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Demi Lovato Looked to Justin Bieber for Inspiration During Her Recent Struggles

[APPLAUSE] How blessed are we to be
able to do stuff like this? I know, this is so cool. And they cheer for forever. I don’t even know when to stop. I’m like, “Yeah.” It’s like, “All right,
all right, all right. I like it.” I like it a lot. It’s like they’re too kind. It’s like– I feel bad. I’m like, “Do I keep it going? Or do I–” Do you
want to do it again? [CHEERING] I love you so much. Oh, I love so much. So good to see you. You’re doing such a good
job at this, by the way. Thank you. Oh, I was going to ask
you how am I doing? Incredible job. Thank you. Amazing job. I’m really glad to be
here with you and yeah. You’re doing a good job. [LAUGHTER] Oh, thank you. Well you’re killing it, too,
the new album’s amazing. And then obviously you
see me rocking Drew House all the time. So you’re killing it, as well. The docuseries is amazing. Yeah. But I wanted to
ask you before we start– do you remember
how we first met? I thought it was at the
Kids’ Choice Awards, but I guess it wasn’t. It’s not. It was somewhere else. Tell me the story. So I was on tour, I
was about 16 I think. And I think I want
to say you were 14. And you were outside
of a radio station. I was doing an interview that
day, and you came up to me, and you just ran up and was
like, “Can I have a picture?” And I was like,
“Yeah, for sure.” Aw. But it was so sweet. And you were like,
“My name’s Justin. I’m Justin Bieber. You’re going to know
my name one day.” Wow. [CHEERING] And I was like, “Wow. OK, cool. For sure.” And then I definitely did. Dang. That’s– you were so little! So cool. Oh my God, that’s so awesome. Look at us. Well, we both had
similar stories being in the industry
really young. And then we both
had our struggles. Do you ever think that
there’s something else that you would want to do? I think for a while I tried
to run away from some stuff, try to run away
from the industry, try to run away from what I
felt like God wanted me to do. But I feel like this is what
you and I are both meant to do. You’re meant to entertain and
sing, and I think same as me. And so when we run
away from that, it’s almost like we become less
happy than we feel like there’s all these responsibilities,
and all these things that become heavy for us. And I think sometimes we’ve
got to run towards the pain rather than run away from it. Totally. [APPLAUSE] That was really well-said. Another thing that
we’ve both done is we both have
had documentaries. Were there any limits
to stuff that you didn’t want to talk about
or not want to share? There’s a fear in
showing vulnerability, and there’s a fear
in showing stuff that you feel like people
will say you look weak or all these different things. But I think the more
mature you become, the more you understand that
there’s power in your weakness. And when you’re
able to show that, it gives other
people the confidence to say, “You know what? I’m going through
similar things myself. It might not be the
exact same thing, but I’m going through
something, too. And I’ve been hiding it.” And so just having
the confidence and being able to instill that
confidence in young people that it’s OK to have problems. It’s OK to– you
don’t have to hide that, that each and every
person in this audience is going through
something unique and a different challenge. And I just feel like if we’re
open and honest about that, it creates a dialogue
we’re able to– you know what I’m saying? Yeah, of course. [APPLAUSE] I know just for me
and my experience, when I struggled
last year, I know I looked at you
as an inspiration because you’ve been
through this and you’ve come out of the other side. And I really just admire
the man that you are today. And yeah. But anyways, keeping it– Thank you for saying that. Of course, of course. Let’s keep it light. Yeah, on a lighter note– which I was going
to switch it to– we both love tattoos. I know that I got a
few that I regretted. Did you ever get
one that you regret? No. I think they all tell a story. And at the end of the day,
even if it’s not your favorite it’s like, “That was a
part of me at that time.” I’m going to look
back when I’m older and have all these
cartoons on my arm, and I’m like, “You know,
my kids will like it.” Aw. Yeah. No, it’s great. I appreciate it. They look great. Yeah they all tell a story. Yeah, absolutely. Anyways, you’re killing it. I feel like I’m getting
comfortable more with Justin after this.

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