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[Eng sub] B1A4 at Lee Hong Gi kiss the radio Cool FM 161207 part2/2 + punishment

[Eng sub] B1A4 at Lee Hong Gi kiss the radio Cool FM 161207 part2/2 + punishment

next comment it is sent by kimjintae “I have been liking B1A4 for the past 6 years, to fans like me, say what you want with five syllables” it is with five syllables… is Baro going to do it again? do not go anywhere don’t go anywhere… it was obvious answer… – is it so?
– yeah say something new just like you’re now… you’re all I have I love you only BANA is the best – I love you
– no five…five syllable what did you say? I love you / I love you banana … later I have to it… okay … we are still here with B1A4 you have a question you want to ask, please send it to us or you can also send missions for B1A4 Jinyoung where can they send them? sms to #8910 – if it short 50 won and if it is long you’ll be charged / -100 won also you can send via smartphone radio
application KKong and it is free then we’ll……..comeback after listening to the ads. bye at HongGi-ra-invitation we’re here with B1A4. via sns buji: ” CNU, I want to know why you didn’t include the song that you’ve posted at B1A4 fancafe” – I didn’t know about this.. I posted it just for a while… really? I first let our company’s director hear and asked his opinion about the song I had made he said he really likes it… he also suggested to put a spoiler for a short time for the fans that’s why I uploaded it… but as to why it was not included in this album… since it needed to go through the opera process.. the timing didn’t match.. it was actually decided to be in this album… but due to the delay in the time it was supposed to be ready but… it was not completed yet that’s why it was not included fans might have been really curious, but because the timing didn’t match they could not include it yeah I bet beside this song there are many other songs that were not included – yeah it is true… it just shows that they have carefully thought and selected this 13 songs for this album that’s why we have selected some of the songs that must be listened to among the recorded songs from B1A4’s 3rd full album… first song on the shorlist please play ♫ B1A4 good timing ♫
♪ when I look at your eyes, I can feel it ♪ ♪ from your shy look I can say that you want me too♪ Jinyoung what is the title of this song? it is good timing ah good timing… but it is good timing for what… there is someone who has only expressed his liking through his gazes but now the girl is coming towards him from a far so he thinks this good timing for me confess it feels like… it gives a bit feels of … the feels of the roller skate scene / – yeah yeah that’s right the skater has to first be able to connect to the skate and just then skate will just follow your move yeah right… an that’s why while singing ~ when I look at your eyes~ I tried to sing it a bit cheesier… yeah I liked that… Gongchan what time of the day is best for listening to this song? for me… rather then listening to it all day I recommend listening to it when you succeed at getting the concert ticket it is good timing it is hard… I also think it was such a good time for this comeback thank you … but I think you came to our radio a bit late… for next album I hope you’d first come here we’ll do so oh Baro / -yes? what is the title of this song? this song is ” drunk on you” – i’m drunk on you / – yeah I’m drunk on you – who is the one that you’re drunk on? – I’m not drunk yet… / – you’re not drunk yet? no I’m fine right now there is this lyric ” although I don’t know what’s troubling you, you look sad” ” is there anything I can help you with ” yeah it is it just played right now right? / – yeah was there a time when you look at a member and felt like this… if one is having a hard time it is better if he opens up and talk… but there those who keeps it to himself and struggle alone.. there are time like that… – yeah right / – yeah there were probably times like that but… generally we are the type that talk a lot if there is something that is bothering is we’d talk about it to each other I see that’s cool but now you’re living a part while you’re alone at home, when do you think of the members the most? it happens really a lot when eating alone just whenever I am alone / – yeah me too when I’m alone / – when you’re alone the moment when you enter the house but you’re the only one there righ right it is the same for all of us… that… the moment when you open the door and the lights are off … in the house – right.. / – since I live with my sister and mother…so whenever I go home there was always someone inside and I have always ate with my mother about the time that I’m reminded of the members… since they’re always there… when I want to be alone I am reminded of the members when you’re alone? since when we were living in the dorm eventhough I was not really alone, resting was comfortable it is nothing much but yeah.. I see… but the word ” drunk” has came up there… yeah the real drinker… among the members who is the strongest drinker? I think they’re these three in front of me oh these three… / – yeah Jinyoung, Gongchan and Baro to what extent? for me about three bottles three bottles? what about Gongchan? for me ….. / – I don’t think there is a limit for you I have not drink enough to reach the limit eventhough he has not drunk enough to reach there, still that amount is really a lot oh I see so it is to that extent no it is not… what about Jinyoung then>? I also can drink about 2 and half to three bottles 2 and half to three bottles… oh you all drink well do you guys often go together for a drink? yeah yeah sometimes… earlier when we were eating Gopchang, we were really contemplating…
