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(GET READY FOR AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!) *WHOOPSH!*TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES! MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE! And welcome to a game called: “That Dragon, Cancer” It sounds like a very SERIOUS title, And by the description of it, And the sort of mood that everything is set in, this is going to be a VERY SERIOUS game.(Feels warning everyone) I-I think the description on steam said that it’s gonna be- *stumbling*(English Jack, English) It was only gonna be like 2 hours long.(Who got time for dat?) So, I wanted to do something. Sit in!(First step) Relax!(Second step) Have a nice experience with this(And Third step) ’cause I’ve heard very good things about it and there’s A LOT of people talking about it online and I wanna see what it’s like for myself, before SOMETHING gets spoiled.(Obviously) So, the description said that it was about a guy who is going through a four year battle with cancer,(Oi) and that’s a very serious topic to deal with, and I’m gonna try to treat it with the RESPECT that it deserves, but I’m really looking forward to see what this has to offer because, Again, I’ve seen a lot of people talk about it. Did I click “New game”?(No you picked “continue”) Ok. Hopefully, I think I did. I didn’t-I didn’t even mean to click anything. “Bread on the water” *A bit of a long wait* It’s very pretty. That’s a little duck! Do I get to feed the duck? *giggles* Do I get to be the duck? Oh my god, I do! I’m a duck! *laugh* So at the start of the game, You get to play as a duck? There’s a little boy, But he’s talking to nobody. Um So, I have a feeling this is gonna be A very like- Um Like beginner’s guide kinda thing. *quack quack* Can I? Oh, I can go. Nice. *laugh* Oh, g- get the bread. Get the bread, eat the bread. Get the bread. Oh god, Everything is all like *queasy* Can I eat it? Paul: Mom, let me pass the bread. Father: Paul, don’t touch the birds. Father: No, no no no. *Joel giggles* Father: Don’t touch the birds. Oh.
Father: They’re gross. Father: Yuck, yuck yuck yuck. “Don’t touch the birds, birds are gross.” Hey bro, I’m not gross. Maybe it’s the humans who are gross. I’m following the breadcrumb trail. *quack quack* Go, *my* little ducky! *Joel giggles* He’s so cute. (Indeed, he is) Father: Did you see that one almost bit him. Mother: Huh? Father: Uh, no come- hey. This is nice so far, Nice and atmospheric. Gobble, gobble. Is that- is that all the bread? Mother: Guys, give joel some bread. Isaac: Mom, he threw the whole piece *Father laughs* Father: Isaac, you’ve got to give him little Father: pieces, he doesn’t understand. Father: Here you go Joel, here’s a piece. Is this real dialog from like a family? Isaac: Joel’s almost five, right? Mother: Yeah. *Joel giggles* *baby talk* Joel’s almost five, right?
Isaac: But he- Isaac: But he can’t talk. Father: It’s true. Did he go? Mother: Yeah. Throw the little piece. Isaac: Two year olds can talk. Father: I know. *Joel giggles* *Joel claps* *Joel claps*
Issac: Why can’t Issac: Joel? Father: Well, Father: Joel got sick after he turned one Father: uh *baby talk* Mother: It kinda slowed him down a little bit, buddy. Father: So he’s just slower than most kids. Father: I think eventually he’ll catch up. *quack* Wait, Joel is a kid with cancer! Wait, Joel is a kid with cancer!
Issac: Do you think Joel will read? Father: Yeah, I think Joel will read eventually. *Joel giggles*
