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[The live stream will soon begin] Welcome to MBC Garden Studio. Please listen to the following precautions. First, please don’t use a ladder and a tripod
outside a photo zone. Please follow this rule for your safety. Second, please don’t save a seat. Garden Studio is available for everyone. Paper put to save a seat will be removed. Third, please refrain from disturbing others
and bringing dangerous items and foods. Please follow this rule for your safety. MBC “Idol Radio”. Let me introduce the host of today’s show. Today, he’ll make you happy and cheerful. Jung Ilhoon of BTOB!
Please give a big hand to him. MBC Radio’s idol program, “Idol Radio”! The center of global K-Pop! I’m Jung Ilhoon of BTOB.
Nice to meet you. Today’s first song.
The singer is an idol team that’s going global. NCT 127, “Simon Says”! It was “Simon Says” by NCT 127. Hi, I’m DJ Jung Ilhoon. “Idol Radio” is being live-streamed on many
platforms for K-Pop fans all over the world. Naver V LIVE, Weibo, and MBC Radio. Please promote, recommend and share
our program. News and photos will be uploaded on Twitter. Please follow our account, @idolradiokorea. Today, Mic test. Jung Ilhoon says, we’ll be welcoming
NCT 127 today. I’m really looking forward to it. I want to see them. I’ll come back after ads. Jung Ilhoon says, wait a minute. “Idol Radio” episode 57,
Idol Radio 127. NCT 127! Welcome,
nice to meet you! They’re shining. NCT 127,
please take a pose please. Let’s have a photo time. 1, 2, 3, click! Please take an official pose of NCT. 1, 2, 3, click! Please show your love. 1, 2, 3, click! Great, let’s listen to NCT 127’s
resolution for today’s show. How did we hold this? Hold it in a way that you want. – Sorry, I’m nervous.
– It’s okay, take your time. – I’ll start.
– You can do it! – I swear!
– I swear! We, NCT 127 will prove our charms
as a global idol group here at “Idol Radio”. 1, 2, 3, We’ll do anything! November 27th of 2018.
By NCT 127 from SM entertainment! Great! Thank you. Nice, welcome NCT 127. – Finally.
– Hello! Finally you’re here. Please say hello to the listeners and viewers
of “Idol Radio”. 1, 2, 3! To the world, We’re NCT 127! Our studio is full of shine. and filled with the passion of 9 guys. Can you see your fans outside? A lot of people are here to see NCT 127 today. Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Say hi to each other. Hi! NCTzen! – Some are holding our album.
– Aren’t you cold? A lot of people are here despite the cold weather. Let’s get started. Please introduce yourself one by one. Let’s play “I am ground” game, to get to know each member. I’ll start. I am ground! I’m Ilhoon, cutie sexy. I’m TAEYONG, king sexy. I’m JAEHYUN, addictive voice. I’m MARK, addictive laughter. I’m HAECHAN, sexy youngest. I’m JUNGWOO. – Continue!
– Fail! – Pass!
– JUNGWOO, – pure boy.
– Pure boy? I’m TAEIL, cutie. I’m DOYOUNG, rabbit prince. I’m YUTA, healing smile. I’m JOHNNY, super cutie. – First.
– Done! You’re full of confidence. Full of confidence. TAEYONG, what’s king sexy? – I wanted to take “cutie”.
– Cutie? But… You changed it because I took it first! – No.
– Wasn’t it? You are cuter than me. – I don’t usually yield.
– TAEYONG. TAEYONG yielded it to me. Thank you for yielding. Please take a close-up shot of TAEYONG. Please show your sexiness! – Wow.
– Did you see it, fans? – How was it?
– We couldn’t see it! Wow. It was perfect from the beginning. JAEHYUN and MARK,
you guys are responsible for voice
and laughter, which are addictive. I originally thought of MARK who laughs well, I heard JAEHYUN used the word “addictive”,
and I took that word. It seems like you’re always smiling. – And you look bright.
– I sometimes laugh with a loud sound. Can I hear that? – Let’s do it!
