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Dylan McDermott is the Nicolas Cage of television

Dylan McDermott is the Nicolas Cage of television

If you are a responsible citizen of the Internet,
then surely you have heard of one Nicolas Cage. “I said, put the bunny back in the box.” The actor is one of the best of his generation,
an Academy Award winner who makes a great film every few years. But in between, he takes
pretty much any gig offered to him, then he commits, goddammit, which results in this. “No, no, not the bees! Not the bees! Aggghhh!” But Television should get its own Nicolas
Cage, and in the grand tradition of TV, he should sort of feel like a department store
knockoff of Cage. Fortunately, we TV fans have just that, and
we’ve had him for years now. His name is Dylan McDermott. He might have been Emmy-nominated for his
work on The Practice, but his true strength? It’s shouting about things. “I needed you, and you got a dog!” “It was me you should have been curling up with at night!” It’s entirely possible McDermott himself
didn’t know he was TV’s Nicolas Cage, but as with so many things, Glee co-creator
Ryan Murphy looked deep into McDermott’s soul and saw a raving lunatic just waiting
to get out. He made McDermott the male lead of the first season of American Horror Story,
and a legend was born. “She’s having twins, and only one of them
is mine.” “The sad fact is that I’m shooting blanks.
You can ask my ex-wife. We tried for five years.”
“All it takes is one good swimmer.” Throughout that season, McDermott gave the
pitch of utter, defeated angst to so many terrible lines that it became possible to
watch the show entirely to see what he would say next. “You ruined everything!” Even better: it was never entirely possible
to tell if McDermott was in on the joke or not, which made his performance seem all the
more bizarre. He returned for an arc in season two, in which he played the main character’s
murderous offspring. [Screaming] Sadly, it was a bit of a letdown. “This is delicate work!” He went from Horror Story to CBS’s Hostages,
but he brought with him a strong sense that what TV needed was frowny faces and random
words being whispered. “You’re gonna kill the President of the United
States, Helen. Otherwise, we will… kill your family.” Now, he’s on CBS’s new ‘Stalker.’ The
show is awful, and it tries too hard to make him “serious.” But there are flickers
here and there. What new horizons of insanity will Dylan McDermott open up for us? Only
time will tell.

23 comments on “Dylan McDermott is the Nicolas Cage of television

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  2. I love Nicholas Cage. He has been one of favorite actors for years and a huge influence on me. I'm not even joking….

  3. how dare you sully the name of our lord and savior by comparing him to this, this paltry sullen lifeless human being u call an actor. keep your trashy opinions to yourself vox, nicholas cage is forever a unique and omnipotent being.

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