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[ENG SUB] 170212 Dreamcatcher on Lee Hongki’s Kiss The Radio

[ENG SUB] 170212 Dreamcatcher on Lee Hongki’s Kiss The Radio

There is a corner, what is the dictionary for Dreamcatcher according to Hongkira. Are you guys okay with it? It’s an honour. I was actually thinking about this a lot. For me, Dreamcatcher remind me of a rainbow. All seven of you, each one of you carry different colors. All seven of you , carry that much charms. Dreamcatcher has fascinated us with their beautifulness just like a rainbow. That’s what I’m thinking. I’m touched. Also nobody hates rainbow. So, vice versa, what is Hongkira to Dreamcatcher. Hongkira is an ice cream to us. Why? It’s cold. With Lee Hongki sunbaenim cool voice added with smooth emceeing. Suck in our ears and hearts. Thank you. We’re looking forward to Dreamcatcher’s activities in the future. We will upload this video on Hongkira’s official channel. Do watch it if you’re curious about today’s broadcast. We will parting with Dreamcatcher here with a song. The song is, Dreamcatcher’s ‘Emotion’. Dreamcatcher, goodbye!

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