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100 comments on “Creepy Emergency Broadcast Alert Hints At ‘End Of The World’ For Saturday

  1. Everyone in my 8th grade class was scared… and yet I’m in High School now. This man… scared many, many people.

  2. Am I the only one from 2019? Also reporter woman it's Emergency Alert System not Broadcast this isn't 1989 or 1995

  3. People are so gollable and idiotic, to many people believe the most weirdest/stupidest stuff, that when you actually look at it and study it makes no sense at all and you will wonder why you believed it.

  4. That happened to my tv and my whole family in my house started yelling, crying, and praying…even me

  5. Nothing like a good day today -.- a 2 yr old found safe 3 arrested and one kids eardrum busted 🙂 thanks police (joke) but it’s true today it happened at 3:30am? Maybe so yeah ;_;

  6. Well I guess I have to die now since the world ended and I'm pretty ugly no one's going to repopulate the Earth with me lol

  7. These Fuckers have to stop scaring us and Well we will backfire and tell them off all of this shit is fake news NASA would've already said something

  8. People thought the world would end end a before this another time ago and it dident the world wont die untell about maybe 100,000 years later or something i was told that a asteroid would kill us all in future

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