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Conservative Radio Host Charlie Sykes Urges People to Break Out of Bubbles [Interview]

Conservative Radio Host Charlie Sykes Urges People to Break Out of Bubbles [Interview]

– You know something
that you’ll never hear on one of these cable talking-head shows? One of the guests going,
‘Hmm, I don’t know.’ You don’t get on those
shows by saying that! – Take one, mark. – My name is Charlie Sykes. My new book is called “How
the Right Lost Its Mind.” For the last 25 years I was part of a conservative
talk-radio infrastructure that I think helped turn
Wisconsin from blue to red. We were the voice of the
conservative movement. Criticisms of main-stream media bias have been a staple of
the conservative movement and talk radio from the beginning. You had a huge segment of the electorate that didn’t feel that
they were being talked to or taken seriously and so they gravitated to the alternatives. And in a lot of ways it was radical, it was refreshing, and
it was very disruptive. At some point, we had become so successful in our criticism of the media that we had succeeded in de-legitimizing all sources of the media. That we had destroyed their credibility. And as a result, we had also destroyed a lot of our audience’s immunity to fake news, false news, and hoaxes. And then along comes Donald Trump. Throughout the Trump campaign, there were so many moments
were he would say things that were obviously patently untrue, and yet when I would try to push back on the claims with the audience,
it was not registering. If I said, ‘Well here’s what
the New York Times reports, here’s what The Washington Post reports.’ Well, those are liberal rags,
we don’t listen to them. It was outside the bubble
they just would not accept it. There were a couple of
moments where I went ‘Whoa, okay, we’re a new world here, this is not just a problem
for the conservative movement, it’s not just a problem for the media, this is a problem for democracy.’ I had spent the previous nine months being critical of Donald Trump. When I said I wasn’t gonna support him, I meant I wasn’t gonna support
him in the general election. But I had people who
listened to me for 20 years who would write to me, ‘we’re
never listening to you again, we’re gonna turn you off, we’re
gonna tell all our friends to turn you off, you are a traitor, you are Benedict Arnold.’ And again, these are my friends. I will tell you that there was not a single part of me that ever thought that I would be hosting an NPR show. So I supposed I oughta introduce myself, I am a stranger in a strange land. I am a conservative contrarian. I’ve been in this conservative bubble and for a long time I was proud to be in this conservative bubble, but once you break out
of it and you realize you know what, there are other people with other ideas and other perspectives, stop simply rejecting them
because of the source. It’s easier to believe
things that confirm our bias and it’s easier to believe
things that support our tribe. People are busy, but
we also live in an age where it’s easy to access
all of this information, really it’s on your phone. The problem is how do you
pick which one’s they are? And that’s why this may be the
age for the Honest Brokers, the people who can establish
credibility across lines. Both the left and the right
need to connect as people, rather than as political entities. We have to have a revival of
the concept ‘truth matters’. There’s so much information out there, there are so many
intelligent ideas out there, and they come from unexpected places. I think that you’ll find
it incredibly invigorating to break out of an
alternative reality bubble.

73 comments on “Conservative Radio Host Charlie Sykes Urges People to Break Out of Bubbles [Interview]

  1. Oh man. Yea the religious right and neocons destroyed genuine conservatism. I'm glad this guy is getting that ideology, tribalism and not speaking to outside thinkers has caused the right and left go bat shit looney. I'm still critical of NPR and bias. But maybe more liberals will court conservatives and finally both may reach out to libertarians and social democrats.

    Major News Corporations use Critical Theory which does not work as a source of unbiased information.
    News is Not supposed to have a voice or an opinion, it is only responsible to provide raw facts and numbers so We The People can come to Our Own Conclusions.

  3. Great video! I have considered myself to be a moderate since my political awakening 10 years ago. I listen to conservative radio nearly every day, not because I agree with all of their points but because it helps to round out my views and allows me to see all sides. But I have to say a consistent problem I have found in the three states I've lived in is that most of the hosts speak in an echo chamber. They don't have intellectual people on their shows with opposing views. And if a listener calls in to object they are discredited as being leftists. This is not healthy for a conversation. And it is not healthy for our nation.

