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[ENG SUB] Billboard Radio Interview: My Take on Sun Wukong (20170810) Hua Chenyu 华晨宇

[ENG SUB] Billboard Radio Interview: My Take on Sun Wukong (20170810) Hua Chenyu 华晨宇

Hello everyone, I am Hua Chenyu What you are listening to is Billboard Radio China Ten Questions Hey what’s up, billboarders? You are now listening to Billboard Radio China, I am DJ Benson Today, at the live show of Ten Questions We are going to have a phone interview
with the champion of Top Ten Chinese (Singers) on Billboard Radio China Hua Chenyu, how are you? Hua: How are you?
Benson: How are you, Hua Hua?
Hua: Hello everyone I am Hua Chenyu. How are you? Glad to have you on the phone I want to ask you: Where are you now? I… I just got out of bed Just got out of bed? We have to let friends who just joined our program know that we are in Hong Kong and our phone interview with Hua Chenyu is actually being conducted in the early evening So, you just got out of bed? Do you go to bed and get up late like this everyday? No. It is because I was working on a song till very late last night Okay Till early morning Wow~ Are you writing a song? That’s right, I am composing a song So, we are going to hear your brand new song soon, right? Ah~ right. I have finished writing it It should be (released) soon. Maybe in two months’ time On behalf of fans, let me thank you for working so hard Right Not at all It’s alright. I have been enjoying it But are you a night owl out of habit? Or is it just that you like to compose during the night It’s hard to say. I don’t have a fixed time for composing songs Sometimes, I start composing right after I wake up in the morning So you don’t go to bed on a fixed schedule, right? You just go to sleep when you are sleepy Yeah, right. I absolutely have no sense of time I can sleep for a long stretch I feel this is still because you are young.
Being young means that you can sleep well It is mainly because I just came back from abroad I haven’t got over the jet lag yet Ah, that is a problem Sometimes, if you just came back from America or Europe No matter what, you will wake up at 4am And you will be very sleepy in the afternoon Yes, that’s the case That should be alright after a few days Talking about this interview, we have to thank you for accepting our interview request Actually, we want to congratulate you Your single, Qi-Tian, has won double hits
on the V-Board and the Top Ten on Billboard of China How do you feel? Wow, double hits? Benson: Right
Hua: Wow, thank you, thank you Of course, I am very happy because I wrote this song myself I would be very happy if my own song is liked by the audience Of course, if they don’t like it,
I will not be unhappy I am alright if they don’t like it But if they like it, I would be very happy Sure. You have given a lot of effort to every song You treat every song seriously And if it is well accepted, you will feel very satisfied I can sense that After all, it is my own composition It’s like my own child It feels very different Talking about composition, I am very curious When I hear Qi-Tian I got a question in my head
that I very much want to ask you Under what circumstances
could you have composed such a song? ‘Cause I feel that the style of this song is very different from the popular songs that we are used to Actually… How should I put it… When I wrote Qi-Tian, it so happened that I just came back from overseas At the beginning of the year, I studied abroad for a while I studied for about three months I actually learnt many different theories I mainly learnt some theories about music composition And when I came back to compose Qi-Tian I first saw the introduction of the movie>And also, I saw some short clips of the movie ‘Cause the movie had not been released yet After seeing these clips… Originally, the producer of the movie wanted me to write a song like what I composed for a TV program called The Next last year In that program, I rearranged a song called>It was equivalent to composing a new song It was about Sun Wukong in the original novel>After seeing the movie>, I felt that this Sun Wukong is different from that in>There are significant differences in the adaptation After all,> is an adapted version of>That’s right The personality of Wukong is quite different After seeing it, I decided to write… I felt that there is a sense of tragedy about this character, Sun Wukong So I composed it with a tragic sense of desolation in the beginning part But he is also a character who dares to love and hate He is also someone who dares to explore So there is still a passionate side when he wreaks havoc in the Heavenly Palace So I added a rapping part And made it very powerful To make a contrast between the beginning and the following parts That is right So this song is very different from last year’s>Last year’s>
was composed to be passionate only It was just about wreaking havoc in the Heavenly Palace So this time, the result is more epic. Qi-Tian is more epic ‘Cause it is very tragic In fact, the performance of the rapping part sounds very passionate So when you recorded it,
how did you manage your emotions? For me, the recording of the rapping part
was more difficult than singing Although it sounds like I was just talking But actually, every segment was differentiated Your emotion had to change accordingly So when I sang the rapping part of Qi-Tian,
I used many variations Including light and heavy voices For the light part, the sound was very restrained This is what I mean I may have talked too much Not at all How many times did you have to record?
