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Diana Ankudinova Human FIRST REACTION Radio VanD’A Italy

VanD’A radio all over the world in one click good afternoon and welcome this is
radio VanD’A I’m Patrizia D’Alessandro e I’m here to make a reaction on this
Russian artist whose name responds to that of Diana Ankudinova her
song was reported to us by a user on Youtube
following a video of ours then me I propose it to you and soon I’ll tell you what
I think how pretty… year 2003? but she’s a girl … already the piece in itself is remarkable this version is … He has a scratched voice that is formidable I do not believe it… I mean, is this girl only 16? why do we discover these talents only so late? leaves you speechless … I hardly like a cover more
of the original but I must say that it is much, much more beautiful beautiful this video too but it’s spectacular! no, there really aren’t much words
very good what to say is a truly remarkable artist
only sixteen years for Diana Ankudinova listened, approved is inserted into
rotation! thanks to all bye radioVanD’A all the
world in one click

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