– Go! Let’s get it! – Cute.
– It’s addictive. You’re so cute. Addictive laughter, proved. – JAEHYUN.
– I have an addictive voice. Yes, you’re well known for a nice voice. – Aren’t you?
– Yes. – Thank you. – Can you say some words?
– Okay. “Good night” is a cliche, “Idol Radio”. How about “‘Idol Radio’, a program going global”. With your voice, please. “‘Idol Radio’, a program going global”. He’s even humorous. Great. – Thank you JAEHYUN.
– Thank you. HAECHAN, what’s sexy youngest? It is my dream. – Your dream?
– Yes, dream of being sexy. – My dream.
– Wanna be sexy. I dream of becoming sexy. But… We’ll give you a close-up shot HAECHAN. Where’s your confidence? Confidence! Done! HAECHAN, members liked it. How was it? I think that HAECHAN is sexy on the stage. On the stage? – HAECHAN, let’s take king sexy today.
– Okay. I’ll do my best. I didn’t know that HAECHAN has a mole there. What? JOHNNY found HAECHAN has a mole on his body. I saw it. – That’s how you learn about one another.
– Right. That’s how you learn about one another. TAEIL, show your cuteness, please. Cutie.
Close-up shot please. – Cutie.
– Nervous. Cutie. You’re cute. – Cute.
– It’s kind of a calm cuteness. – Moderate.
– Cute. Your charm. Let’s dig into TAEIL’s cuteness later. DOYOUNG, you’re a rabbit prince. What does that mean? I guess that’s how your fans call you. That’s right. I’m often told to look like a rabbit. I denied that several times,
but I decided to admit it today. I understand.
I’m often told that I look just like a raccoon. I looked up videos of raccoons. They steal foods and items. So I denied that. – But actually they’re cute.
– Right. – Rabbits are also cute.
– Yes. – That’s why I decided to admit it.
– Great. Rabbit prince DOYOUNG, cheer up! – That’s a compliment.
– Cheer up! -I’m actually feeling great. Great. YUTA. – Killing smile.
– No, it’s healing smile. Healing smile, sorry. – I mistook it.
– Sorry. Healing smile, sorry. There’s a huge gap between killing and healing. Show us your healing smile. Close-up please. Healing. You always smile like that, right? Yes, members told me that they like my smile. – I feel like I’m being healed.
– Thank you. – He’s humorous.
– Healing. – Eyes are important. YUTA is humorous? We have many humorous members, among them is YUTA. Oh, YUTA is one of humorous members. According to MARK. Because MARK himself is not so humorous. – I’m not sure he’s reliable.
– Instead, I laugh a lot. No, I think you two have a great chemistry
between you. I’m looking forward to your chemistry. JOHNNY, super cutie. You’re so confident! I was not prepared. Nothing came up in my mind. Oh? But we can’t just pass you. – Right.
– Show your cuteness. Close-up! Wait, it was… – I heard someone moan.
– How was it JAEHYUN? I felt a bit… uncomfortable. – It was new to me.
– Super means… – Super…
– Strong! – Strong!
– I wanted to try something new. That’s a nice attitude. Cheek fat is important point. Good, JAEHYUN, please say something to him. I’m kidding you. Great. JUNGWOO, a pure boy! The only “pure”! You’re often told that? Yes. Please show your innocence. Innocence? Please turn your head. Wow, pure! It seems like he just woke up. Why are you breathing like that? JUNGWOO has a innocent voice. – Yes, I can see.
– I’m a big fan of yours. – Suddenly?
– Suddenly. He’s making a confession all of a sudden.
Thank you. – Today, I’ll particularly take care of you.
– Thank you. Good. So each of you has introduced yourself. You are here on November 27th. So we’ve named the today’s show “I127”. – IDOL RADIO 127.
– It’s great. The date is perfect. November 27th and NCT 127. Right? Don’t you like the name? Oh, JAEHYUN checked the time and it was 1:27pm. It was way back. 10 hours ago. I think luck is coming to NCT. It’s a good sign that you have a series of coincidence. But first, I have some members of NCT 127 that I have to shake hands. JAEHYUN and JOHNNY. You are radio DJs. – Great.