/ – we just suddenly thought about it but since we had to come to the radio… we didn’t this song’s title is really pretty ” the moment I fall for you again”, CNU tell us about it.. we’re lovers who have fall for each other once but seeing more of her charms I fall once again for her it is the song that describes that moment I think it is about BANA, I fall each time I see them I see … is it the reason your fanclub name is BANA yeah right since we fall for them it is BANA
(* banha=to fall for someone) it is not the bana from banana no no not at all it is the falling… oh for the five of you, ideally speaking.. is there a moment you ideally think you would fall ? leaving things like being pretty or having a good peresonality… I fall at that moment… someone who really knows how to take care of elderly people I think it is a really charming moment she’d look really cool and it I’d make think of how peaceful person she is I think I can feel her charms at that moments doesn’t it look really cool …. / – yeah yeah she’d be reaally cool it is the ideal type he has talked about each time he had talked about it.. at the subway.. when I was a trainee I took the subway… a girl with short hair… she even remembers her hair she helped a grandma with her carryings and I saw it all……since then I think I really like that image… what about other members… Sandeul? yeah… I…… firstly…that… I had changed it a few times but… what… if it is a girl you like or what.. no it is not that… the thing is that once I said something by mistake, while doing my solo activities cheong-geul yeah it somehow turned into an innocent-glamour girl that’s why I was contemplating alot as t what should I say about this.. anyway it was like that… no but why innocent-glamour is a mistake? no rather than a mistake… if you look at it I was given options to choose… there is an innocent and a glamor girl which one would I go for.. can’t it be both… can’t I choose a mix of both personalities okay then for you it is a innocent-glamour that’s why my ideal type ended up like that.. it is okay….. everyone Sandeul’s ideal type is innocent-glamour.. anyway I don’t know anymore but… there are those things as well… I fall the most for the fans at this specail moment when is that moment? for me… personally when they all together…. when they all prepare something and surprise us… ah right he’s right – ah this …event….. / – during the concerts they do thing like events… but actually even if we already expect… even though it is something that we expect it to happen… when you actually see it you’d be impressed but what is cuter is that… they’d have to gather for things like that… let’s do this, like this – it is really cute
although we haven’t seen them at that moment but imagining it, it’s really cute there is also that moment … that… we’re off from work and on our way to home… while car stops at driveways or something… there are rare times when the younger ones,since they like eventhough it is dangerous they run towards us but fans themselves would ask them to not go and go back to there place, at times like that when they solve things between themselves that image is really beautiful I don’t know why, but I somehow can relate to it it feels like that and like this we had some talks about some of the songs… we listened to a short list of B1A4′ third full album this time you have also prepared to sing one live right? yeah what song is it? it’s called “in my dreams” it is based on a friends real story… her lover passed away so .. he was really sad about it… the song has that sort of content I see it is a really sad song… then please stand and prepare for the live… we’ll listen to the live song of B1A4’s “in my dream” ♪ oh it’s all over, but ♪ ♪ you’re still there in my thoughts ♪ ♪ though my eyes can’t see you ♪ ♪ I can see you through my heart ♪ ♪ do you hear me do you hear me ♪ ♪ why don’t you know how I feel, it’s heart is not true ♪ ♪ baby I’ve been loving you ♪ ♪ the thought that I have to erase you now ♪ ♪ do you hear me do you hear me ♪ ♪ why don’t you know how I feel, it’s heart is not true ♪ ♪ baby I’ve been loving you ♪ ♪ baby I’ve been loving you ♪ ♪ my dream of you by my side ♪ ♪ my dream of you in my embrace ♪ ♪ it’s nice I can at least see you in my dreams ♪ ♪ do you know my heart that is saddened like this ♪ ♪ my dream of everything going back to how it was ♪ ♪ come into my arms in reality ♪ ♪ the you in front of me, are you just a fantasy ♪ ♪ I’m sorry good bye ♪ ♪ why do you keep appearing in my dreams ♪ ♪ i can’t remember your face ♪ ♪everything is exactly the same as it was ♪ ♪ but where are you that I can only see you in my dreams ♪ ♪ Your scent your sounds, I can’t let you go, I’m sorry ♪ ♪ Please show yourself, embrace me, hold me ♪ ♪ do you hear me do you hear me ♪ ♪ why don’t you know how I feel, it’s heart is not true ♪ ♪ baby I’ve been loving you ♪ ♪ baby I’ve been loving you ♪ ♪ my dream of you by my side ♪ ♪ my dream of you in my embrace ♪ ♪ it’s nice I can at least see you in my dreams ♪ ♪ do you my heart that is saddened like this ♪ ♪ my dream of everything back to how it was ♪ ♪ come into my arms in reality ♪ ♪ the you in front of me,