‘Cause I think the rapping part is very powerful It feels that the rapping part is very difficult Very difficult. Especially this song
Hua: Very difficult The rapping part is very demanding on the vocal cord It is more trying than singing It uses the vocal cord more You’ve actually used a lot of your vocal cord Yes right, it used my vocal cord quite a lot Actually, singing popular songs uses the vocal cord But if you sing a melody you would use some vocal cord but also, you will use your diaphragm Right For rapping, you will use some diaphragm However, you will use your vocal cord
a lot more than singing Otherwise, the power cannot be projected out In addition, the rapping part that I wrote is rockish So it requires a lot of power Em.. Would you … in your songs Your previous work also had rapping elements Are you comfortable with this genre? Yes, I am comfortable with it. I like this genre very much Actually, I first tried to write rap songs in 2015 The first rap song I composed is>If you don’t like my song then please shut your ears See, I can rap a segment I have liked this song very much once I composed it But it is also the most trying one among all rap songs that I have recorded Hua: Because it is the most demanding…
Benson: Perhaps because it is your first (rap song) Yes, it is very trying But I like the live performance of this song very much For a rap song, the most fulfilling
moment is when it is performed live To grasp the emotions Yes, I can directly sense the
feedback from live performances The impact could be greater than
that from a recording studio So I would treasure live performances very much And most songs that I have composed are prepared for live performances in concerts They have a lot of interactive elements for fans’ (participation) That’s right The very first song that I wrote after my debut is called>This song was purely written for concerts Very interactive.
Benson: Right I want to ask you. You just mentioned
that many songs were written for concerts So when you compose songs,
when you first have ideas of them You may have already thought about an imagery That is: How am I going to perform this song So I will write a song with a specific vibe Can I interpret it this way? Ah~, right. That is… First of all… Many times I have an imagery for a song first Then according to this imagery,
an inspiration could arise suddenly Then comes the melody Then I would start composing When the melody arises, I would record it quickly Then I would go to the piano to harmonize it That is to play the accompaniment for the melody Of course the melody is not complete It is just a theme Just a very short theme A very short melody But after I harmonize it, I would extend it to turn it into a complete song That is to say that you start with an imagery Yes, that’s right. For example,
when I see a painting, I would feel something After a dream, I would feel something After seeing the sea, I would feel something After a concert, I would also after a concert, I would… have a motive then. I felt that I wanted to write an epic song for interaction Then I would… Once I thought of the imagery, I would start composing I had melodies in my head A melody would arise naturally You just mentioned about your>I want to know that from>last year to the great hit>this year Between these two songs, do you think there is an association? Ah… Yes, there is an association Actually…Actually… How should I put it… The passionate part is almost the same But I didn’t compose>for live performances ‘Cause when I wrote>last year I was on a show So the song was only written for live performances There are a lot of interactive elements in>It’s a bit like in a concert But for>, I didn’t add any interactive element It is purely written for listening. Because I didn’t write it for concerts It was written for a movie Audience get to hear it primarily in movie theaters So it needs to provide a feeling such that when the movie ends, as a closing theme song when people hear it after the movie has been played their minds will still linger around the ending scene of the movie and cannot get it out (of their minds) This is what I want Benson: That is great
Hua: So I didn’t put in interactive elements That is so great. In talking with you I feel that you are strong in logic So when you’re about to start composing a song You have already set up a scene And then you extend the song from that scene And you let the audience sense different scenes and atmosphere that you intend (to create) when composing Yes, right But the intended scenes and atmosphere cannot deviate from the real background and theme of the original story It depends on the theme (of the movie)
Benson: great, great We have talked so much. Now let’s hear Hua Chenyu’s Qi-Tian After listening, let’s talk more with him Sun and moon are recurring Who has commanded Qi-Tian Qi-Tian To let go of gratitude and grudges Love and hate are strung together Couldn’t escape the fingertips fingertips Under the vast sky May I ask: What are life, death, and karma? Wherefore was I born? Why have you brought me forth Yet you will not answer my doubts You said: Become a Buddha at this instance If I become a Buddha Would all evil disappear from this world? Who can tell me? Who is young and wild? Who can give me a belief? Spring has not ended and the moon is shining I want to be there It’s a pity that the wind started early,