– “NCT’s night night”. DJ JOHNNY. DJ JAEHYUN and JOHNNY. I’m Loong D (DJ Ilhoon). You can just call me Loong D. So how does it feel like coming to a DJ studio in different broadcasting system? I just once again realize that radio is the best. – Radio is the best.
– I love radio. – Radio is the light.
– Yeah. How about JOHNNY? I think the biggest difference is that we can do the live before our fans. I think we should suggest this to our show. – JOHNNY.
– You like this open studio? Now they can only see my back, maybe next time… – We change seats once.
– I know. Don’t worry. – YUTA?
– So funny. – I can’t see well.
– Today’s point. – Is it today’s thing?
– Yeah. – Don’t show that eye today.
– Super cute. – Super cute.
– JOHNNY prepared this. – Only one eye is…
– It’s a so-called comma hair. – As he covered only one eye?
– I was lazy. – He’s super cute.
– I’ll protect that eye for you until the end. – Thank you.
– Hope you do so too JOHNNY. Thank you. On your show, as you two are the DJs, I’ve checked how often BTOB’s song was aired on your show. I know it’s being picky. On Sunday November 25th, BTOB song was the last song on that day’s show. We are one. I wonder how you introduce songs and artists. In my case, I say some flowery words for the introduction. Global NCT 127. Overwhelmingly great “Simon Says”. That’s how I introduce our guests and their songs. I wonder how you do it on your show. We have some evidence here. – Let’s look at it closely.
– Oh no. – Let’s listen to it.
– I’m curious. “NCT’s night night”. It’s time to go. Today’s last song is “Beautiful Pain” by BTOB. Night night! I knew it. – The important thing here is
– Yes, JAEHYUN. – time.
– Of course. – That’s why we’ve said such closing comments.
– Short and precise. If BTOB comes to our show I promise that I’ll use every possible flowery expression to introduce BTOB. Of course, you will. – But your title song’s name is beautiful as it is.
– True. – It’s so good. “Beautiful Pain”
– TAEYONG, are you helping your members? The song is really good. I’m just joking. We have aired NCT’s songs three times. I brought up this issue just to talk about this. – Please don’t think we are narrow-minded.
– Then I wonder how many times we’ve played BTOB’s song on our show for a year and 7 months. If you say so, you might played our song quite often. I hope we take care of both groups from now on. Let’s wish the best for each group. Let’s be a real family. – Of course.
– We are family from today. Great. Okay, we will take care of both BTOB and NCT 127. Great. We’ve checked upon this matter. It’s been not that long since I’ve been a DJ here compare to you two. You’ve been a DJ for 618 days. It’s been only 51 days for me. So, what’s your thoughts on being a DJ on the radio? You can process your thoughts and speak much faster. Sometimes, words come out before I even think. Just like now. – Oh that’s why.
– I think you are a good DJ. How about JAEHYUN? In my case, I’m extremely concerned about silence. Which means you constantly have to say something. I am like that too. – So I totally understand your mind.
– Right. So, when I have many guests like today, I have to lead the talk. Doesn’t it make you feel difficult on your show? How about now? Are you okay with that? – Compare to the past.
– It’s okay. But still, I sometimes feel nervous to be on the show. Still? It’s a while away till 618 days for me. And you are saying you are still nervous. Also in my case, I keep interviewing people. Anyone who’s next to me. – In your daily lives?
– At home. Questions like “Why are you watching this program?” You become curious. Certainly. – I think that’s upside.
– Right, you become more social. – It’s great.
– Yeah. Radio is the light. – DOYOUNG,
– Super cute. – Super cute JOHNNY?
– He’s cute. JOHNNY, you should do super cute once more. Please do the close-up shot for JOHNNY. Oh, it’s quite addictive. – He’s cute.
– That’s the point. Your covered eye makes it more funny. Great. – Cute.