is it just a fantasy♪ ♪ I’m sorry good bye ♪ ♪ oh close to your heart ♪ ♪ one day, at the place you reside ♪ ♪ I will always love you girl ♪ ♪ though we can’t breathe together ♪ ♪ at the same space♪ ♪ at the same table ♪ ♪ under the same sky ♪ ♪ you whowe can no longer breath together ♪ ♪ One step at a time, another step, another step ♪ ♪ Come to me, come into my arms, I’ll wait ♪ ♪ In my arms where you should be ♪ ♪ I’ll wait, for the day, in my embrace.. ♪ ♪ where are you, I want too see you ♪ ♪ I’m sorry good bye ♪ It was B1A4’s live of ” in my dream” I want to hear this song tonight in my dreams the last part at the end is really sad.. yeah right many people that have listened to the live now… they probably have recieved the same emotions as me please read the comments songjangwoo: ” due to channie oppa’s timbre my heart is stopping” please don’t stop my heart.. kimhyejeong: ” due to oppas’ timbre turn the apartment into ashes” turn it into ashes burn everything stop it we wont have a place to live.. yeah 7420: ” it is such a sad song… at first I fall for the melody but hearing it is based on a real story I fall once again but you sure you ate gopchang for the dinner, it looks like you have eaten cd though B1A4 who always eat cd are the best” thanks / – how can we eat a cd.. just putting it nicely in words leeminjun:” the girls voice in the middle is Oh My Girls Seunghee right? ” you’re wrong…. / it’s not her try to guess it / it is a secret – who is the one in the miidle… / – it is a secret – you’re going to to keep it as a secret till the end
– yeah it’ll remain a secret when the time comes we’ll let you know… oh I see next comment 8441: ” ‘in my dream’ song is the killing part for your lyrics… Jinthoven is the best…” thank you 2069: ” from the moment you started singing ‘in my dream’ I started sniffling hearing your honey like voice and the lyrics together, it doubles the sadness… indeed oppas have honey/sweet voice … you can feel the authenticity in the song” thank you thanks for the live performance. I heared something interesting about Gongchan, that you’re really good at Rock Paper Scissors that … time has passed… these days… the time has passed? when is the timing then? / – my time has to come to be able to do that.. I see… but I heard you can lose, win or match willingly – yeah / – it is really fascinating ah but this… – but … / – don’t know how it turns out now – just do it once.. / – but isn’t that how it works yeah right.. . now that I see… Gongchan… since he has lived with us he has memorized our pattern that’s why I think he won most of the times he is smart… then do it with me or is there any reason you can’t show it here no I don’t care anymore it has already been revealed many times before will you win or loose this time I’ll win you’ll win, okay then I’ll do it only once I get it Rock Paper Scissors he won … set fire in the apartment stop burning it still he seems to have something – right right / – it is fascinating right he seems to have skills there oh it’s a reliefe but I lost any way again you also seem to have good sense you’re selected as the member that knows best what other members think oh really? that’s why we prepared this / -what what ? ‘ the response of the maknae’ do you know that ? the maknae’s response -yeah we know / – maknae is the answer however Gongchan wants… before recording we asked a few questions about the members from Gongchan all you need to do is to give the same answer as him the members that get it wrong should film the punishment for the fans you understand right? you’ll have to film the punishment but again you’re B1A4 and your love for the fans is at other level you can willingly purposely get it wrong oh right right but iif it’s easy give the right answer Gongchan you’ll be the extra it is up to you, you can join or not in the punishment and again it is for the fans I’ll see the punishments first then.. okay and the listeners can send the punishment they want by either sms or app KKong the sms number is #8910 if it short 50 won and if it is long the chrge will be 100 won internet radio smartphone applicaion KKong and it is free I also tried to match with you guys this time… we’ll start with the first question you’ll have three chances you can give up to three answers the result will be? here is the first question for Jinyoung producer who got the first place for solo idol composer form Korean Music Copyright Association at 2016/11…. if there is something that I want for christmas gift that is it is something that Channie want right? / yes it is something that I want you guys don’t know so we can see anything about i? No Jinyoung has to guess it… here you can’t make 3 mistakes it is personal question oh it is just for one person … Jinyoung will guess this one this is really harf at christmas my gift is~ I think I know what it is Jinyoung has to guess it…. / -eventhough I know… – I think he knows it too / – I don’t think he knows at all hint? it is also what 1st place composer Jinyoung needs can you give a small hint… a small hint these days while using computer there something I’m not comfortable with I know what it is (2x) what it is Jinyoung? I know it / – the answer is? a Posture correction chair what …. / – wrong – I also thought it is chair didn’t you go too far something in the front of the word is wrong it is similar end word is right you have two chances fix the first part really …. ah … good a massage chair – wrong / -how can he work with computer sitting on a massage chair he’ll be like this it is wrong… I still have one more chance right?