Father: Yeah, I think Joel will read eventually. *Joel claps* Paul: Isaac, of course, he’s just Paul: delayed because, you know. Father: Yeah. Issac: Joel’s supposed to be a boy but he’s a baby. Issac: He’s a boy baby. Father: *chuckle* Yup, he’s a boy baby. So is this me then? Joel! Father: You know there’s lots of things Joel isn’t good at but there’s some things he is good at. Father: What is he good at? Issac: Eating, laughing! Father: *chuckles* Yeah. Issac: I’m good at making him laugh. Father: You are good at making him laugh. Joel: More! Father: How do you make him laugh? Issac: I fall down. Father: *chuckle* Yeah. Father: It’s really funny when you fall down. Paul: He’s good at showing us what he loves. *Joel giggles* Oh my god. ‘Cuz it said the description was about- um A boy or a man or something going through their four-year journey with cancer. And it said “Joel”. I didn’t know it was gonna be a kid. So it’s- I- I was playing as him. ‘Cuz he had no hair. I’m so confused. W- what am I doing? No, I don’t wanna do that. Go this way. I don’t want to leave! Okay, I think as I clicked that way, it was like “Is it time to go?” “No, not yet.” Ohhh this could get very sad. Woah! Those are big trees. So, who was the guy sitting down then? See, I don’t know- I don’t know if this kid survived the cancer or not. That doesn’t look very nice. The art style reminds me of “Shelter”. Remember that game? Shelter and Shelter 2? Who won’t understand? I’m very confused as to what’s going on. But I- I guess that’s the point. We’re supposed to find out later on. Let’s go this way. No. This way. Yes. Please. Thank you. So nice to look at though. Please don’t tell me that’s the dad like remembering his son. And the son died- ohhh I don’t know if I’m going to be able for this. The dialogue is very nice. Wait no please don’t end or something. I- I’m afraid of like clicking stuff and ending it too soon and not getting all the dialogue out of it. *Deep Breath In* Okay, so this is gonna be one of those experiences where we just sit here for a while all of us together And don’t say much Um, well I guess I’m the one in control of what’s being said I just gonna like- This is a very serious thing Never had a playground back where I lived. Like growing up, near me Not like a PARK and stuff. Well, “park”. It wasn’t really a park. It was literally like the size of this room! There wasn’t much to do, but I never had a playground to sit on Or swings or whatever WEEEEEEEE!!! This Is Sad Because It reminds me of the last few days.. When my granny was still alive… (It’s about to get really sad) And she didn’t die of cancer or anything But, she was locked a way in a hospital some last few months of her life 🙁 And she didn’t really recognize anybody anymore She was- she was super, like aware of everything Oh! (Mic Drops) God! Sorry, that sounds terrible she was super… Aware of everything , like her entire life and Right up until the Hospital. But As Soon She went into the hospital.. She was starting to get treated for.. I can’t remember what it was. She had something in her leg that spread through her body and affected her blood. But she was in hospital for few month before she died and (Oh My gosh Jack.. 🙁 ) Her Mind just Completely went and I remember going in one time. with My Sister see her and.. We Were talked her my granny was like, “Sean going to come in to visit us?” I was sitting right next to her and she’s didn’t know who I was.. That’s was really sad 🙁 (Jack Sobbing..) Again, she’s didn’t cancer or anything. it’s reminded me of it. I need move on or I won’t be able to move on.. *Soft Sad Music Playing* I was just readin’ all the notes And it’s really sad… I feel sorry for anyone who has lost family or loved ones. Just in general loved ones. Just in general but especially to cancer. Because i-it’s not a nice thing And the last- the last while with someone who has cancer Is not nice either… *Background Noise* OK I’m sorry about knocking over the mic as well! I-I *chuckles* grabbed my sleave and hit the mic. I can see the wave form right now and it’s a giant red spike Oh, hi! What? Aw, you wanna play! OK, uhm… MOO! (Reading) Thank you For Playing For Joel Evan Green Oh My god (Jack Cries.. *DON’T CRY JACKABOY!*) (Jackaboy Crying..) Thank you guys So Much For Watching This Video If you Liked it, PUNCH THAT LIKE Button, IN THE FACE!!!! LIKE A BOSS! And High Five all-round!!! *Whoopsh!! 2x* But, Thank you Guys! And I will See you Dudes , IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!~ (Outro)-I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe)