  4. The media destroyed their own credibility, simple as that. Beware those claiming to be the voice of reason.

  5. The reason why people don't listen to the "media" any more is because the News Media has been exposed again and again to be heavily biased, and in many cases obfuscating rather than revealing the facts. They are not trust worthy. NPR is no better than any of the rest. It is the coastal "elites" most pretentious microphone. I'm glad this guy was able to make a new start at another career at his age, power to him. But it's completely dishonest to put the blame on the Right for the nose dive in confindence the media has taken. They beclowned themselves in the 2008 election and throughout the Obama presidency, and they went berzerk in 2016.

  6. It is refreshing to see a media insider address the growing, seemingly impassible divide between what I call the frenzied left and the frenzied right. And I say this as someone who identifies as a libertarian leftist, a democratic socialist.
    We need to all come to an agreement to accept reality as it is, not just deny whatever is harmful to our favorites and call it false. Everyone is flawed and to deny that is to fall into the trap that is the cult of personality. Seems like you can't criticize the Trump cult without being called a social justice warrior or a man/white people hater, nor can you criticize the Clinton cult without being smeared as a racist/sexist or a russian(somehow russians are all of a sudden terrible people).

  7. Another "conservative", that was really never conservative, just another member of the establishment. Hosting NPR, res ipso loquitor, the thing speaks for itself. This guy is upset because the MSMs don't control the narrative of the daily news anymore,, finally, the American people are thinking for themselves for the first time in many, many years. Freethink, is anything but free thinking, they want the American people to just accept the old media at its word, when that same media has forever lost the confidence of the American electorate.

  8. Yeah, unsubscribed.
    The Leftist media destroyed their credibility by lying over and over and over and over again to the American people. They are no longer trusted. They are no longer credible. The are no longer relevant! Only a fool would trust them again!

  9. Yes conservatives should break out of their bubbles but the American people are not returning to mainstream media. We're tired of being lied to. Hell, even Fox news is run by liberals. Screw old media, I'll stick to listening to Ben Shapiro, Sargon, varrious other alternate sources.

  10. A lot of butt hurt trumpanzees can't stand the idea that truth matters and that they are nothing but close-minded, fake-news-swilling, totalitarian tribalists. SAD.

  11. Both sides have fallen prey to logical fallacies and identity politics to the point that no discussion can be had because one side or both are unwilling to have that discussion. I fear that Mr. Sykes is right to say that our democracy may be under threat. Identity politics is toxic hence why I stay away from it.

  12. No. Day #1 the media was already, Trump removed the MLK bust. Liberal media has gone off the cliff. Worst than I have EVER seen.

  13. Cool. this guy went to join the network that while on government support wanted to elbow out the christian view points and fill them with that of Muslim brotherhood centric ones. That's my kind of conservative. no scratch that… I guess he is right you just don't know who to trust., including that guy.

  14. There are not alternative facts, there are just facts. The media destroyed its own credibility. No one else. This ad is fake news.

  15. I hear a lot of accusations and lies but no proof to back it up. People believed in Trump because he didn't lie and he backed up his claims. Trump is the most favorable because he calls out people like this with FACTS. All I ever ask is to seek the truth and have them back it up factually. Who pays this liar? Where does he get his salary? Interesting enough, he is paid by the same lying mass media he thiny and disingenuously criticized. Another plot to lie to the american people. SHUN THIS TRAITOR AND LIAR.

  16. The bubble isn't conservative, it's liberal. Fascism, modern day fascism, is coming from the left. The ones who have done research, who have seen all points of view, typically skew right. The ones caught in the echo chambers and bubbles and attack those who don't agree with them are the left.

  17. How the right lost its mind? You guys have started groups based on race, actual fascism, and have recently been the cause for several shootings, yeeeeeeeah great comedy sketch here. And whining over Trump everyday isnt considered real news, sorry to hurt your feelings.

  18. He messed up when he started talking about our "democracy". A democracy is mob rule. We have a republic. If he doesn't understand that he was never a conservative.

