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Dark Side of the Earth

Dark Side of the Earth

This is professor Witold Randowski.
I am making this video-upload on August 8th. First to you my darling, this is the last you will see or hear from me. I will probably not be alive for more than the next few minutes. Sell all of my patents and awards, you will need the money. I just escaped from… What we had feared the most is going to happen, and soon. It’s an unexpected anomaly that the others have conspired to keep secret, for as long as possible. But the truth is, that Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter have all shifted their rotational patterns. Each planet’s rotation is now synchronized with the Sun. Mars is following suit, Earth will be doing the same within 8 years time. We believe that the Earth will be tidally locked to the Sun within the next 30 years. But we don’t understand why yet. It’s as if the Solar system is shifting into a completely new order. The Earth will have the one light side, permanently facing the sun, and the other side will be in perpetual darkness. Just as our moon now has a light and a dark side. Temperature differences between the two sides, +100°C on the light side, -80°C on the dark side. Eventually, the light side will become nothing but dust and sand, and the dark side will be covered in ice. But there is still hope for life and that’s why they want to keep it a secret and profit from it. The reason they want to keep it a secret, is because of the Golden Zone A band around the Earth which will remain in a kind of eternal twilight, where the temperature will be habitable, and agriculture still possible. The biggest danger there would be from the frequent storms, caused by the temperature differences, between the light and the dark side. But life will be able to adapt. People will be able to survive there after several decades. This is the Golden Zone. It would be from about 150 to 300 kilometers wide. And its center will most likely be through the 21st meridian East and the 159th meridian West. There are others here at the research center who want to sell this information to corporations, and the rich. It’s madness! Scientists are the servants of the people! People need and have to know the truth. Life can go on. You just have to start preparing now. Time is essential! I’m sure… This video is sure to create a lot of disturbance, in the upcoming weeks, but other scientists will now be coming out with more information about what to do, and how to survive on the Earth afterwards. And no matter what, science must remain free. I love you. Stay strong. Love and help each other! That’s the only way forward.

3 comments on “Dark Side of the Earth

  1. Wow. First few moments -here we go with shaky cam – then it immediately makes sense. No budget, no problem – a very smart short film. How could more be done with so little? Promote this one:)

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