– DJ JOHNNY and JAEHYUN. – I’ll support your effort.
– Way to go! We are a team. – Great.
– One team. And we have an emcee who’s done it before me. MARK. A senior. He is an emcee of “Show! Music Core”. We are the sons of MBC. We can call ourselves brothers. I really wanted to meet MARK on the show. But it wasn’t aired for 2 weeks when BTOB was on the promotion. – Right.
– We couldn’t appear on the show. I really want to listen to MARK introducing BTOB. Can you pretend it’s the show and introduce BTOB’s “Beautiful Pain”? – By emcee MARK?
– Looking forward to it. And we prepared MARK’s microphone here. When did you… Okay! Please introduce BTOB. Should I stand up? – Please.
– Oh, the bgm of “Show! Music Core” Camera is there. – Should I do it right away?
– Please. Hurry up guys. They are back with “Beautiful Pain”. Great artists with strong artists, BTOB Cute! You are so good. Without a script. I have introduced BTOB a few times. – During the “Only one for me” promotions.
– Right. BTOB was followed by expressions like great artists. – You recalled that.
– I was so nervous. You were good. – I should have seen this for “Beautiful Pain”.
– When you come to the show next time, I’ll introduce BTOB with all the best expressions. I’ll tell you in advance. I’ll visit your waiting room in advance. We are joined by NCT 127 today. Let’s talk about your music. NCT 127 is back with “Simon Says”. I really like the song. So, this is the repackage album of your first regular album. And your first album was a good hit. Songs were on the Billboard chart and it ranked top on many music charts around the world. And you won the first place on public network. Great back ground music. You won the first place with “Regular” on October 26th. I’d like to congratulate you once more. Thank you. We can’t miss HAECHAN’s thought on this. It was our first time winning on public network. He needs to cry? – Perfect song.
– I’m very grateful to our members. And I want to thank our members in advance. And NCTzens, you are there for us even though it’s cold. It makes me sad but I am so grateful for your support. Moving forward, I hope we make great memories. Love you all! We could tell how much HAECHAN cares NCTzen. It really stick to your mind for a long time when you win the first place on public network. – Right.
– I can clearly remember the moment. BTOB’s first win on public network was 4 years after our debut. I wonder how you felt when the news was announced. We were like can we really win the first place? And when it was actually announced, overwhelming. – Right.
– It was overwhelming. Yeah, it’s a big deal. JUNGWOO cried. Our pure JUNGWOO. To be honest, when I joined the team I felt very sorry. – Behind stories.
– BGM. Why are you sorry? – I did.
– There’s nothing to be sorry about. It’s just great that JUNGWOO is now NCT. Thank you to our members and the fact that we won made me cry. – We can tell JUNGWOO’s sincerity.
– Thank you. How about TAEIL? I really didn’t expect that we would win. – Right.
– When I first heard the news I was really happy. I almost felt like I was going to cry. It’s a mixed feeling. When I heard the news, I was so happy. You know that meme TAEYONG and I… – Meme goes forever.
– celebrate. That’s a meme that is very sincere. – It was a funny one.
– Great. And you do encore after the announcement. I was so excited that my voice was gone after the encore. I sang the song wholeheartedly. – With an encore.
– Yeah, my voice was gone. You must have felt so good. I know how that’s like. NCT 127 has become a boy band that makes us excited with new songs. And we’d like to focus on the album that has the winning song in it. We want to hear it from the voice of everyone’s lover. JUNGWOO, we’ll give you 20 seconds. – Please introduce the album to us.
– Okay. – Shall I?
– Please. Okay, our title “Simon Says” from the repackage of the first regular album is an urban hiphop song with addictive chorus and charismatic vibes. Please listen to the song, thank you. Wow, it was perfect. And you left room. – It was perfect.
– It was. Next, YUTA please introduce the song to the global audience in Japanese. Our title song is “Simon Says”. Addictive chorus and charismatic dance performance. Don’t miss these. Please enjoy listening to the song. With a smile. Killer. – Perfect.