  19. The right IS the MSM. Most people get their news from social media, the internet and Fox. Ads like this are omnipresent. Right wing propaganda and lies rule the USA. Fear mongering bullshitters. And all you ever talk about is the MSM. You're full of shit. Fuck off and die please.

  20. You guys dominate our govt and all media. Pleas stop fucking crying and making shit up. Normal, smart people are sick of your hate.

  21. I am going to stay conservative
    But i do feel we need to figure out what ideas from the left work, and mainly use those
    As there is many things they want, which ruins democary
    But some ideas do work
    I am very protective of freedom, and i HATE socialism and communism
    But if a idea works so be it
    As long as people still work hard and don't take free stuff from the government, causing high taxes, i'll be happy

  22. I noticed that the national news media lies several years prior to the 2016 election by comparing the NPR version of a particular news story to its local counterpart: The NPR version was missing information and had been spun to be political while the truth, as reported by the local media, was not political.

  23. I have listened to both sides. More interestingly, I have listened within the borders of the physical locations. West coast liberal news is different than east coast liberal news. Both liberal news and conservative news morphs when you are in a liberal or conservative geography. I listened to a liberal NPR host in a liberal territory, call chain migration, a process that included the parents of a person. I noticed a pause before the host said it, and the guest was startled as well and also paused before responding, but he did not correct the host. Chain Migration is about non nuclear family members only. Cousins nephews uncles second cousins and so on, ONLY. Immediate family members are directly included automatically, and do not fall under chain rules. This obvious mistake of definition does not seem to be broadcast in conservative areas. It is this pushing of dead wrong ideology driven misinformation, that makes the narrative divisive. Conservatives cannot grasp why libs want to preserve chain migration, when it makes no sense. Libs want the family units preserved, and fail to understand that they are, without chain migration. This is the fight we are under. This is driving the divisions in the US. This is why mainstream media is failing. No one protects the public from this obvious misinformation. There are no watchdogs to verify anything, and by the time people realize they are operating under different definitions of the same thing, the corrections have lacked any impact on the discussions. It's infuriating, and destructive to the democracy. I used to love NPR. I loath the misleading of the public however. I still listen but be assured this is just one example I have noticed. I am totally disappointed. Shame on you people.

  24. 1:45 you mean not just a problem for the establishment. it's over statist zionist scum Libertarianism is gaining more support

  25. I get there are echo chambers on both sides but you really can’t blame the right for losing its mind on fake news when literally for the past election cycle the media went all out balls to the wall biased against trump and ruined its one credibility. That’s not the fault of conservatives for destroying the source of news. It’s a shit show right now and I don’t see how the right has any favor in this balanced media when people get called out for stupid bullshit in all outlets of culture here in the West

  26. Glad people in politics are able to self criticize and admit the problems within their party beyond the whole "this person is racist/stupid/crazy" rhetoric.
    I think people talk so much about confirmation buas we start to ignore it. A lesson is to be learned if we want to keep engaging in politics.

  27. If you live in a bubble of any type, right, left, identity politics, radical fundamentalism, you’re doing it WRONG. So yeah, good on this guy for leaving a bubble.
    Though keep in mind: the left media doesn’t care about truth (of course there are some on the right who don’t care either). Cnn has their idiotic commercial about an apple and objective truth, yet continue to push the notion that men can be women. This is the smallest of CNNs offenses and just a glimpse at the ridiculous nature of these huge leftist companies.
    Yes, the right should be more mature and willing to talk about the significant problems Donald Trump’s administration is facing. But with the left attempting to dismantle him at every point, why should conservatives hop on that train?

  28. I feel for you bro, but this is not a conservative problem. Conservatism is dead, been dead since the fall of the Monarchy and the dis-empowerment of the church. What you are seeing is a redrawing of the lines. A new divide between Classical Liberals and Marxist Liberals.

    "The Media" bum buhm buuuuuuuhm, is out of touch, and by in large obsolete. People don't need them as gate keepers anymore, we have algorithms and web apps sorting and filtering intel for us. I don't need the Washington Post to tell me what Trump said, I can just read his tweets, I don't need to turn on the radio, I can tune in via my phone, or my computer.