and I have missed my chances The dawn is just breaking The constricting headband has not been tied I can still smile Please continue (listening to) my interview by DJ Benson. I am Hua Chenyu Hello everyone, I am Hua Chenyu You are listening to Billboard Radio China Ten Questions Welcome back to the live session of Ten Questions I am DJ Benson of Billboard Radio China What we just heard is Hua Chenyu’s single>Right now, Hua Chenyu is on the (phone) line Hello, Hua Hua. How are you? Hello, hello. I am Hua Chenyu Welcome back In the previous part, we were talking about your brand new song>While we were talking, we just mentioned that, you are still having a jet lag That is to say that you just came back from abroad where you taped a reality show, right? Right, right It is Flowers and Young Boys I see that you have been to Russia Morocco…places like these Is this your first time to join this kind of show? No. Half a year later right after my debut,
I joined a travel show called Diva Hits the Road This was my third time traveling To join a travel show In 2015, I also did it once So you have a lot of luck with travel shows That’s right. It is because I like traveling a lot Even if I don’t do a (travel) program every year when I’m on vacation I would go abroad to spend some time How long do you usually go each time Is there a favorite destination? The length of time is not fixed For example, sometimes, I went for half a month Or sometimes it was only a week The longest one is the three months I spent in the US at the beginning of this year So your company let you do that Right. ‘Cause for studying this year I had decided to study abroad in the middle of last year So, I had communicated with the company long time ago I told them that when I was to take (my) vacation, I wanted to go abroad to study Otherwise, I would feel that many of my stuff… Benson: may be outdated, and (you) wanted to learn new stuff That’s right. I wanted to learn new stuff The learning was really effective Really effective after three months By contacting various foreign musicians in those three months What is their biggest influence on you? Or what have you learnt such that you would say that I have never thought of this before, but now I know Have you learnt some? For example, in the beginning I have learnt many stuff Including singing I have learnt a lot about… one aspect is singing the other is rapping Another one is composing In the beginning, I learnt many things that I cannot apply Benson: Why?
Hua: For example, in singing there are some singing techniques that I cannot apply So after a while, I felt that these were not what I wanted to learn So I gave up ‘Cause these singing techniques are ill-fitted when they are applied in my songs They don’t match [Benson mimicking hip-hop singing] And I have also learnt rapping I also only learnt it for a short period of time I tried and found it not very applicable It is interesting that I learnt many kinds of beats used in rapping in the US But when these beats are applied in Chinese rapping, it is very strange When these beats are sang in English, they are very interesting There is a strong sense of rhythm and movements If they are changed to Chinese…. They just don’t match They would sound awkward Then I felt that I still needed to figure out my own way of rapping And I couldn’t just learn the foreign ways of rapping Chinese still have to have our own style that is different So later, I decided not to continue And I went on to learn composing I felt that I learnt the most in this aspect Foreign musicians stress a thing called the pentatonic scale a lot But I had thought that the pentatonic scale is originally from Chinese music It came from Chinese folk songs originally Once you hear Do Re Mi So La These five notes… with these five notes, no matter how you sing or play them it all sounds like Chinese folk song When I was at school, I had always thought that the pentatonic scale is a Chinese thing But when I was abroad, I found that foreign musicians love to use the pentatonic scale Including many of the hit singles they would all use some pentatonic stuff I felt that it was awesome But their pentatonic stuff didn’t sound like Chinese folk music It felt very foreign They could use the pentatonic scale to write jazz music I felt that that was great. Later, I had been focusing on learning these techniques So it opened up an unknown territory for your music Yes, it was quite necessary for me to study in this field It suddenly opened things up for me and I felt: Wow, it can be done in this way I feel that the absorption of various music styles can inspire (you) ‘Cause we live in our own environment Perhaps, we don’t know that much about other types of music When you try to learn, you can find many common places and many ideas that can be borrowed As a singer, you have a lot of experience in performing Then you returned to school in a new place as a student And after you studied, you’ve gone back to composing Don’t you feel that you have a lot of energy to be released? Do you want to share your ideas through music? While I was studying, I tried to compose (using what I have learnt) But I couldn’t compose…purely foreign stuff Eventually, I have to apply (what I learnt) to my own music