– YUTA got in time. I wonder how many seconds you will leave. JOHNNY, please do it in Chinese. Fans, please look forward to our promotions. JOHNNY, sorry but we can see your eye now. We don’t have time. Thank you, love you. Super cute! Okay, we gave you 20 seconds. JAEHYUN, can you do it in English? Let’s do this, JAEHYUN. Okay, it wasn’t on the script. Our global fans all around the world, we love you so much. It’s our album repackage album “Simon Says”. Especially “Simon Says” is an urban hiphop song. That is very good with our vocals and raps. So please listen to our full albums. Look forward to NCT 127, we love you. – Wow JAEHYUN.
– Perfect finish. It was great. Thank you. It was album introductions from a global idol. Okay, now NCT 127’s medley dance! Let’s enjoy the medley dance of NCT127. – Can we see it right away?
– Yeah. – Okay, the stage is on that side.
– Medley dance. Let’s watch NCT 127’s amazing medley dance. Cue the music! It was NCT 127’s medley dance. Please be seated. Well done. I’ll read some comments. The first comment goes “Woooooooow”. and another one says “MELODY is about to become a fan of NCT”. The big motto of IDOL RADIO is
fandom unification. Unifying many fandom into one.
Good, right? Also, there’s a comment saying “Hey, will there
be a rerun available? I’m in a hurry.” Yes, right after the live show,
the rerun will be available. I hope you also take interest in the rerun,
everyone. Thank you. The medley dance that you just saw was from songs “Cherry Bomb”, “Limitless”, “TOUCH”,
“Chain”, and “Regular”. – TAEYONG? – Yes. – Can you introduce what
kind of song “Cherry Bomb” is? The dance of “Cherry Bomb” has the charm
of being sweet and sour with the powerfulness of a bomb mixed together
and you can see this in the performance, in addition to all our charms put together
in the choreography. – Freshness exploding?
– Yes, that’s the meaning of it. That sounds good. – Thank you.
– It’s good. – Also, JAEHYUN. – Yes.
– What kind of song is “Limitless”? “”Limitless” is the song that best describes
our view of the world in the lyrics. View of the world. – NCT’s view of the world.
– Right. You’re saying that if people listen to “Limitless”
they’ll know NCT’s view of the world. Nice. “Limitless”.
And next is “TOUCH”. TAEIL, what kind of song is “TOUCH”? “TOUCH” is the brightest song out of
all our songs, and I think it’s a song we can enjoy the most
with our fans. – Why are the members smiling like that?
– Because he’s explaining it so well. They all fell for my charm. The charms of the mathyung. – There are those members who are just so funny
when they speak. – Right. – It’s really nothing and it’s not funny
when I say it, but it is when that member
says it. – Right, right. There are those members. So lastly, “TOUCH”, is a song we all like, and I think it’s also a song the fans like. You showed “TOUCH” with a bright vibe. DOYOUNG, what kind of song is “Chain”? “Chain” is our debut song from when we first debuted in Japan. Actually, it was only in Japanese version, but we included the Korean version in the
“Simon Says” Repackage album. The fans in Korea must have really loved it. Actually, today was the first time we performed
the Korean version “Chain” to the fans. Right. We talk about up to “Chain”. “Regular”, this is… – JAEHYUN. – Yes.
– Could you please explain this one? “Regular” is… Latin trap is a genre
that we tried for the first time. Also, it was the first song we performed in
the States as we went into the US market. I think I saw you when you were
promoting “Regular”. We did lots of promotion for “Regular”
in the States. We had a great opportunity to go on the
“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show, and performed for the 90th anniversary
for Disney. You’ve performed on a big stage. Isn’t that what you meant by you saw us? No, I saw you in person. – In person.
– Sorry. TAEYONG, thank you for the information. I sometimes talk a lot about things
that doesn’t fit the flow. – It’s great. – Sorry.
– I think that’s TAEYONG’s charm. It was good information. I’ll search for that video separately. Good, and we will now take a short break
about now since it’s hot. – DOYOUNG. – Yes.