    They screwed the pooch, and now they have nothing left. As far as fake news, The Mainstream News created "fake news" and are now a casualty of it. The media personalities love to pat themselves on the back for their role in shaping society, then when they royally screw it all up and are ejected from said society, they think they have the moral high ground to complain about fake news?!?

    People don't trust authority anymore. Every politician is a lier, every news anchor is a snake oil salesman. When everything is a lie, and nothing means anything anymore how are you supposed to choose?

    The people chose Trump because he was the first politician (in my lifetime at least) to wear his heart on his sleeve. He didn't talk down to us from some place of authority like the media or the cabal of lifetime political elites. Everyone is trying to convince you that they have your best interest, but every time the people trust someone they get stabbed in the back. Trust has become such a rare commodity, that it has taken precedent over literally everything else. Trump is a fool, but he won the hearts of the American people by telling them what they wanted to hear. He was a fool for trying, and a fool every time he opened his mouth, and the American people were so fed up with the silver tongued serpents currently running this country, they'd rather a fool be elected to office than another intellectual elite; who despite their vast knowledge of the world have no interest in helping anyone but themselves.

    The establishment blew it. Its over. The only way anyone is going to ever have any credibility ever again is to burn it down and start from scratch. Every media personality or politician who associates with the old order is immediately discredited by association. Charlie Syke, you are hurting your image by associating with a traditional news outlet. Either go it alone, or make a new group, because there is no credibility left. Your only hops is that your name, your personal brand is strong enough to carry you, because NPR is no more credible as a platform than youtube. It is worthless as a source, you'll just have to make your case from a logical position because you have no authority to call upon. And that is the mistake that kills media personalities these days. They think the title "journalist" is some sort of badge that gives them special authority or power over what is and is not truth. It does not. Now more than ever, calling yourself a journalist no longer invokes the image of a investigative rebel hunting for knowledge, but rather it has been devalued in the same way as the title "Politician" is now a negative term. Journalists are seen as generally distrustful and malevolent. As a journalist, you aren't any more trust worthy than I am. All your years in radio mean nothing now. I know that hurts, but you can blame the "Times" and the other rags for soiling the good name of journalists everywhere. You are defending the emperor who has no cloths. Just Let the media die, and save yourself.

    NPR is just another hug box for liberals to defecate in. While I wish you the best of luck, it will do nothing to improve your standing to share a stage with charlatans.

  29. Npr refused to air interviews with right wingers like Milo. Their's two main bubbles. It's not conservatives and everyone else. It's conservatives vs liberals with the rare independent floating around.

  30. It's not an "alternative reality bubble" it's looking at the Croney machines that are the lousy excuses for former newspapers, and actually looking into there sensationalistic fearmongering stories. It just so happens that the mainstream media is factually, blatantly false and horribly indoctrinating while CLAIMING TO BE WITHOUT BIAS. Difference is, is that people on the right can say "yeah, we're horribly biased, so don't just take our word for it"Not to say we are without our blunders on the right of course, we just ought not pretend we're above our biases and demonize the other side on the mere basis of being different…. which is what the left just so happens to do quite often. As seen in this video.
    Another foolish failure grasping for relevance in a PC world.

  31. Here's the thing: I will read/watch viewpoints from different sources. But just because the old-guard establishment media say something. They were saying "Twump is wacist, Twump is wacist, Twump is wacist" all through the election cycle and we were just supposed to listen and believe.

    If something is obviously, patently untrue (as you claim) you don't need the New York Times or the Washington Post as sources. If something is obvious, I don't need anybody to tell me to believe it. I can see it directly for myself.

    Some of what you say actually makes sense. People do tend to try to confirm their own biases. But the problem is in the question of whether the mainstream media were merely biased (failed to report true events that did not support their agenda) or were deceptive (reported things that never happened in order to push an agenda.) People believed, and I agree, that the establishment media were lying to promote an agenda. Now, I'm not going to call you a traitor for lack of blind support. I will not blindly support anyone or any thing. But telling people that they are in a bubble is not likely to get through to them.

