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Ensuring Quality – EBIR and the Interventional Radiology Curriculum

CIRSE’s ultimate goal in producing the Interventional
Radiology Curriculum is twofold: the most important aspect is patient safety — every patient
expects a clinician to treat them who has been well trained. In Europe we have very
different training streams. What we want to do is try and harmonise training throughout
Europe, so that every European interventional radiologist has followed a training curriculum
and then has proved their competence by taking part in the European Board of Interventional
Radiology. This will help the individual IR demonstrate that they are a true medical professional,
that they have undergone a unified training programme, that they have developed clinical
competence as well as technical competence in their procedures. Well the goal of EBIR is to create an international
certificate for interventional radiology throughout Europe. To accomplish that, of course, it
is necessary that EBIR is also accepted as a qualification, as a tool of qualification,
by the national societies. Mostly it’s for younger interventional radiologists who already have
some experience and want to get the certification and the documentation that they’re well trained.
And also whenever we have better-trained physicians, this will directly be transferred to our patients
and increase patient safety and also patient treatment. I genuinely feel it’s an honour
to receive this qualification which gives me an identity amongst the interventional
radiology community that I’m an accredited interventional radiologist and I’m glad I
did it.

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