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In healthcare you might read about a car
accident and you cared for the victims. But it’s very infrequent that people are so heartless. It’s
very infrequent if there’s a car accident that there’s… 2,500 comments about how
that person should die, because that person should never
have gotten into the car. Whereas that was the reality
of being on this boat. I would read about my
day and my patients. It makes me angry. And then I would read a comment about how
everyone should have just sunk to the bottom. And this is by someone who – I’m going to take a mad
guess – is sitting in a pretty comfortable position. Even if by our standard
they’re not millionaires. If they’re born here, they’ve been given
a leg up on the rest of the world And that sort of
privilege and entitlement… is really hard to watch and
really hard to get used to. Subtitles by the community

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