– Where can you listen to IDOL RADIO? MBC Radio.
Is this right? Great! Now is time for commercials form IDOL. Whoz That girl? EXID!
Hello, we’re EXID. EXID is back with “I Love You”. If you invite us to the global show, IDOL RADIO,
we’ll be there whenever you want us. This was EXID, and IDOL RADIO, we love you! MBC Radio’s global idol show,
IDOL RADIO. Today we are here with NCT 127. Nice. The heat is on and maintaining momentum. Now, we’ll start the N-Na-Na talk of NCT 127. It’s NCT 127’s “it’s me, it’s me!” talk. – It’s me, it’s me!
– It’s me, it’s me! Shall we try it together? – NCT 127.
– It’s me, it’s me! – Great.
– It’s me! I’ll ask the question first. In this corner,
I’ll ask the question first and shout 1, 2, 3, and if you think that question
applies to you, raise your hand and shout your name and it’s me,
it’s me. Like, “Jung Ilhoon, it’s me, it’s me!” – Now, we’ll start.
– Okay. It’s the 1st question. The person who is best at making
insincere remarks. It’s me, it’s me, 1, 2, 3! I – It’s TAEYONG.
– TAEYONG. Is it? TAEYONG is very considerate. 2nd one. The person who say he’s hungry the most.
It’s me, it’s me, 1, 2, 3! It’s me, it’s me! 5 people raised their hands.
Let’s discuss this more later. The person who has cried secretly.
It’s me, it’s me, 1, 2, 3! It’s me, it’s me! Again, there are 5 people. It’s the first time to have this many.
Let’s continue. The one who notices change in members’
conditions. It’s me, it’s me, 1, 2, 3! It’s me, it’s… – Isn’t this everyone?
– It’s me, it’s me! – It’s me, it’s me! – How nice.
– Great. And next. The one who wants doesn’t want to be funny
at all in NCT 127. It’s me, it’s me, 1, 2, 3! – It’s me, it’s me!
– JOHNNY. Since no one volunteered. Okay, I’ll go on to the next question. The one who is the most hectic in NCT 127.
It’s me, it’s me, 1, 2, 3! It’s me, it’s… – Applause!
– Okay. – Super cute.
– JOHNNY, you’re very enthusiastic. Good.
The last question. The one who watches the most TV dramas.
It’s me, it’s me, 1, 2, 3! – It’s me, it’s me! – It’s me, it’s me!
– Right, right. DOYOUNG and HAECHAN. Good, that’s it for the questions. Now let’s take a look from the beginning. I might have misunderstood the first question. The question was… Best at making insincere remarks. It’s me, it’s me. I say many things I don’t mean… or not? – Insincere remarks?
– What’s the nuance? Like MARK does.
Like that. You haven’t dressed well, but the other would say
that you look nice today. But, during commercial,
TAEYONG told me, “Thank you for making us feel so comfortable,
sunbae-nim.” – And right after… it’s me, it’s me.
– You said this yourself. Why did you answer that way? Actually, I wanted to say this earlier. There’s DJ JOHNNY and JAEHYUN. JOHNNY is my roommate, and he always tells
me when he comes back from the radio. When guests come on the radio…
he wants to make them comfortable, but it’s very difficult.
He said that many times. – Right. – But you, sunbae-nim, although
the entire NCT 127 is here, you made us feel all comfortable and it’s been so
fun and I don’t remember being like this before. I feel like laughing again. It’s not an insincere remark. I thank you very much for saying that, but do the other members feel that TAEYONG is
like that normally? YUTA? No, TAEYONG is saying what he really means. I think he’s very straightforward when talks. JUNGWOO, looks like you have sharp eyes
that see though the truth. How do you think TAEYONG is generally? I think TAEYONG hyung says the right things. – Right things?
– I don’t think so… There’s difference in opinions, but I think
that he doesn’t say insincere things but very sincere things like he did to me earlier. – You’re right.
