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Dr. Anthony Arauz discusses his work in the Radiology Deparment at GGC

Dr. Anthony Arauz discusses his work in the Radiology Deparment at GGC

Serving and working here in Bowling Green
has been a great experience. The big difference is in coming from a bigger
city is the sense of community here and I really enjoy knowing a lot of the consulting
physicians and the physicians here at the clinic and serving the smaller community and
knowing a lot of the patients. CT scan, a low dose CT scan, or a screening
CT of the chest is a screening modality that we use for detection of lung cancer. It’s a screening modality, which means that
patients are asymptomatic and we’re able to detect and hopefully detect the cancer or
the problem earlier and get a diagnosis earlier. So the importance of the low dose CT is ultimately
giving patients a better chance.Detecting the cancers earlier. Lung cancer, unfortunately, is the leading
cause of cancer deaths both in the U.S. and worldwide and unfortunately for Kentucky,
we are the state leading that so we know our patients are high-risk, there’s a high incidence
of smoking in the state and there’s a lot of people who would qualify for this type
of an exam so we want to encourage people not to be scared to get the exam done. It’s a screening exam, it’s very quick, it’s
very easy and ultimately it could make a big difference in their care and in their life. Basically you call the Radiology department,
you schedule the examination, you don’t eat or drink for several hours before the CT scan. The actual appointment is fairly easy. There’s no IV that needs to be started, no
blood drawn. The actual exam takes a matter of 5-10 seconds
to scan so patients that have difficulty holding their breath or have had a hard experience
in an MRI scan before; it’s nothing like that. It’s very quick, a matter of seconds to actually
be scanned. Putting my heart into what I do every day
I think you have to enjoy what you do,first and foremost. You have to be happy in what you do every
day and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else
in medicine. Ilove what I do. Every time I pull up a case in a different
patient, that’s my chance to make a difference. Every case, every patient, warrants the best
of my ability and I try to do that for everyone that comes across our department.

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