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Dr. Pamela Johnson | Diagnostic Radiology

Dr. Pamela Johnson | Diagnostic Radiology

>>Hi, I’m Pamela Johnson. I’m an associate professor in
the Department of Radiology where I’m also the Vice
Chair of Quality and Safety and the Radiology
Residency Program Director. In addition to my work in radiology, I lead the Health System
High Value Care Committee, which is a committee of doctors working to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments, procedures, medications,
that don’t add value to patient care and only
add unnecessary costs. It’s something that we’re
very passionate about here at Johns Hopkins. We’re working very hard
within our health system and also on a national scale through an organization that we created called The High Value
Practice Academic Alliance. My philosophy of patient care is that we need to deliver the
highest quality care while also ensuring patient safety and considering costs of care to patients, because this is now one of the paradigms of excellence in medicine. What I like about radiology is that we play a role in the
care of many patients. We assist doctors by using
imaging to make diagnoses and determine what the best
treatment is for patients. It’s a very dynamic field
with new technologies evolving every year that improve our
ability to make diagnosis and play a valuable role in patient care. If you’d like to learn more about the work that we’re doing here at Johns Hopkins and in our National High
Value Care Alliance, you can visit our website,, or reach out to me personally. My email is [email protected] Thank you.

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