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[ENG SUB] Hasungwoon Late Night idol Radio X1 Which member will you be a fan of? 엑스원 심야 라디오 내가 팬이라면

HSW(Host) : Fan asked, “Which member of X1 will you be a fan of?”
(Choose your ideal type from among the members) HSW(Host) : Minhee, How about this? Minhee : I like Seungwoo. HSW(Host) : Why did you choose him? Minhee : I have truly respected Seungwoo and Seungyeon since PDX. Minhee : Even though I was in a position to compete, but they were so cool on stage. Hangyul : I agree with you Minhee : I always think they’re so cool HSW(Host) : How cool they are ! HSW(Host) : Seungwoo, Which member of X1 will you be a fan of? Seungwoo : My one pick is Seungyeon. Yohan :Seungyeon is popular HSW(Host) : Seungyeon gets a lot of votes Seungwoo :He is actually very sweet, talks in a sweet manner and interesting. Yohan : Look at Seungyeon (?????) Seungwoo : Seungyeon is a very interesting friend HSW(Host) : Then Seungyeon, Which member of X1 will you be a fan of? Seungyeon : My one pick is … HSW(Host) HSW(Host) : me? (Laugh) HSW(Host) : Wow Seungyeon : You have Sweet voice and wonderful stage manners HSW(Host) : What do you want to eat? I don’t have any money Seungyeon : And You have a cloudy skin HSW(Host) : Because I was chosen,
I’ll pick the best member of X1 HSW(Host) : Oh…What should I do? HSW(Host) : All of you are so good that I can’t pick only one HSW(Host) : I can’t choose only one (Resentment) HSW(Host) : No I won’t choose! HSW(Host) : I don’t want to disappoint all members of X1 Seungyeon : Okay, okay HSW(Host) : I like all of the members of X1 HSW(Host) : Seungyeon, Please select one of the members of X1 other than me Seungyeon : Um…my one pick is… Seungyeon : Dohyon! HSW(Host) : Dohyon is asking Seungyeon from the side, “Pick me!” HSW(Host) : What a cute boy! Dohyon : Thank you so much. Seungyeon : I like people with cuteness and coolness both, But I love cuteness more Seungyeon : Dohyon has huge cuteness suitable for his tall HSW(Host) : I feel the same way,too Seungyeon : So I think I will be a fan of Dohyon HSW(Host) : And Who is your one pick, Dohyon? Dohyon : Umm….My one pick is… Dohyon : I like Eunsang. HSW(Host) : Eunsang? Dohyon : Yes. HSW(Host) : Why did you choose Eunsang? Dohyon : Umm…you know… Dohyon : He has good-looking, to my taste. Dohyon : He is my ideal type. Dohyon : He is so cute with good personality and so talented. HSW(Host) : He is all full of character, right? Dohyon : Yes Eunsang : Thank you so much. HSW(Host) : You don’t have to be even. Just pick someone you like. HSW(Host) : How about you, Eunsang? Eunsang : Can I choose one? HSW(Host) : Yes, If you become a fan of one of the X1 members, I want to be a fan of this person. Eunsang : Um… Eunsang : My pick is Seungwoo and Dongpyo. HSW(Host) : Why did you choose them? Eunsang : First of all, I like people who show off their charm on stage. Eunsang : Seungwoo and Dongpyo did. Eunsang : Seungwoo is so sexy guy and Dongpyo catches my eyes when he is on the stage. Eunsang : If I were an X1 fan, I would have liked Seungwoo and Dongpyo. HSW(Host) : Dongpyo sents a wink of impression HSW(Host) : Seungwoo did it earlier, then Dongpyo Choose one Dongpyo : Frankly speaking, I had fantasy that the members had various attractions when PDX Dongpyo : I lived with the members, so all the fantasies about the members were broken. Dongpyo :I get a lot of these questions at the fan signing event, Dongpyo : But I can’t pick one, so I just pick myself. (Yak) HSW(Host) : My one pick is ME! HSW(Host) : I’m awesome! HSW(Host) : That might be better Seungyeon : Something happened before coming here Seungyeon : We took an elevator on the way to music program just before, Seungyeon : Dongpyo was just winking at unknown someone who got in the elevator with us “I’m awesome!” Dongpyo : No, he did it first. HSW(Host) : He gave you a heart first? Wooseok : He may be listening to this radio. HSW(Host) : Anyway, Who is he? ??? : We don’t even know Yohan : He is a stranger.
