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17 comments on “Episode 324 John Holland – Bridging Two Realms…Your Loved Ones are Only a Thought Away

  1. I will never forget the day of my grandmothers funeral, when I got home that evening I went to the kitchen when I switched on the light there was this ENORMOUS ! moth/butterfly? I couldn't believe how huge this thing was!!! sitting right smack bang on the cafe curtain, I instantly knew that was my grandma.

  2. And there's still those who think/believe this from "The Devil" or Satan!
    Any wonder why I am NO longer a christian! "It" is in us all and we choose to either believe or NOT believe what already exists in us and all around Us! Thank you Sandra and John! We are waking up! "I am Soul!"

  3. This was so good! Shared with Cyrus's FB Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics group. Also appreciate the positivity you both share!

  4. Love when you interview John. He is so interesting. I do wish we could or would all open our gifts! What a great show. One of my favs! Thank you!

  5. I’m so excited that you had John Holland on. Wow! He’s my favorite. He’s someone I have always enjoyed, and have learned a great deal about my own gifts from listening to him. Thank you for this interview!

  6. Thank you for this interesting episode with John Holland which I identified so with so strongly. I too was always deeply interested in metaphysics, and the afterlife. Even as a teenager my Uncle Bill, a free thinker and an avid reader was forever giving me the most recent books he had read on spirituality and healing which went beyond the bounds of traditional medicine.

    Nearly twenty years ago, in my early fifties, I was experiencing excruciating pain, depressed, and barely able to function. Painful, chronic, debilitating fibromyalgia had taken its toll. Nothing medical or holistic had helped, and if I knew of it I had tried it. At my wit's end—I was preparing to spend what little time I had left in this world in misery in a nursing home. Defeated I prayed for an end to my suffering. I even prayed for my own death, anything to stop the pain.

    Unexpectedly Uncle Bill phoned. During our conversation he told me about an amazing couple, the Overlees, the founders of Joy of Healing, who work with spirit to help restore health. (Could this be synchronicity Uncle Bill was always talking about?) Fellow members of the Edgar Cayce group Uncle Bill had founded who also understood metaphysics had introduced my uncle and aunt to this special work.

    Uncle Bill explained that Andrew is a gifted medium and healer, and Tamara, his wife, is a dedicated spiritual counselor whose family in spirit writes through her. He describes how they had helped him, my Aunt Phyllis, and my cousins as well as the friends who had introduced them. Uncle Bill assured told me if anyone could help me it was the Overlees.

    Eager to learn more about this special work with spirit that my uncle had such faith in, I searched out their website, then phoned Tamara who told me about their dedication to their life's work with their spirit family, and their commitment to helping people from all walks of life to resolve physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that are keep us from enjoying happy, healthy lives. This was different from from the psychics I had read about and seen on television who delivered messages from a loved one who had passed and was communicating to prove the eternalness of the soul. My doctors on the physical plane had certainly not been able to help. Why not give ethereal healers a chance? This could be the answer to my prayers.

    It has now been nearly twenty years since I met the Overlees and experienced the joy of my own healing. Andrew and Tamara and their spirit family are my dearest friends. They worked tirelessly over several days to help my poor bloated, body to heal. Their energy work is phenomenal. Together we worked on digestion, absorbing nutrients, a healthy diet best for my particular needs, an exercise regime—walking in a pool and swimming— so much easier on my tender tissues, muscles, and joints. And during subsequent visits and sessions we also worked to recognize and resolve the numerous unresolved issues that had haunted me from childhood, things I had never revealed to anyone. Instead I selfishly locked my insecurities and fears away, hoarding them much as I had hoarded my finances and possessions, my thoughts and feelings.These I selfishly hid deep within where they festered and made me so very ill. It was time for me to be honest and show others who I truly am. It was time for me to heal and with each visit I grew stronger, more active and vibrant—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    I am forever grateful for my remission! Thanks to my dearest friends and my uncle, who introduced me to this beautiful work and my own commitment and desire to change for the better I have my life back, transformed and full.

  7. As moving as this story is, the Bible makes clear in numerous places, we don't go to heaven or hell immediately after death, are not conscious, know nothing. For example: in the KJV Bible: Ecclesiastes 9:5-10, 12:7, leaves no doubt. Also see Psalm 115:17, Acts 2:29, 34, John 5:28, 29, 11:11, 14, 23, 24, 39.The dead are brought back to life only at the Second Coming of Jesus: John 11:24, 1Thessalonians 4:16. Most importantly, only God has immortality: 1 Timothy 6: 15, 16. The Bible is remarkably consistent on this subject. We must connect each and every verse in the Bible when trying to learn God's truths about any subject, beginning with the Old Testament and then all the way through the New. Doing so leaves no doubt that the dead are dead. Anyone who claims otherwise, and anything that conjures up the dead is satanic, of the occult and demonic.

  8. Signed up for John's presentation during the Scottsdale Soul Summit! Looking forward to crossing paths with him. Of course Sandra, your presence will be missed this year!

  9. I recently discovered John in my research since my husband passed in June. What a gem! Such a caring, genuine soul. Wonderful energy about him!💫

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