– yeah you can.. ah chair is … 4 3 adjustable chair 2 / -ah what is that I even mouthed it that was wrong then what it is? / isn’t it fluffy chair yeah right a very comfortable and fluffy chair I’ve to guess it this precise yeah oh this great – you’re cool
– you’ve to be specific then we’ll accept it I did it like this a really comfortable chair. .. Sandeul guessed it really well you must be nervous now about the punishment… no it is not like that Jinyoung do you often buy food for them these days we don’t eat together often we all eat separately everyone eat from their own cards but you gather and eat at times yeah there are times like that… of course…. we’ll ask the second question vocal genius Sandeul… but I’m a lot better at this honestly it is easy… please answer / isn’t it easy Sandeul…….. / it is easy I don’t think it is easy vocally… I’m better at this oh vocally? falsetto… isn’t it falsetto – ah I shouldn’t say it … / falsetto? it isn’t easy wait tune… you’re taking too long wait… first say whatever comes to your mind voice 4 what type of voice? … 3 2 1 … / – thin voice ah I don’t know how should I do this it is something you tell me a lot what so you say to him? warble… 4.. .what? / – warble no it is not that what is it? / why can’t you get it right? viberation… an-easy-to-listen-andbeutiful-voice
( sorry can’t find a precise english term for it) you tell this a lot to me I meant the same thing when I told viberating voice are they really the same thing? then according to Sandeul beside singing, what you do better then gongchan? I? / yeah is there any? oh why you do that to him? we’re kidding… we’re kidding it has been pointed out too many times … really say one please quickly what I do better then channie I think I am more handsome I admit that… I see I’ll live like this forever okay lets go to third question, Baro the Baro who is a good rapper and actor I wish you were good at this as well, what it can be? you’ve 5 sec 5 4 3 to channie? 2 I should be good to him wrong – it is about you / – 2nd chance it is about me? – 5 / – what I should do better at? 4 3 / – can’t you give some hints 2 / – it is about you it is something that I want you to do better what is it? / it is hard / aegyo wrong … last chance mobile game that….. no wrong what is it……… this is not it of course you thought of that that please do better at that that game is really important…. / yeah right the answer is fitness management ah fitness management I was about to say something like strenth distribution .. . ah I really couldn’t think of that I’ll give you also a chance for a counter attack how? / – I want maknae gongchan do this better… about him… there is nothing to say about him is he perfect? he is good at everything on his own – oh so he is perfect
– no it is not like that I … I want him to come to my house often can’t you sleep at my place once? you only come and go I want hyung not come and I want them to stop nagging fine the 4rth question to the CNU CNU, B1A4’s hot body, if switch body with you what would I want to do? I’ll give you 5 sec if I change body with you can’t you think about it? please say what first comes to your mind 2
laundry what is that? at here at here wrong it is not that… it is a part of your body I want to use for a purpose using a part of your body is the hint really using …. the answer I’m counting down no no it is not it… 5 4 3 / – it is something distinctive about you ah shoulder stroke isn’t it that…. / it is similar on that wide shoulders leaning on my shoulder leaning and… / leaning on shoulder and sleeping excellent that was awsome / – you get it right how did you get it? how can you lean and sleep… like this no since he want to do it himself… that is… if your shoulders are broad then… if it was mine I’d sleep like this leaning on my shoulder isn’t it tiring like that if you do it like that you’ll hurt your neck you’ll get neck problems / – he’ll get a disc should I try it once but earlier Sandeul at first he said falsetto voice since it has the similar meaning to the beautiful voice, we’ll accept his answer yeah / right / but he got it wrong It is still wrong… falsetto voice is.. yeah sorry then you accept that you got it wrong?