Seungyeon : A person we have never seen Dongpyo : When we say hello to him, HSW(Host) : Suddenly he blew a heart? Dongpyo : He said we’re the best with Thumb up! Dongpyo : I thought he was my fan, so I said “Thank you!” with Thumb up Dongpyo : And then He was making a heart Dongpyo : I winked to respond to him. HSW(Host) : He must have been really happy Dongpyo : Every member is embarrassed and said “Why did you do that?” HSW(Host) : you did Good job Seungwoo : Because we didn’t see him,
We thought Dongpyo were playing alone. MInhee : Dongpyo did alone Dongpyo : I got it! HSW(Host) : Dongpyo chose himself. Then…Hyungjun pick one. Hyungjun :
I also like people who show off their charms on stage. Hyungjun : My pick is Seungwoo and Seungyeon. Hyungjun : Overflowing charisma on the stage, there’s no exit when you’re falling love with them. you’re stuck. HSW(Host) : Seung-woo and Seung-yeon are in charge of X1’s sexy. Seungwoo : Thank you HSW(Host) : Seungyeon said his one pick before, then How about Junho? HSW(Host) : Who are you going to choose one? Junho : I think it will be different every day. Minhee : I think you will Junho : Today my one pick is Seungyeon. Junho : Since PDX, He’s so energenic, tried hard to liven the atmosphere despite being shy when he got the too much attention on him (yak) Seungyeon : Junho knows my efforts Yohan : Seungyeon has Attention Phobia. Junho : I feel like he is trying hard to make the atmosphere better, so he is nice HSW(Host) : Seungyeon is very popular with the members HSW(Host) : It’s good to be loved by members. Seungyeon : I like it very much Seungyeon : I feel it through my whole body HSW(Host) : Keep beloved by members Seungyeon : Thank you. HSW(Host) : And Yohan’s one pick? Yohan : I want to choose Seung Woo and Seungyeon because I think they’re so really sexy. Yohan : But since they have already been chosen by so many people, I will choose Eunsang. ??? : Eunsang is Rising Sexy Guy Yohan : Eunsang is sexy with so tender voice. I like his voice. Yohan : also he is so cute. Yohan : I’m falling with Eunsang these days HSW(Host) : Eunsang’s Soft charm. HSW(Host) : How about you, Hangyul? Hangyul : My one pick is Seungwoo. Dongpyo : Everybody likes sexy guys Hangyul : He’s cool but cute Minhee :He is greedy for cute version HSW(Host) : We must see his cute version! HSW(Host) : We must see Seungwoo’s cute version! Seungwoo : Why are you doing this to me? HSW(Host) : Show listeners your cuteness! Seungyeon : Why doesn’t he read the next question in a cute version? Minhee : good idea HSW(Host) : Great. Seungwoo : I like it too …. ^^ HSW(Host) : Please wait a minute, Seungwoo HSW(Host) : Wooseok, who is your one pick? Wooseok : I’ve been thinking about it before. Wooseok : My one pick is Dohyon. Wooseok : His rap tone is so nice, he look so cool when he is on the stage Wooseok : and When I tease him, he has good reaction too, Wooseok : so I choose him. Dohyon : Thank you HSW(Host) : We picked one pick among X1 members. HSW(Host) : Seungyeon and Seungwoo are the most popular among the members. HSW(Host) :
Not long after you debuted. It changes after time HSW(Host) : When it change later, I’ll check with the X1 members again

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