  32. What destroyed the credibility of thr media is when they said Trump had 0 chance of winning bad he won ok? They did it to themselves.

  33. Jesus Christ this comments section is cancer. It's like everything this guy is saying is going over all your heads.

    Yes, the left had biased media. But the right started going batshit fucking crazy coming up with deep state conspiracy theories and becoming so blinded by hatred for "mainstream media" that they would accept literally anything else. That's why we have InfoWars, the Daily Wire, Steven Crowder. It's why Fox has basically become nothing but Trump touting liberal hating machines. The mainstream media was biased, yeah, but you guys took it way too fucking far.

  34. New right cucks get btfo'd. Nationalism/anti-egalitarianism is a part of traditional conservatism. There are movements for the rejection of the vapid neo liberal consumer culture thrust upon us. Evolutionary ways of thinking, nationalist ways of thinking are neurotypical and against our academic left thought controllers

  35. Hahaha this add video is fake news hahahahahaha censorship is validation anyone who is telling the truth gets blocked from the mainstream media and now get censored on most platforms but that just validates how fake the mainstream news is. Weapons of mass destruction media. Nobody trusts the Mockingbird press that has a brain cell left. And rightfully so

  36. What part of senior executive services is paying this guy to be an idiot I'm sure he's getting well paid to throw out this propaganda garbage…

  37. Considering all the mainstream media has colluded with the treason of the New World Order take down of the United States anybody who trusts them needs a reality check… all the Talking Heads get paid millions of dollars to lie every single day and no one is buying it anymore except the extremely hypnotized mentally ill or mendicant and the rest are making money off of it. The Socialist Utopia of the New World Order and practical application is Hell on Earth and we're not going to settle for it. America is puking out the propaganda like it was a virus and if it wasn't for senior executive services paying the Mockingbird press to stay in existence they would have been bankrupt years ago… Everything is a fraud about the media including their business model and that's why nobody trusts them

  38. we are all human and the environment we live in shapes our minds. can you judge the people on the other side for being a product of an environment that is different from yours? I respect all opinions, I implore anybody reading this to do the same.

  39. Mr. Sykes, you know what's going on in the world. I'm sick of people beating each other up over their perspectives. America is supposed to be a land where you are free to express your opinion and we're not living up to that value.
    Message to conservatives: It's okay to have some liberal views.
    Message to liberals: It's okay to have some conservative views.
    Message to everybody: Make sure you see people with conflicting views as individuals instead of collectives. Also, when having a political conversation, don't call the people names, it just makes people mad.

    You might feel safe in your bias bubble, but it's good to take risks and look at the whole world.
    Let's come together and face this undeniable fact: "If the left wing and the right wing can't work together, then the American eagle can't fly."

  40. This video gave me a little hope. Even though I might not agree with his views on political issues, this might be the most important thing right now that transcends all these other issues. We need a way to cross this political divide so we can stop fighting each other and work together as people to solve the problems we face. Anyone who thinks he is wrong (about the overall idea) is still stuck in their bubble, on the left or right, and we need to realize that the only way to survive is to break free of our ignorant bubbles and look at every perspective instead of just fighting with each other and only accepting facts that agree with our point of view.

  41. Yes finally someone from the left who wants peace between the two sides but people Trump is our elected president and you will have to wait till next election it's just how our nation works plus what I see people forgetting all over the place is anything that president does must be CHECKED by the other two branches that actually exist so that the president is not King. Why I see so many people crying about Trump I still don't know he's not ruler of the world plus the media being so biased towards Hillary and left all the other canndates almost completely out of the picture to swing the election to their favor by narrowing it down to just the two.