100 comments on “EMOTIONALLY DRAINED | That Dragon, Cancer

  1. My grandad died of brain cancer and I never ho to meet him. But I remember my grandma having a disease similar and similar to Jack's story basically I walked in and she said " who is he, I don't know him" and I couldn't anymore so I just ran out of the hospital and started crying

  2. I never got to watch this video when it came out, but this a serious topic. I take this seriously since my grandpa died to lung cancer on June 19 2018 at 11:00 pm, only an hour after me and my family left him.

  3. The part where Joel was screaming and crying I was tearing and sobbing so fucking hard irl … That was incredibly hard and don't want to imagine if those cries are from Joel irl … I am so sorry for Ryan and Amy who lost their precious kid because of this fucking sickness

  4. I was crying during the whole game. A year ago my grandpa passed away from cancer. Please show how much you love your family, you never know how much time they have left

    RIP Joel, may your spirit be free from pain

  5. This is kind of an odd turn of character with Jackaboy because usually in games he is upbeat and energetic and here it gives him another side, a side of a man who has lost his grandmother. Stay strong, Jack.

  6. I'm a cancer survivor myself, i was diagnosed with it at 1 year old, i went through bouts of medication & chemotherapy, but luckily, I'm alive now

  7. happy 7 years of YouTube and I will never forget you made me cry in this episode from how much I can relate to it and I hope you've moved on and realized how great life could be I've only been with you for 4 years but that doesn't matter it doesn't matter how many
    years are days we've been here it just matters that wear supporting Jack💚💚

    sorry I forgot to mention something quack of the morning to you guys have a lovely day

  8. The bit where Joel was crying? That got me. I cried there, because you can hear the pain in those screams and it felt like a punch to the gut.

  9. Its’s ok jack. She’s still in your heart.
    Edit: I’m talking about your grandma. We have should all lost someone

  10. Who else can't read the comments talking about their loved ones dying from cancer or any type of disease without sobbing omfg.
    Lots of love to all who have lost loved ones ( to whatever it was from disease, accident etc ) and I wish you all the best ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. i come back to this video knowing that my young step sister might have cancer and i’m so emotional. i can’t ever imagine going through something like this

  12. I remember watching this video a month or so after it was posted with my brother and we both cried. Us two kids me 10 and my bro a bit older and I still remembered it it hur because my grandpa died if colon cancer he was a ww2 vet and he worked on the planes and then went to farming when he left the military and the chemicals probably had a large effect on his body so serving the US took its toll and that sucks. All the other people that have been affected or had family affected by cancer I hope you the best though I was 2 when my grandpa Cooper died I can remember a little bit. I remember he loved cats..♥️

  13. When I was three I was diagnosed with acute leukaemia until I was nine and went for checkups until I was 15. That was a long time ago but I still remember the memories, the nights, the painful moments, injections, disgusting medicin, the X-Ray's and "fuzzy milk" before surgery, and days of being in the hospital is hard to think about. Even know I still think of my foot bring in the grave, and I've still never got over the reality of what happened and I continue to question it today. But I am eternally grateful for everybody who ever help, participated and was there for me. Sometimes, now and then I come back to this game, to try and remember.

    Life is short, and no matter what I always try so hard to be good
    I just hope I can give back all of what was given to me in return.

  14. My best freind died from cancer when I was 10…
    He died about 2 or three weeks after his “I beat cancer” party

  15. Me at the end of the video “shit the Quality is bad”
    Also me: oh wait it’s just all the tears in my eyes going down my face

  16. I just want to say this game made me feel so bad because I use to bully a girl for having a wig. I wish I never did. She past last month.

    Take your time to say I love you to people that love you too. You don’t know how much time you have with them.

  17. I lost my Mimi (that’s what I called my aunt’s mother) and my great grandpa to cancer when I was younger. I only have vague memories of my Mimi and great grandpa, but most of them aren’t the best. The memories I do remember of my Mimi was seeing her at her own funeral when I was five or six years old; that was when I became sad. That was when I learned about darkness. Sadness. The other one was me getting into Mimi’s car and her telling me something; I was happy. Nothing was crumbling around me. I can’t remember when Mimi passed, although I think it was around Christmas. My great grandpa, however, I vividly remember was around Thanksgiving. I remember giving him my Thanksgiving card smiling, but I knew deep down that I was never going to see him again. I was right. He died, but I didn’t get to go to his funeral, and I think it was my fault; I chose to not go to his funeral, probably because I didn’t want to be sad. It’s been so long since they passed, that I can’t even remember their voices. If I could get one last chance to see them alive, I would take it. If there was a price to pay to hear their voices one last time, I would pay the price. If a five year old me would know that was coming, I would’ve spent much more time with them. My classmates say I should be happier about not having many memories of them, but it makes me sad. I wish I had more memories, I wish I could remember their voices, I wish I could hold their hands… but I am not who I was when I was five. I have grown depressed and miserable for reasons that are not related to their deaths. If they were to see me now, they’d destroy me. I wish they could give me a hug, give me some form of happiness… but they can’t. THEY’RE DEAD. THEY CAN’T COME BACK. NOTHING WILL EVER GIVE THEM BACK. I’LL NEVER SEE MY MIMI OR GREAT GRANDDAD ANYMORE.