-yeah then it was a wrong answer then except for cnu all other memberes got it wrong in that case…. too bad I wanted to film the punishment… then fans can see three punishment videos we’re filming it.. we got it wrong then why should we film it how about you gongchan what will you do? can’t I see the punishment first? the punishment …. okay let’s select it first we’ve to pick one, I see these three members has to select one who is gonna select first / I’ll do are the other members okay with it? / yeah here.. / the result is? you can’t open it yet.. / don’t change it – you can’t open yet
– don’t change it either who is next between you two – I / – let’s just take one each okay I feel strange about it It is anticipating I’m nervous what is it… starting from Baro should I show it? please do so the punishment I selected is… but here you can do only punishment… yeah but since you’ve selected already each of you can do your owns how am I gonna go with this… what what is it … read it dance to this album’s title song at 2x speed at here?! just like your lie, you can do it well so Baro will do this right? – yeah this is baro’s punishment
– he should do it alone we’ve to record it later when we’re done right? / yeah mine is… B1A4’s Jinyoung… between ” B1A4 Fighting” and ” BANA I love you” select one and write it sexily with your butt. this one is easier.. .(2x) but isn’t it hard to right ” BANA I love you” I think it’ll be hard
Sandeul.. mine is … with help of one of the members that got it wrong… show us the sit up scene from the Secret Garden ‘Gil Ra Im since when you became this pretty’ this part but it’ll be really funny if does it by himself but if he do it alone it is a bit… he can do it while looking at the camera… camera is Ha Ji Won oh no no that’s not it… no it is right ah right camera will be Ha Ji Won and you’ll be Hyun Bin ah thank you… he seems to like it… Gongchan what will you do I … / – is there one that you want to do with them should we do it together I don’t think there is anything I can help with… I see Gongchan… let’s do it together… I think they’ll be fine by themselves since I’m the extra… okay then gongchan will remain the extra later after finishing this we’ll post the video on Hong Gi ra sns please anticipate it.. oh what to do… it is time to end it with ‘ honggira invitation ‘ how is it has the Gopchang already digested… yeah generally if talk a lot the digestion gets faster since you had your comeback at end of the year you’ll be specially more busy… yeah please talk about your activity schedule now that we’ve had our comeback we are actively doing many activities we’ll show better images so please axpect alot… there also people who are waiting for a concert news… we’ven a four day concert on February 4,5, 11 and 12 the concert is held at Blue Square we’d appreciate it if a lot of people come. please come a lot… not only to the fans here at open studio, but also to the fans that are hearing us from their home, greet them for the last time we………. we… our BANA and all the listeners that love the Hong gira… B1A4 has came back with ” a lie” please give lots of love to it and also give lots of love to Hong-Gi-ra(dio) thank you… thanks for being here at this hour of night you come again later as well right? yeah of course and we’d do mobile games together as welll yeah we’d like it while sending these five.. we’ll listen to B1A4’s ” together” everyone bye bye… / thank you yeah I’m B1A4’s Baro and my punishment is … dancing to the “a lie” at 2x speed yeah I’m B1A4’s Sandeul and.. my punishment is to act to the sit up scene of secret garden yeah I’m Jinyoung and with BANA saranghae I write my name with my butt oh it is not writing my name… I’ll write it with my butt… you’ll write BANA saranghae with your butt should we start with Jinyoung yeah… / I’ll start first both of you will do first? we’ll each do it first he is cute.. he looks like a squirrel he is cute sicne he smiles like that that…did you saw that right? you saw the screen right I saw.. BA (바) NA (나 ) – it is really funny
– sa ( 사) rang (랑 ) hae (해 ) heart ♥ I did it…. / look at the heart what about it? this is really funny since when you became this beautiful ? I can’t with this… since it will be too bad to just finish like this here
Sandeul’s NG cut!! Gil Ra Im …… since when you were this pretty Gil Ra Im… it doesn’t look like the scene I Don’t know how to do it… how should I do it

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  1. It's so difficult to find subs on B1A4 videos… So this made me super happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH! God bless your efforts ^^

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