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Democratic Debates: 5 Questions To Consider | NPR

Democratic Debates: 5 Questions To Consider | NPR

I’m Domenico Montanaro, lead political editor at NPR. The Democratic primary debates will be the first chance for millions of Americans to get a look at the field of candidates vying to take on President Trump in 2020. There are 20 candidates who are going to debate across two nights, and we have some questions. Here are five. One: How does Joe Biden do? OK, this one’s pretty obvious. He’s been leading in all the polls, and many of the candidates are going to try to knock him off that perch. Two: OK, that’s Biden, but what about the rest? Bernie Sanders got what he wanted. He’s onstage with Biden. He’s got to make the case that wholesale change is what’s needed. But he’s contending for votes with Elizabeth Warren, who’s also taking up the progressive lane. She’s in that first debate as the highest-profile star. Also onstage with Sanders and Biden are going to be California Senator Kamala Harris and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Both of them are looking for breakout moments, and they need to grab the spotlight. Three: Do the pragmatists or progressives win out? Liberal activists want big change, especially in the Trump era. But this debate will reach beyond Twitter to Democrats and other voters who’ve been less engaged and might prefer a more pragmatic approach. Or do they? Four: How much of a focus is Trump? The president is front and center for many Democratic voters, who say that they want more than anything to beat Trump. And reelections are referenda on the person in office. How much of his policies are the focus of moderators and the candidates onstage versus these Democratic candidates’ policy focuses and their visions? Five: Who gets that breakout moment? With this many candidates, how much time each gets is limited, but everyone will want to be the candidate people are talking about the next day. Who will it be? For more, log on to, or download the NPR Politics Podcast. Or, you can listen on the radio to Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

39 comments on “Democratic Debates: 5 Questions To Consider | NPR

  1. One thing for sure, whoever survives this vicious Hunger Game is going to be the strongest person the Democrat can produce against Trump.


  3. The Biggest Liar will take the lead, but Americans will throw water on that performance. LIES, LIES, LIES are not the thing to teach our children… None of them are worth a SHIT, but they spew a lot of Shit, from their mouths. They Promise, Promise, Promise, but they have never produced anything worthwhile in 60 plus years, I know of.

  4. De Blasio is a joke. I recently went to NYC and it’s a filthy disaster. I thought New Yorkers were smart. How did they elect him twice?

  5. I hope Andrew Yang is able to stand out. With this many candidates it seems as though only familiar faces make it past this initial stage.

  6. 6. How do you plan on paying for all this free stuff? A 70% tax rate isn't going to cut it and will completely destroy the economy. and get out of here with that 'we had a 70% tax rate in the past!" argument. There were so many loopholes and deductions, almost nobody paid that rate.

  7. we don't need stars, we need someone who is will to take on this {Yale university skull and bones men alumni political business machine} at all cost so the american people can remake america for all american not illegal immigrants ..stop this group from steal money out of american tax system Bush 700 billion dollars, Obama 850 billion dollars, and Trump 1.5 trillion dollars, form fake war creation, making products in third world country and selling them in first world countries like america, if you ask Trump for the 1.5 trillion dollars, then you got to ask obama for that 850 billion dollars and Bush for that 700 billion dollars or at least get and understand where it whet who got that money… create a black american agenda and Reparation, and agenda for poor white american… mainly in jobs and housing alone with the right kind of drug treatment for crack cocaine and heroin, hell i'm living on the streets, no i don't do drugs … why would i care for and illegal immigrant coming from any where, same with any of my family member and a think all of america is about this white or black or it time to rebuild america … this is why people like Donald Trump, and if democrats don't say this they will loss, and loss big .. i'm a democrat that support trump unless i hear these things … keep tariff on china and bring these jobs back, but i believe it the housing system and the wage system that have lost in america for the american people… you do the math if you was in business competing with people working for 2 dollar and hour versus 18 dollars and hour making the same product

  8. I don’t know why they even running against Trump 2020 for us peoples that had awaken. Plus a lying media cnn msnbc who like to put fake news Democrats is not on our list to vote.

  9. I have always voted for democrats, but at this point I don't know how I could ever again. Yeah, Trump isn't ideal…but literally ALL the democrats seem utterly insane at this point and simply want to divide everyone into little, easily controlled groups. Americans love America because of our freedoms and whether it be speech, healthcare or social justice, democrats want to give all the authority to a massive government by which they can control individuals, and take away their power to think and choose. Moreover, they seem to have completely abandoned the task of developing good ideas whereby they offer solutions to problems, and instead have resigned to pure pandering; they have all their little "gifts" laid out for all of their little identity groups in hopes of turning the gifts into votes INSTEAD of working toward actual solutions that are good for the entire country. I'm sorry, but until this stops, I'm not voting for democrats again.

  10. Bernie will level the field! Pardon Student loan debt now! No to Handsy Uncle Joe! Free College! Medicare for All!

  11. Tulsi is the only one I like the rest is an open boarders and welfare/healthcare for all, anti-liberty, virtue signaling dumpster fire. I guess it’s trump train 2020.

  12. It’s gonna be another 4 years of Trump I’m afraid. His fan base is too rabid. Democrats can’t decide on anyone. But I think the good new is that if we survive another 4 years of Trump, the Republicans will be in the same situation because the party has really crumbled and changed since Trump stepped in. They won’t be able to find anyone else in the future

  13. I stopped endorsing NPR because of the shitty way these assholes treated Sanders and his Supporters a few years ago. NPR are a pack of lying hypocrites.

  14. This is Moe not Patti ……….I heard an analyst say, “ if we were to walk through the intelligence community etc etc …….. Seems to me that would be akin to taking a stroll through San Francisco

  15. All funding for npr needs to be cut. Your bias is fucking astounding. Didnt even mention gabbard or yang. Keep shilling for legacy politics you fucking twats

  16. TULSI GABBARD 202O NPR has become a bunch of corporate hacks that have often beat the drums of war so they fail to mentions anti war position and if they do they will try to discredit her.

  17. I'm 63 yrs old . been listening to y'all for as far back as I can remember.. but you liberal views and I swear at least 90 percent of yalls broadcasts are dumping on our duly elected president has really gotten on my nerves.. my kids who are grown up now hated that I always watched and listened to y'alls programs.. but no more.. can't stand your li real views.. we elected him.. get over it.. y'all trying to be CNN??? you've lost my support and my donations..

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