– He’s sincere. TAEYONG rarely says insincere things,
everyone. Please take note. 5 people raised their hands for the next one,
the person who says he’s hungry the most. Who raised their hands? DOYOUNG, TAEIL, JUNGWOO, HAECHAN,
– Yes. – You’re still going through growth spurts.
– Yes, but I’m done growing. No, don’t say that. – Thank you so much.
– Even I’m still growing. I’m still hanging on to the last strand of hope. Right, but do you usually feel hungry? I seem to eat a lot and move a lot… Who eats the most from NCT 127 members? – JUNGWOO hyung eats a lot.
– JUNGWOO eats a lot. – JUNGWOO. – HAECHAN eats a lot these days.
– I’m the new competition. But HAECHAN is amazing because let’s say we need to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow
for a music show. Then he eats and doesn’t sleep. He eats and refuses to sleep
because his face gets puffy. – I know what that is.
– I prefer food over sleep. – Is it sleep or food.
– Right. – But you fall asleep trying not to.
– It’s the biggest worry singers have. – Also, the way HAECHAN eats, it’s looks so
delicious… – Right, he eats well. – He makes us want to eat.
– He really makes us want to eat with him. So, whenever I want to eat something good,
I want to eat with HAECHAN so I go look for him… JUNGWOO, do you usually have a good appetite? Yes, I think I have a big appetite. – How much do you eat for a meal?
– One meal? – Yes. – Are you talking about a rice bowl?
– Yes, how much do you eat for a meal? If I’m really hungry, I can eat up to 3 rice bowls. – Up to 3.
– Yes. But he doesn’t gain weight compared to
what he eats. If you see him eat, he really eats a lot
and makes it look delicious, but his body is on the small side. But my weakness is that I’m messy when I eat,
whereas HAECHAN is neat and makes it look delicious. How do you eat? – Like he’s really hungry.
– In a hurry. Like a person that makes us think
he was extremely hungry. Your palate is a bit… My mother always said to me that no one’s
going to take away my food. We say that to him nowadays. You look tough when you eat, right?
Very aggressive? – To the food. – So I think when I eat now.
– It’s okay to eat like that. Good. – We confirmed JUNGWOO and HAECHAN have
healthy appetites. – Right. I’m sorry, we now have to… There’s a 10 o’clock fairy in NCT 127. Right. I was kind of in a hurry. HAECHAN who eats well and deliciously,
you will still grow. You need to sleep early to get taller. I’ll have to go in a hurry to eat and sleep,
and was worried you wouldn’t let me go. – Due to circumstances, HAECHAN will have to
go first. – Right. Please excuse yourself here
and say your parting words. – Please go ahead.
– If I’m not here… Don’t go. If I’m not here, the hyungs might become
less funny. Still, they always work diligently
so watch them with love. – Thank you.
– Good. Please say something to the fans. Everyone, good night! – The fans outside are going crazy.
– Thank you. Right. I’ll give you time to go around the studio
and say bye to the fans in the back. – Let HAECHAN… – Good bye.
– go in peace, everyone. – Bye. – Good bye. – HAECHAN,
thanks for coming on the show today. Thank you.
Be safe on your way home. – Bye.
– Good. It’s a shame but we let HAECHAN go. – We should continue the talk, right?
– Yes. Many answered that you cried secretly. – YUTA.
– Yes. – Do you usually cry a lot?
– I don’t cry a lot, but there are times I feel like crying
which is amazing.. So, at those times, I watch sad video clips
to moving ones alone. There’s something interesting of wanting to
maintain that feeling. – You like that overwhelming feeling?
– Yes. – It’s possible.
– Right. If you continue those feelings,
it could be help with the music, right? I also think that it can help me control
my feelings later on. It’s very unique, but I think it’s great. Thank you. I’m embarrassed. No, no, I really mean it in a good way. Then who is the member with the most tears
in NCT 127? – Zeus!
– JUNGWOO. It was always YUTA. – It was YUTA hyung. – MARK, what do you think?
Who cries the most? Frankly, I think JUNGWOO hyung cries the most. Basically, he has a heart that can cry
over a small stimulation… – Sensitivity.