  42. What PragerU wants us to believe about the left:
    – that they want to stop us from saying certain words that people they don't agree with use (i.e. illegal alien)
    – that they are closed minded and won't listen to anything that tries to burst their ideological bubble

    What some PragerU fans do:
    – try to stop us from saying the term "cultural appropriation" because people they don't agree with (i.e. leftists) use it
    – be closed minded and refuse to listen to anything that tries to burst their ideological bubble

  43. Total bias, the lefts echo chamber is the media and they absolutely spread bullshit about almost everything.

  44. Maybe left and right don’t matter. It’s freedom from government vs getting eaten by the leviathan.

  45. A guy that claims he is conserve that doesn't support an america first policy… I guess that is why I have never hesrd of you but have known since my childhood in the 1980s that Trump would be the president of the USA one day… I guess all the blue collar dairy workers, the out of work beer manufacturers and farmers in your home state of Wisconsin that were losing jobs and hadn't had a voice in decsdes in Washington must be wrong for voting for a man that supports blue collar America. I guess all those now older once AMC auto plant workers didn't understand what was wrong with modern America either. I guess by your rational the south west states that are literally over ran with illegal immigrants don't understand why Trump got elected either and they too must be wrong..
    Yeah I can see why everyone has called you a trader your a political commentary guy that claims he is a conservative and didn't bsck a candidate that was elected through a primary election fairy agianst a sea of "qualified" career politicians that have noclue how the economy or business works.
    I am really not sorry that I am not sorry for the statement I sm about to say but I love and hate politics as most people do in my great nstion.B ut because of this I study them heavily hence how ai came across this video and I will be supporting Trump again in 2020, because America was not supposed to be ran by career politicians that have made thier millions off of my god damn tax money it is by the people for the people and the people have spoken.
    Make America Great agian means
    I want a return to USA manufacturing
    I want secured borders and federal laws to be followed.
    I want a return to law and order and police to to be portrayed as villains by the media
    I want to pay less in taxes because I am middle class and dont support big government!
    I want all blue collar workers to be respected as they once were for being hard workers that ask for nothing but for work to be done.
    I want historical low black unemployment levels but agian I don't believe in racial tolerance I believe in acceptance of all American men and women.
    I want my second amendment Rights to be protected because it is the protection that has kept us free for 242+ yesrs!
    I want a president that acts like a man when he is a man even if it may not be "presidential", what ever the hell that means
    I want this PC culture to go bsck under its rock and a preservation of freedom of speech to be protected even if it may be viewed as racist, hateful, offensive
    I want a stong military that keeps American interests safe.
    I want peace on the Korean Peninsula and a tready to end the worlds longest cease fire.
    I want American energy production to be protected and not demonized because fossil fuels literally give all of us life and modern conveniences.
    I want Europe to pay for the protection with 2% of their GDP as they agreed to do so many yesrs ago
    I want our trade deficient to be hacked away drastically to a level playing field and China to honor their trade agreements with the USA and not use us as a sort of ATM
    I want Iran, China, Cuba and Russia to adhere to international law and bssic humsn rights principals
    I want a stop to Islamic state sponsored terror groups and I want then to know an attack on the USA will mean our involvement in their fsll.
    I guess I am pro America! Give me a Democrat that has these policies and I may vote for them but until then i am on the crude, rude Trump train to the winners circle and even if a Democrat comes preaching the American first strategy he or she will have to wait until my president's terms are up.

    You "conservative" liars can kiss my ass because the Republican party is our party now and is no longer the archaic party of of the elite but is now the party of the American working class that believes in our Constitution, our bill of rights and our capitalist system.
    You mentioned the media and how you created a monser by turning us agianst them but that isn't true either, the media has turned us agianst the media and they have been doing so since the Vietnam war 50 yesrs ago. When you say something as fact that is clearly an editorial how will you be tsken seriously? When you protect latin street gangs haw are we supposed totrust you? When you make up lies that say our presidents personal life has any relevance on how he can govern our country how are we to trust you?
    When you speculate on a on going Russian investigation as if you know what the outcome Will be how csn we trust you?
    When you lie in polls and say the Republican party is behind in every race how sre we to trust you?
    When your organization learly takes something outof contest for a sound bite or hesdline how are we to trust you?

    I think I hsve made my point and although there msybe some opinions mixed in the text overall this is very fsctual.
    So agian #Trump2020!

  46. So he never thought for himself before trump ran for president? I am not sure if he is talking about one group or another maybe he could have just said leave your bubble.

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