was it the part about wishing for students to be murdered while they're in school or the part about that you didn't want anyone to get hurt ? Well?…You fucking idiot…

  3. Every town and The Brady Bunch can't wait for a school shooting I have friends in those organizations and this summer was so slow they couldn't handle it so it left that does this to

  4. The thing is you are far more likely to be killed by a car driving to school today you are more likely to be killed by a drunk driver driving to school today your kid is far more likely to commit suicide than the killed by a Mass killer. Cops killed more in the last 3 years then all the mass killers in the last 40 hammers kill more than rifles do and a ARS are a fraction of that a sane man would go after what is the most dangerous and cars by far are more dangerous than guns

  5. They should be fired what a horrid thing to say you would want children to die to stall them peachment you are a sick sob

  6. Remember the Comedian🙂 from the 'Watchmen' ? Nobody thought he was funny either…
    These republiKKKcons r all in that South Park 'Funnybot' mode…


  8. I didn't know we had these many crazy ass people in the world trump brought these criminal people out of the wood work dam shame

  9. You terrify me. Do you REALLY think that the police will protect you? Haven't you learned ANYTHING from history, from the Black Lives Matter/Indian Lives Matter movements? You point out the problem in this country with law enforcement abuse, and yet out of the same mouth you advocate disarming people (that's what the majority of "gun control" advocates REALLY want – LISTEN TO THEM!). The people who commit the violence won't be touched – it will be the poor, the minorities, the 'those-who-don't-fit-stereotypes' who will be disarmed and made vulnerable to all sorts of violence.

    People like that jackass are the major problem in this country, but the elites have defined what is 'liberal' and what is 'conservative' – conservatives openly protect the rich and their disgusting and evil profits (maximizing no matter who they hurt, and as long as they don't get caught!) while the 'liberals' push for stereotypes – never mind that there are many 'liberals' (maybe progressives) who own guns and who support the second amendment – as equal to the others.

    We live in a Christian (first) Conservative (second) – the REALITY of those terms, area. Talk like this would not be that unusual around here (I avoid most of the people because of their hate). Here's the kicker – because of my bloodlines (and politics), if you were to disarm everyone considered a "potential terrorist threat" I'd be up front. You see, my tribe was declared that years ago because the politicians were well aware of how badly we'd been treated (laws forbidding us to testify in court, requiring we be imprisoned if we were found in much of our tribal territory, and EVEN MAKING IT LEGAL TO SHOOT US AFTER DARK – laws that were on the books until we were finally given freedom of religion in !!!1980!!!). We've experienced Christian Terrorism – arson, poisoned pets, blocked employment, stalking, harassment, slurs and hate language – and those are only the things WE'VE 'CAUGHT' CHRISTIANS DOING! (Found evidence or actually caught in the act – ignored by the pigs.) I think there have been a few times now that the fact I own guns and know how to use them (and when NOT to) prevented us from being killed or maimed. I have literally had to pull a gun on someone at least 4 times in my life – thankfully just the knowledge that I was armed and ready to defend myself stopped the perp (one was even beating up a woman half his height and a quarter his weight – until I intervened – at which he attacked me!). The police – I gave up on calling them years ago – they're more likely to be a danger rather than a help!!!

    The situation is far more complex than you are saying – and the solution to the violence is going to take time and effort – literally cultural change. Disarming people will lead to the violence we want to avoid. Change the culture, get those who hate us to realize that they've been lied to all of their lives (and that much of what they believe is false), and the violence will abate on its own. Please, think about that!

  10. Well here's the thing Trump is normalizing this type of talk he's taking it down to a new Long Level and a new norm and this is the after effects of it and it's only going to get worse

  11. The Cult of Trump grows more dangerous by the day. These people talk about starting a civil war and this dude would sacrifice some kids if it meant his supreme leader went up a point or two in the polls. This is what happens when you elect a racist and rapey man-child as your cult leader.

  12. LOL 😂 😂 I'm glad cause he's very small minded. He didn't think before he said that he just said it. Now his words became a reality

  13. Tired of these rejects always trying to "joke" and then apologize. He's not joking, because it's not funny and he's not funny.

  14. tRUMP Sycophants ARE DONE ! They crawled out of their cesspool SWAMP. And they are Stinking up America!
    Time to disinfect ,exterminate. And start over !

