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EE Student Experiences – Jason Harper

EE Student Experiences – Jason Harper

I’m really most passionate about
languages and cultures. Through my experiential education, I definitely gained
a lot more confidence. I worked with the ICFF, the Italian contemporary Film
Festival. I would subtitle movies, movie trailers. I think I definitely grew as a
person because I’ve never really had to be in an environment where there was
like a certain level of professionalism so it really helped me balance out
casual socialness with the professional attitude. So I think my experiential
education really changed the way that I look at future career choices because it
made me understand that I value social interaction and it also made me
understand that I want to be able to incorporate multiple languages. All of
these things I think have allowed me to appreciate other cultures while also
still reflecting back and appreciating my own. Io mi chiamo Jason Harper e io sono nel
mio terzo anno of my trilingual Studies and linguistics
and French Studies at Glendon campus York University.

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