Benson: Chinese music Yes, Chinese style music When I was still abroad for the third season of Flowers and Young Boys (a TV show) its directors found me and asked me to compose their theme song I was studying right at that time So I directly applied some of the techniques I learnt to this song Since I lived by the sea Everyday when I got up, I would be facing the ocean and imagining the feeling of flying Then I composed this song I wrote>
Benson: Right We have talked so much I know that you will attend an international music festival called Super Sonic Hua: Yes
Benson: This is the first time that Super Sonic will come to China You will be a special guest What kind of program are you preparing for your fans in this international festival? Music festivals are what I like a lot Most of my songs are rockish In terms of songs? I have too many I feel that every song I have written can be sung at a music festival But you have to arrange and pick songs for the performance, right? For my own concerts, I want to make them feel in the mood for music festivals (They should be) excited from the beginning to the end Our interview is about to end Can you reveal to us
the focus of your work for the second half of the year? What can we anticipate? First of all, my album… preparations for the 4th album have been going on Within (the next) one month, we should be releasing new songs gradually In mid-October this year…around mid-October I will hold my concert in Beijing Songs will be released gradually before the concert That is great For this year, we can anticipate Hua Chenyu’s new album and concerts in October We wish you smooth sailings in all of your work this year Through our conversation, I know that after returning from the US, you are fully charged now This is the time to release it Hua: Yes
Benson: Wish that all go well for you Benson: Thank you
Hua: Thank you I hope that we can meet in Hong Kong next time Ah~, that will be great. I really like Hong Kong food That is right Thank you for listening We wish that Hua Chenyu can have smooth sailings and we will wait for our next meeting Thank you for listening. Bye bye
Hua: Alright. Bye bye I don’t quite accept the idea
that you shouldn’t get back when wronged I cannot quite get along with the so-called mainstream Wuh~~~ Tattooed arms or spiky hairs Cannot represent at all what I am about I don’t find excuses Those who understand will understand Wuh~~~ I don’t want to explain too much Don’t judge me based on my looks I don’t want to refute misunderstandings I refuse to only talk about “what-ifs” I don’t care what you feel I don’t care what you feel I don’t care what you feel I don’t care what you feel I don’t care what your opinion is I am my own expression I don’t care what your viewpoint is It’s up to me how grandiose I make my own world out to be I don’t care how complicated your talks are I don’t want to be preached by anyone I don’t care what your sayings are Taking me for an idiot or a joke I don’t care what your ways are Don’t fantasize about my downfall Behind too many choices Despair seems to have no exit Why not clench your fist This is all that I have I don’t care what you feel I don’t care what you think I don’t care what you think I don’t care what you think I don’t care how you would blame me You are not qualified to criticize me I don’t care what you think of yourself I really don’t care about your opinion Go I don’t care about your thoughts I am my own expression I don’t care about your viewpoint It’s up to me how grandiose I make my own world out to be I don’t care how complicated your sayings are I don’t want to be preached by anyone I don’t care about your sayings Taking me for a fool or a joke I don’t care about your ways Don’t fantasize about my downfall Wuh~~~~ Greetings to everyone. I am Hua Chenyu. You are listening to Billboard Radio China Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs
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  1. Hua is an outstanding, singer performer songwriter, composer and is a very smart person. He really knows what he is doing. His technical ability and very hard work definitely shows up in his performances. I never get tired of listening to all of his songs. The interview was very interesting and I very informative. I was singer many years ago and I am from USA but since I saw The Singer a few years ago I didn't realize how beautiful music sounds in the Chinese language. I actually prefer listening to it compared to other languages I have heard. I think the Italian music is also very melodious. Hua is a mesmerising person. Unfortunately I do not understand the Chinese language but I am grateful for the English translations as the words are so meaningfully. Especially the songs Hua writes an composes. In spite of 3 different cancers and many other health conditions, I am enjoying my golden years because of Hua. There is something about his music that is like medicine. I think it's called chenyuitis and there is no cure for it. I adore him. I think even if he was not an entertainer and I were to meet him I think I would still love him just for the person he is. Sorry to rattle on but I can't help it. Love to Hua and everyone from🌹.😍🎤🎸🎹🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶

  2. What a great interview! I love hearing his perception on composing and how he is always willing and eager to learn. love his voice

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