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EXO V LIVE Radio after party SUB INDO [ENG, ESP, Portugues, subtitle)

EXO V LIVE Radio after party SUB INDO [ENG, ESP, Portugues, subtitle)

– It’s on.
– Is it on? – It is. Hi, everyone. It’s been a long time
since we did V LIVE last time. Hi. Wow, the viewer count is
going up fast. – It’s no joke.
– It’s so fast. Wow! Many people watch V LIVE. We’ve got 15,000 in 16 seconds. 20 seconds.
It’s going even higher. – It’s being updated.
– 20K. – 30K, 40K.
– It’s very intuitive. We’ve just finished recording a radio, and are on the move. – We thought you’d probably want
to spend more time with us. -80K. So here we are. – We have 300K likes.
– Why are you obsessing over the numbers? I like something visible. Our manger has changed.
Shall we introduce him? – Could you say hi? – Yes.
– Our new manager. Hi, I’m Jang Sungkyu, a new manager of EXO. Please show them lots of love.
Thank you. Let’s go, EXO! EXO-L, too!
I love you, EXO-L. – Anyways, we’re on the move.
– Yes. We came because we missed you. How was the radio? I was incredibly nervous when I came on the radio
for the very first time. I liked it not because I wasn’t nervous but because it means we’re now more relaxed. So I felt very comfortable and time went by fast. – Right. – I’d love to do more of that
if it was closer. – Right. But it’s a bit far. It’ll take 50 minutes
to get to the next destination. Right, manger? It says we’ll arrive at 57 minutes. – Yes! – So it’ll take 50 minutes. – It’s about 50 minutes.
– Could you make it 30 minutes? I won’t speed for your safety. – Love it. – Yes.
– Safety comes first. – I need to make sure you’re safe.
– Thank you so much. – But today…
– Sorry, sorry. – I’m sorry for the sudden brake.
– He says it’s his first day. But he’s been very good at his work.
So I love it. I’m still learning.
I’ll try my bet. How was today’s radio? – I told you already.
– Did you? – Yes. – You said it was good!
– What about you? I like the radio. So I’ve been on many radio programs before. But still it had been a while.
So I was very excited. But the manger kept nagging me
not to make mistakes. I was worried. But it was fun. – It’s so busy today.
– So busy. But I think it will be fun
because we have Sungkyu. I’m also very excited! – He’s very energetic,
– I love it. so I think he’ll help keep us energetic. – You’re going to take a left, right?
– Should I? I’m sorry I was listening to them. Because we were saying
good things about you… – I know.
– Because we said good things… He likes the attention!
He doesn’t care about driving. You’ll let go of the steering wheel soon. I’ll hold onto it. I’m sweating. – So many people are pressing the heart.
– I know! – We haven’t been on V LIVE that often.
– Right. We weren’t on it that often. So probably many fans were waiting for it. But it was also the first radio show
in a long time that we all went on together. – Right.
– So it brought back memories. And I realized how I’m more relaxed than before…
even on variety shows. – Can they hear me?
– Yes. And your handsome face. So I realized I feel more comfortable.
It was fun. I want to do more as a team. – We were on multiple variety programs
today, too. – Right. – Today?
– No. – Recently! – Exactly.
– Don’t we have another one tonight? Yes. We’re recording “Radio Star” tonight. It’s going to be fun. – “Radio Star” is on the main page.
– Right. Are you monitoring as well? – Are you? – Yes.
– Extra work. – We live together.
– Do you? Yes, you need to work 24/7. – With the manager?
– Yes, we live with him. I’d love to live with you. – You need to take a left here.
– Left, left. – The signal changed.
– Please watch “Radio Star” today. He’s good at promoting. – Thank you.
– I think he should work in the marketing team. – Thank you! – He’s very polite.
He’s a good egg. – I agree. – Thank you!
– A good egg! – Our friend.
– He’s a good egg. – I love him.
– Thank you. It’s lunch time.
Or is it past lunch time? – It’s already over.
– Yes. It’s 2. Don’t eat too much sugar
after lunch. I hope you can focus on your work or your studies
if you’re a student. – Right. They must be in class now.
– I hope – you have a great day.
– Right. Be careful not to catch a cold,
and stay healthy. Let’s make today a great day! – Fighting! – Also, don’t forget
to have a listen to our new album. – Yes.
– “Obsession”, here it comes! – “Obsession”, Fighting!
– Let’s get it! – Fighting.
– Fighting. – CHAN YEOL, any final comments?
– Yes. You’ve said a lot of good things,
and I agree with them. – That was good.
– Bye. – Bye.
– Be careful not to catch a cold. It’s freezing today. It’s winter now,
so take out your padded jackets. I’ll wear the long padded jacket
SUHO gave me. Bye.
See you soon. – See you later.
– Bye. – New manger.
– Bye. I’ll take good care of them today.
Please love them forever. Thank you. Stay healthy. – Bye.
– Bye.

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