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Dr. Steven Johnson – Brentwood East Family & Sports Medicine

Dr. Steven Johnson – Brentwood East Family & Sports Medicine

(bright, driving music) – My name is Steve Johnson. I’m a family physician, and I practice at our Brentwood East
Family Medicine location. One of the things that
makes our practice unique is that we’re focused on the whole family and on the care of all ages. In the context of our team, in our office, we see from
when that patient checks in at the front desk to
when the patient leaves to now ongoing interaction
between appointments that we see them as a part
of our family of patients. When I’m seeing a patient in the office, first of all, I’m realizing
that this is a privilege for me to be caring for this person, and I may have seen them
one time or many times and may know them well or not. And so in approaching them, I’m committing to doing my best, to bring my training, my expertise to their issues and to see those through. I would like to thank my patients for putting their trust in us, and I look forward to the
future as we move forward. (bright, driving music)

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