– Yes, sensitivity. Also, JUNGWOO is a friend who cries with another friend
if that friend is crying feeling sad. – So you have that kind of sensitivity.
– Cutie. I don’t know if it is sensitivity, but tears come out
at that moment. – When you were talking before, it looked a bit…
– Yes, I was feeling it. I could see a hint of it. – Not now, but before, when you were talking.
– Really? The BGM was so sad. From our members, Sungjae is the member
who cries easily and he also cries if there’s someone crying. When tears fall, I think stress is alleviated. Right, YUTA, you seem to used sadness
in a positive way. I really like it. – It’s a good thing. It’s very good.
– That’s good. – JUNGWOO, fighting.
– Right, I’ll stop crying from now on. No, you can cry. I’m not saying you shouldn’t cry. I’m just asking which member cries the most. Again, let’s look at another question. “The most hectic member.”
You were selected, JOHNNY. – You said it yourself, right?
– Yes. His eye is still covered. – Please continue to cover it.
– I chose the wrong concept in the beginning. No, no. – Please maintain the concept you chose in the
beginning till the end. – That was the wrong one. It’s like a painting, a famous painting. – Why are you hectic?
– He looks like a classic painting. Why is he hectic, DOYOUNG? – How do you see him generally?
– He isn’t hectic, honestly. JOHNNY enjoys meditation. – He mediates like this?
– Sometimes it’s like that. But he sometimes can’t suppress his curiosity. For example, when we watch TV drama, I saw it from the middle with him, but since
he’s curious… he does what my mother does. – Like the question types…
– Have you experienced it before? – JOHNNY, but let’s shake hands.
– Sorry. – There seems to be lots of questions. I’m that kind of style. I don’t watch it but come later and ask
“What happened?” Is there another episode? TAEIL, how is JOHNNY usually? First, like we mention earlier, JOHNNY
does interviews in our dorm and we dubbed him the communications center. So, he talks a lot. Also, for you, he concentrates on
the communication aspect, – so he listens a lot.
Right. I think he is well-appreciate it. JOHNNY, the most hectic yet thankful member. We are really afraid of strangers. Without JOHNNY, it’s hard to communicate. – He’s the center of communication.
– Right. So it’s okay that he’s a bit hectic since
he’s the center of communication. I think there’s also that.
YUTA relieves stress by crying and I relieve stress by talking. – You should let those people just talk.
– Right. – Let them talk as much as they want.
– Thank you. Good. – JOHNNY, hope to ask stay with us till the end
– I’ll talk a lot. and continue to cover your eye. This is the wrong concept. We will listen to a song
right about now. We’ll listen to
NCT 127’s “Welcome To My Playground”. IDOL RADIO’s 57th episode, I127. We were with NCT 127. It’s already time to wrap up it, everyone. How was today? – It was so fun. – It was a different system
compared to the other radio shows we did. It felt really new in the beginning,
but it was so fun because we did it together. We also have to hear from TAEYONG. Honestly, we received the script really late. So the writer explained to us like this… and I thought whether
all these things would be possible. I saw this great utilization method and I was so happy to be with
this great DJ. I had so much fun. Also, the weather is really bad today but the fans who are here, in the back,
because of us, – I’d like to thank NCTzens very much.
– Thank you. We also sang and showed
the song “Simon Says” here. I hope you enjoy it very much.
Thank you. TAEYONG is so good at speaking. Right. We always welcome NCT 127. Please feel free to come by
IDOL RADIO, if you liked it. Please feel free to visit. If you’re nearby and remember this location
where you were on IDOL RADIO,… Seriously. As the last song, I’ll play BTOB’s
“Friend” to show that we are all friends. Thank you.
Let’s all say bye now. When I shout something first, I’d appreciate it if you could shout
“I love you” afterward. – IDOL.
– I love you. Let’s try it. – IDOL.
– I love you! We do it 3 times, sorry. – IDOL.
– I love you! – RADIO.
– I love you! – IDOL RADIO.
– I love you! [The live broadcast has ended]

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