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Dr. Jill Vecchio – Radiologist, Denver, CO

Dr. Jill Vecchio – Radiologist, Denver, CO

The reason I read the bill was because I was
tired of the rhetoric on both sides everybody kept saying the same thing and they were polar
opposites so I read the bill, took me about four months to outline it and do enough research
so I could understand what was in it and what it meant and it was very clear to me from
reading it it was going to be a complete disaster and unfortunately everything that we predicted
and it wasn’t just me but other people. All of us who read the bill and studied it,
everything we had predicted has come to pass which is really sad, it’s unfortunate. People that had insurance lost their insurance
so people who are trying to be responsible and have insurance, lost their insurance not
because they didn’t want to have it or because they refused to have insurance but because
they just plain couldn’t afford it. I saw a lot of that I saw a lot of patients
that people who had good insurance plans and they lost their insurance or it got degraded
to the amount, like mine did, that you have such a high deductible that you never actually
use insurance that you’re already paying a ridiculous premium for so you have this high
deductible but you can get anybody to tell you how much it will be, how much some service
costs. It always has to go through the insurance
company. So they were getting very frustrated because
it’s kind of like you give so you’re handing someone you’re credit card and they get to
spend it however they want and you don’t have any control over it. They had a Medicaid card, they couldn’t find
a doctor to take care of them, they could find, they could get approved for services
that they really needed. If they got approved for a service, they were
shuffled into one kind of service rather than having a choice of say medications that they
try or what different kinds of surgeons they could use. What kinds of surgical procedures their insurance
would pay for whether it’s Medicaid or the private insurance all that changed and it
turned upside down. The Network’s became narrower and more restrictive. What services were available to patients became
less. It really just did a number on that healthcare
system and the system had a lot of problems but it wasn’t in crisis. There wasn’t a crisis. There is now. But it wasn’t a crisis then, it was a mess,
it needed to be fixed, but it wasn’t a crisis, and now I feel like we are in a crisis.

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