  18. I remember a friend of my mom's that was close to us all and she got cancer that she could not beat.., i remember going to see her when i was little and just hung out and talked, after she did pass away I did not really know how to deal with death so it was diffrent until my mom explained it to me and after all that, to this day I think of her

  19. I had to stop half way cause it pulled too hard at my heart. Cried like a baby. Doesn't help I've had many people in my family with 1 kind of cancer or another, and a lot of them died. Some lived, and proudly survived. It's a bastard, cancer is.

  20. I know what it feels like to loose someone too, my grandpa died of a heart attack when my dad was still very young. I still wish I could have met my grandpa. Just to see what his personality would be like. I miss you grandpa, rest in pease.

  21. @jacksepticeye
    I understand your pain, my grandmother recently past due to dementia and clots in her leg. it was the most painful time watching her, seeing her in pain and we couldn't do anything about it. if she was still with us today i would have told her about you and how you made me stronger and happier in these bad times

  22. I remember watching this video when it came out. I was 11 years old at the time and had no idea how serious this was. Now I see. My best friends sister has cancer and I understand what it is now. This game is so much like real life. Rip Joel, and to everyone fighting, stay strong.

  23. I dont have anything to put here but this:We all wish that bad things never happend. But they do happen, and all we can do about it is remember the good times with the people/pets we lost and move on. And also, its okay to cry! Crying is a way of letting out sadness. And to all who are going through some sort of loss right now: It gets better. I hope this helps someone.

  24. damn I only just found this video but that bit that you said about your grandma hit me. the last time I saw my grandma she was hunched over so much because she didn't have the strength to hold herself up, I went to kiss her and say goodbye and she didn't recognise me. cancer stole her life from us when she was 60.

  25. My grandma was in a hospital. I can't remember what it was that she had. Whatever she had, she also couldn't remember things, so she wrote me and my brothers names on little pink sticky notes so that she could remember.

  26. Jack..I feel really bad about your grandma and if I was there with you at that moment, I would hug you and tell you its ok..
    Me: trying to keep myself together when he talks about his grandma, fails and cries

    The first time I watched this I cried and I thought that it just wasn't fair for jack to have to be sad, remembering his grandma. During a game. So sad. If I played the game i probably would cry to..considering how it effects others when they play, its just really heart breaking to see one of your favorite youtubers really sad when they get hit in the face with flashbacks of their losses…i feel absolutely terrible because…seeing jack, cry..i don't even know what i'm saying…i'm just SAD/MAD so i don't even know who exactly i am directing this towards. just remember jack, we all love and support you and i want to tell you if you ever feel sad because of a game, do not be afraid to tell your fans and we will be respectful and let you be.. <3

  27. I was trying to stay normal but I started crying and I couldn't stop. It's such a good but hard story, very emotionnal

  28. My friend has a grandpa that’s has stage 2 cancer and last week he got the words

    : he doesn’t much time left

  29. This in a way reminds me of my best friend Ashlee who died when we were 15, from surgery complications because she had a disease (can't remember which) but she couldn't eat lots of the things she liked and was always in pain
    I remember promising her that I'd bring her lots of candy and snacks that she liked but couldn't have once she recovered
    She never did
    It's been 3 years and I'm still completely heartbroken
    I didn't know her for long but we bonded very quickly
    I never got to visit her grave (I still can't drive rip) but I want to badly
    A few months ago my brother went to her younger brothers house, and her mom recognized his last name and started talking to him about Ashlee
    And how she was so happy that we were friends and always talked about me
    When my brother told me I broke
    I never knew I was that important to her
    I miss her everyday

  30. i remember watching this when jack first uploaded it, and its been awhile. this video is such a different experience after losing a family member to cancer. it becomes so…real.. when you can relate to this, the hospital visits and constant struggle of trying to stay positive and making every second count. The struggle of seeing them get better then crash over and over and over again. And knowing how the memory's feel after you lose them. thinking about how you should have spent more time with them. Cancer is such an unexplainable hell that no one should have to go through, but this game does really come the closest to showing what its like. thanks jack for getting me through that time of loss in my life i could never repay you <3

  31. My nan has cancer and don't have long you keep me in a good mood everytime I watch you my heart goes out to you and sorry about your nan

  32. im rewatching in 2019 and how observational and respectful jack was through all of this warms my heart, also the utter joy he shows at simple things like Joel’s laugh are the most wholesome thing ever, he would make a awesome dad 🙂

  33. Watching this in 2019 crying my eyes out. I'm a mom of a precious little boy so my heart is breaking right now. I dont know what I would do…. I dont think I'm strong enough to handle my child dieing of cancer. 💔💔💔💔

  34. this is super relatable because a few years ago my great aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer. and she only lasted for a few months and after that, i was standing in a graveyard balling my eyes out ‘cause i was close to her and spent a lot of time with her.

    i didn’t make this for likes i just want to say that and get it off my chest

  35. When my grandpa died I was very broken, because he was a WWII veteran and he told me about the things that happened during war he also had a amazing train collection.

