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42 comments on “Dr. Oliver Sacks on The Mind’s Eye

  1. I know people who have sight in only one eye and they do not have problems such as not being able to judge where someone's hand is or a glass is. My mother has had surgeries on one eye and then another and she says she still has enough depth perception to drive without any problems while one eye is bandaged.

  2. Probably for the same reasons everyone in the audience is laughing. It's a bit surprising someone as prestigious as Oliver Sacks smokes pot. To be honest though, in retrospect (9 months later) it didn't seem as funny to me. I think I got a big kick out of back then because I watched the entire video and it is very slow and kinda dry in the humor department. So that little bit at the end was a good bit of comic relief.

  3. did he just have a big tick when talking about tourettes at the end?!!
    its sad evey other time Ive watched him speak he seems really engaging and together, this time he seemed kind of frail and old, at least he can still enjoy a joint now and then I guess.

  4. I dont understand why ppl are so surprised at any reference to cannabis. It really has been in use for many hundreds of years, probably thousands, in most cultures. Get out of western hemisphere narcisistic patterns of limited perceptions, please.

  5. i had the same flashing light on my left eye on the left side that the Dr. was himself experiencing after i got a hard hit on the head, this flashing stopped after a few hours, never looked it up and its many years ago and never had similar problems again besides my myopia, i have 2.2 on one eye end 2.0 on the other havent used glasses in a few years cboz of economy and my old ones broke

  6. One of the most fascinating people alive in my opinion. I know he' s shy so I'm glad that you were able to have an evening with him (and share it with us).

  7. the mentally trained competitor using your minds-eye by tony mc mahon mind-brain coach .the world greatest athletes give testimony to the power of their minds-eye to visualize the finishs every time they perform every player understands all too well the unfortunate performance of poor emonational control makes the ultimate difference ..[all these skills can bb learned and mastered at mental training improving life skills .].

  8. 16:20 The story of this women gaining stereographic vision and her experience in her first 3D snowfall is why I love the study of the human mind. I love imagining that feeling.

  9. The neglect of his right side shouldn't surprise him. It is commonly known that people who have suffered stokes and have hemiplegia also have neglect of parts of their body that they cannot see. It happens, also when people cannot feel parts of their body. Logically they know that part of their body is still there but very often will neglect it any way.

  10. I see out of both eyes and I guess I see depth because I know where everything is and I don’t miss judge things. But, I feel like i’m missing something. I didn’t feel like it before he talked about it. But I don’t see things in this wondrous way. My steering doesn’t look magically popped out at me. It just looks like where a steering wheel should be. I have seen 3D movies where it looks really cool as thing protrude from the screen but in real life it does feel so great and cool. It just feels normal and in no way awe inspiring. When I put one hand over an eye things don’t look flat to me. I’m not walking around like that either though. But when I cover an eye it pretty much looks the same. I assume its because my brain already has my 3D bedroom and things already memorized. When I remove the covered eye the room and the things in it don’t pop back into 3D. It looks the same. I feel like I have normal vision and I know I see depth correctly. So my question is, am I the only one that lacks crazy-awe-inspiring-live-to-look-at 3D vision? Am I the only one walking around unimpressed? I can understand how the lady felt because she had never had it. But Dr. Sacks’s wonderful 3D vision I do not have. I mean no disrespect but does anyone know if he has a drug habit? I feel like I’m missing something. I have never heard anyone describe plain old regular 3D vision they way he does. So please tell me. Am I the odd one out? Because I could look into those exercises that I don’t need.

  11. What a horrible assistant. If the questions are too long then it’s easy. Have them say one sentence then Hailey repeats that part then the questioner says another question. And make the questioners ask shorter questions. Hailey is doing wrong by Dr Sacks. Why is she his assist and have no clue what this man is all about. He certainly has written many books she should have read, and he loves to talk so she has no excuse to no nothing. Jesus, she just listened to the talk. I could have interpreted better than she did. I felt so bad for that man that she messed up his question and then Dr. Sacks dismissed him so rudely because of it. I do like the way the next woman put Hailey in her place but it didn’t improve her any.

  12. I have noticed as I read I can slightly feel an inner motion in my tongue. No, I do not move my tongue, still I can feel the tongue acts like forming letters.
    …………………… It is in the tip of my tongue. The same in my mind, I can feel how my mind form the words, like my tongue movements is inside my head. I can switch it off and early in my life I realized how our mind has become a prisoner of the spoken word. You know, you have a dream and you get the feeling you understand everything! You wake up and start to "rethink" the dream, you realize words are not enough!

  13. I better turn off this video since I'm watching it on my phone and phones "interfere with lifelong learning"

    How utterly ridiculous to claim that having a pocket computer with access to most of the world's knowledge would interfere with learning.

    Y'all are using your phones wrong.

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