  15. This guys comments are absolutely disgusting..
    As someone from N-I, I'm fed up of the NRA daring to presume that I will follow them on twitter..😠😠
    Soo wrong, I take great pleasure in telling them
    ( via DM ) to Feck off, just b4 I have to block them..

  16. The radio host ass need to be lock up and take his cult leader (Dump Trump) he need to go with him or do us a favor Trumptards drink the KOOL AID ! Because u.are a disgrace to AMERICA ! ✌

  17. This is the month twenty 6 year olds died under a hail of bullets. The Republicans using their usual tactics of lies and deception created another conspiracy theory to deflect from this atrocity.

  18. It’s called the power of suggestion notice he said you whisper a school shooting .. that was the message for somebody

  19. We wish Mr. Bonniwell and all the other sick Trump-turds a Merry Impeach-mas. . . a Merry Impeach-mas. . . .a Merry Impeach-mas, and a Unhappy New Year (to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas.")

  20. Well, Drumpf's traitorous cultists did not make the top of the fbi's domestic-terrorist list by accident. Indeed, they have lead the number of terrorist attacks in this country and abroad for some time now.

  21. He's saying what he really feels, Trump's supporters think they have the same Privilege as him, To say whatever but it doesn't work for them ! 😭

  22. Don't make others do this kind of thing… Do it yourself or shut the fuck up, sick bastard.

    Must be Colorado's mexican border. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  23. Chuck Bonniwell, you are such a fine person. Donald Trump loves you and appreciates your thoughts about distracting from the impeachment procedures..

    You're a real piece of work, Chuck.

  24. Wish I could figure out why Trump has so much influence over the Conservative party. Is it money? Are they being threatened with bodily harm? None of their actions are making any sense to me.

  25. His wife tried to do that last-minute save. I bet you if you could only see the look on her face when he said that, she already knew was about to happen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. I can hardly stand to think about the precious lives loss in the school shootings. It makes me feel overwhelming sadness. So I pray for the families and friends of the loss. That gives me hope that The Lord will heal there broken hearts. They still need prayer and support from us. Hate crimes need to be severely dealt with.

  27. His supporters are a cult. Just call them what they are. Truth doesn't matter and their leader is godlike to them. If that's not a cult then I don't know what is!

  28. Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks. Ephesians 5:4 (KJV)

  29. Asking people to shoot other people for a symbol of evil is not a joke. Losing your jobs because of it? A laugh riot. LMAO.

  30. I had a shooting at my high school I can still see that day as clear as yesterday and it’s been over 20 years. I wouldn’t wish that nightmare on anybody. This was a classless move by a right winger

  31. What a moron! Trump has brought out the lowest of the lows. Soon, all these worms will crawl back under the rocks from which they came.

  32. Disgusting! No radio or tv station should employ this"man"!!!! This coming the party of"no abortions"! They want their children alive when they're hunting game!

  33. So, the bricks are falling into place – The definition of a

    Dictator is; a person who obtains control by force; (Russia

    helped Trump win the election). A person who behaves in an

    autocratic way; he obstructs justice, ignores subpoenas ,

    refuses to be interviewed, calls news reporters the enemy of

    the people, and that what these reporters say, is fake news!

    A ruler with no checks and balances – Trump had no check or

    balance, when the Republicans held the Congress and the White

    House. He appointed people to his cabinets that were clearly

    lobbyists for the industries they were meant to regulate. This

    unstable president has no military experience -he was given 5

    deferments for the Vietnam War – he's a coward – and wants to

    spend millions to massage his ego! He has no genuine respect

    for veterans. He insults minors as well as the disabled, then

    complains when his child is mentioned during his impeachment

    proceedings. A known purveyor of sexual assault of many women,

    and an associate of a known pedophile and sex trafficker

    Jeffery Epstein, Trump publicly bragged about being sexually

    attracted to his own daughter! He is a hypocrite, racist, and

    misogynist with demented delusions of grandeur. Trump

    (#weakpenis), said he would rule for years beyond a second

    term, if he could! He even called himself "the chosen one". He

    wants to be like the leader of North Korea~ If this doesn't

    disgust every American, you truly are delusional and should

    take a hard look at yourselves – it's a bizarre display of

    willful ignorance, and we the American people should not allow

    this to happen~ BERNIE 2020

  34. These people can rot. I dont accept his apologie. I'm glad he got fired. I hope he never gets a job on the air again. Perhaps he can get cancer and just die.

  35. What needs to happen is these conservatives need to crawl back under their hateful rocks…all of them…their entire platform is selfish

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