    RIP grandpa I love you

  36. I'm sorry about you I'm sorry about you Nana I think I was in Anna but I just wanna let you know like the game c was always be in a heart for all eternity I'm sorry as well for you Grandma

  37. My grandmother died of blood cancer in December of 2018 right before Christmas. It was the most emotional Christmas and year of my life. Even to this day I still get sad. It sucks to lose such amazing people who don’t deserve it 😢. She always did volunteer work and always put others before herself and always believed in making this world a better world. I am still angry that god has taken her life like that but then again I understand everything happens for a reason and I just miss her so much. This definitely brings back the feels …

  38. that's why i can't tell my parents about my illness.
    ik know i'm three years late for the gameplay, but it was such an experience.
    Sean, you're not gonna read this, but thanks <3

  39. Jack you wud mack a amazing dad. I'm so sorry about your grandmother she will always be with you. my Nana died at 90 she is now 94 I miss her so much my grandmother was a cruel person she adused my mom my Nana was my mom mom we all miss her but we have to move on in my heart she will be with my rorefer.

  40. I had a great aunt she had recently beat so many cancers that just kept coming back….and just a couple months ago she had died to leukemia I just remember how devastated I was and let me tell you watching this did not help

  41. My grandma died too and I was really sad that she had a infection in her arm that infected her body and when my mom found out she lost it , we prayed every day and it was really sad also that we placed a picture of her and all my family prayed around her picture with flowers and a candle and I cried and my 2 sisters were sad and my step dad did know my grandma and he tried to not cry and after that I slept in my sisters room and my mom came to the room and asked if we wanted to go to her room to sleep and I didn’t want to because I will cry so much and they will have no sleep so I explained and they understood and I wrote her a note in my phone and I still have it and it will be in my heart forever 😔

  42. Sean: (drops mic) oh sorry that's gonna sound terrible

    Me: you don't need to be sorry I would have probably done that if a certain scene brought back a traumatic or generally sad memory

  43. At the part when Jack would spin the arrow on the toy, and Joel would say"more" he was also doing sign language for more. I thought that was adorable.

  44. I watched this play through a few years ago on someone else’s channel, and it didn’t affect me as much as it did this time because at that time, I hadn’t lost anyone important to me to cancer. But having experienced grief now, this video breaks my heart ten times more

  45. I literally started crying when he talked about his grandmother..I can relate to that! My grandmother had both breast and bone cancer, but she passed away due to a heart attack back in November 2007. 😭😭😭 12 years later and I still miss her.

  46. Dear Jacksepticeye:

    I’m so sorry for your grandma’s death. That has to be very hard for someone who is close to them. But the best we can do is focus on the positive. Whenever someone says “They’re in a better place now” or “they aren’t hurting”, they mean it.

    I’ve never lost a grandma while I’ve been alive, but I did lose my grandma to breast cancer. She called my mom and biological father (I call my stepdad dad now) to the hospital where she was, and right before she passed, she felt me kick. She whispered “Name him Alex” and went into cardiac arrest. She died in her bed 5 minutes later. My middle name is Landry, her maiden name. My name is Alex, after her request. I pray to her every night. Then again, Jack, I’m sorry for your loss. If you ever need anything, look me up on Messenger at Alex Willette.

    Irish forever,

    Alex Willette

  47. When jack was talking about his nan got me so sad. Then he knocked down his mic and made me laugh. Reminded me to press on to the better things in life.

  48. sorry jack for your loss i experienced that when i was 4 when my mom is telling me that my gradpa will be ok but it wasnt i knew that my grandpa was apart of the midway battle and then disaster came in and i was so so sad that i wont even go to school thinking of my grandpa because he always make me happy he always make me laugh and all kind of that so ya sry for ur loss again

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