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Daniel Craig And Rami Malek Shared A Kiss After A Long “James Bond” Writing Session

Daniel Craig And Rami Malek Shared A Kiss After A Long “James Bond” Writing Session

100 comments on “Daniel Craig And Rami Malek Shared A Kiss After A Long “James Bond” Writing Session

  1. Maybe Bond's new car should be the latest Tesla offering.
    "They appear to be shooting at us, James"
    " Christ, get the hell out of this shitbox, Moneypenny"
    "The window broke undramatically, 007"
    "Shut up, Moneypenny."

  2. Literally I thought “He has maintained his hotness to be a Bond man!” And then I was like “Damnn he isn’t gonna be a Bond anymore “ Shit

  3. Bond driving Elon Musk’s Cybertruck:

    Bond: We’re safe in here. The glass is bulletproof.

    * gets shot in the head *


    * cue Bond theme song *

  4. "She Can Only Say No" would've been a fantastic Bond movie title thirty years ago. Something tells me it wouldn't really fly these days.

  5. The absolute worst Bond actor we've ever had. No idea why he keeps getting the part, he has no charm, doesn't look the part at all. And while he makes for a descent action star, no more so than Vin Diesel or Statham, which is about the level he's at.

  6. Why does it seem like he just doesn’t want to be there? Was it out of obligation to promote a movie that he didn’t actually want to be in to begin with?
    I wish him the best of luck in his search for a better role than playing James Bond.

  7. Daniel took one of my cartoon books after his Broadway show Betrayal. Nice guy (hope the next Bond movie is good, though. Spectre was like NyQuil).

  8. I swear to God I wrote a pitch for him to be a commanding detective in a murder mystery. I also told some bald bloke on a train my plot for Casino Royale, it was on a Southbound Thameslink train between Bedford and Luton a few years before Casino Royale got remade.

    I later spoke to a woman on same train route about a plot synopsis that outed Bond as a Scotsman with a troubled past as well as the helicopter strafing his run down isolated family manor as he and M cower and try to make a last stand before she is wounded and the whole underwater trapped under frozen ice bit too.

    In same time period, I narrated a pitch for Welcome to the Punch to another lady who I am certain was a producer, perhaps she introduced herself as such. McAvoy, Strong, motorcross bikes, the City of London, the swollen knee, shipping containers, the flirty lady detective that gets in too deep with killers, the whole grenade scene and Mr "Flawless Commitment" were my detailed zany ideas. Again on the train.

    Back to this actor, I loved him in Cowboys and Aliens as well as another movie synopsis I wrote that was aimed at the neglected "red blooded Southern male" market which has been completely disregarded my mainstream Hollywood. I swear I pitched that to Craig's agent via IMDB. I have been doing movie pitches for decades and still have not made any money.

    I am a miserable but highly intelligent and talented writer, or what Paul Chowdury might call a chunga harami bannchod. I hope to God someone other than the actual talent agencies and producers that take my ideas, can take my ideas seriously. Representation seems impossible for a highly introverted loner type such as me. It is really fucking soul destroying and demotivating.

  9. Daniel Craig should get the good sport of the year award for taking 'I like your wife better than you' and 'Is that why you've gained all the weight?' with such grace.

  10. I really hope the new bond movie doesnt go too far with emasculating him and emphasizing the 'empowered women' they're focusing on now

  11. rian johnson is a crap writer, he should stay with directing others work: more breaking bad, less brick, looper, and last jedi…

  12. I know the first No Time To Die trailer probably won’t be out until next month, but I would really love it to come out around now. Just so it can play during the previews of Knives Out because Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas are in both movies.

  13. I think Stephen has a crush (a very innocent one) on Rachel. I think he feels a bit awkward around her husband. Besides, Daniel Craig in person must have a very strong aura and presence. Actually, I'm envious of his wife, and that's a very rare emotion for me.

  14. …he does know Guinness is actually fairly light when compared to other beers. wait, i'm sure he does and that's why he's so excited.

  15. Daniel Craig has been sick of the role since Quantum of Solace, but he had a contract for a certain amount of films and he has to fill that, I'm glad the guys finally free omg.

  16. Dear God, it is unfair to make one person so damn cool. Love Daniel Craig, my fav Bond. I hope he continues to be Bond for a while.

  17. Christ, I'm going to miss Daniel as Bond. He's a close second to Connery for me. Plus Casino Royale is my favorite Bond movie. Whoever comes after him has some big, big shoes to fill.

  18. Craig tell the truth Phoebe will kill bond and replace him with a woman if you lie Bond fans will never watch any of your movies again.

  19. The only Bond that jumped out of a helicopter with the Queen during the London 2012 Olumpics Opening. Hard to top that.

  20. We finally have acceptance of non-heterosexuality when movies stars admitting to kissing members of their own sex on network TV and there is no censor.

  21. Mr. Craig appeared to be very uncomfortable. Stiff upper lip and all I have seen him smile before. Either he really wanted the better dressing room or hates doing the movie promotion.

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