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Ezra Pound Radio #10 (February 17, 1942) “Sale and Manufacture of War” (FCC)

Ezra Pound Radio #10 (February 17, 1942) “Sale and Manufacture of War” (FCC)

#10, FCC Transcript (February 17, 1942) U.S.(A72)
SALE AND MANUFACTURE OF WAR This challenge is a chance to —
….about the sale and manufacture of war. This war is part of a profit. The present phase of that profit began at the
end of the 17th Century. By 1750 a corrupt and avaricious
government in England, working for British monopolies, was shutting down on the Pennsylvania
colony’s issue of money, paper money, money issued
against land, work and the industrious and sane nature of the
Pennsylvania colonists. I have given between 70 and 100 talks on the
radio and if I come back to the microphone 100 or 200
times more, I could start every talk with that statement. Until you see this war as
an incident in a series, you cannot understand it or judge it or qualify
yourselves as judges of the rights and wrongs of the present act
in the story. Will men of my generation in America stop
to consider what is not printed? Will Americans between
the age of 50 and 60 look back honestly over their own reading over what they have read
during the past 50 years? Note the vague dissatisfaction,
the sense of bafflement, especially for the man who reads after working hours. Now take the current issues of supposedly
serious magazines, magazines that are certainly authoritative in a twisted sense, authoritative
and influential. I believe one of them nominated Willkie and
by now perhaps that fact needs no comment whatever. I’ve been accused in these talks
but, if anyone has seriously answered any of my statements, they
have been unable to do so in any form that reaches me.
Well, I ask my compatriots of my own age to note that the very high percentage of articles
printed in American magazines contains a joker, that
is a silent point, a basically false assumption. I don’t mean
they all contain the same false assumption. I point k out that there is no public medium
in the United States for serious discussion. Every [one?] of these publications has subjects
which its policy forbids it to mention or to mention
without falsification. And I ask the men in my generation to consider the effects, the
cumulative effect of this state of things which does not date from
September, 1941, but has been going on ever since we can
remember. The progressive falsification of America has
been going on for 80 years at least and we have lived
through half of it. I mean as conscious leaders, we have had 40 years of ill-intentional and
of semi- conscious befuddlement to contend with and
it is time to come to the cumulative effect of that profit. Baruch, Berle, Best? — to take three names
starred in American publicity, one pronouncement and two
headlined articles are before me. All of these men writing and speaking with authority of
a sort official positions, dominant in national affairs and
with such views that no man under 40 can possibly untangle
their cobwebs. In normal times, qualified readers wouldn’t
try. They would let it go at that. They would be busy on
constructive work. The old are indifferent, the experienced are indifferent and a cautious
son of a New York editor, now in his 70th year, I mean
the son in his 70th year, remembered his father’s… He shrugged his shoulders, or did when I saw him last autumn, who is he to impede human carnage? The folly of all mankind ain’t nothing, but human imbecility gives us an idea of the infinite. And in a
way, as he said, do nothing about it. Well, there is still time to learn something
about it, still time to fight against a peace that can be no
peace, still time to fight against widespread efforts to prevent the end of the slaughter,
which efforts are being made. I mean people are now trying to
prevent the war from ending. People have already planned for
a peace like the last, a mere parenthesis, a mere slow -up of munition sales, a mere
disequilibrium that will keep the world on tenterhooks between the end of this war and the start of the next one. You cannot sit in Ohio and judge the Balkans.
You cannot judge China from Omaha. You could read,
and perhaps some American will some day make a vow to read one old paper or magazine once
a month, by all means say three or six months old,
and once a year read a still older one. That might give you a
perspective. Unless you know at least as much about the
past 20 years of Italian history as is contained in old volume on “Italian Socio-Economic Policy,”
you will not be able to observe how much of old programs
has been recently endorsed by Barney Baruch. Nor will you be able to see the price of confidence
was — — article in October Fortune, A. A. Berle,
Assistant Secretary of State. Well, when I was in Washington, a member of
the Cabinet told me that so far as he knew Barney was
a patriotic gentleman. Baruch now came out for a constituted price,
a price in accord with , a price that would guarantee just recompense to everyone who collaborates
in a final product. I will be ready to consider Baruch’s a patriot
when he comes out seriously for abolition of the national
debt. He is far in that lives in the new economics. Now Berle ‘s article is very nice in the second
half. It…

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