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Favourite Angel – Humble The Poet (Lyrics Video) – Radiohead Bootleg

Favourite Angel – Humble The Poet (Lyrics Video) – Radiohead Bootleg

100 comments on “Favourite Angel – Humble The Poet (Lyrics Video) – Radiohead Bootleg

  1. awesome!
    this is so true and sad… I hope that some day everything is going to be better but the chances are low, because the leaders care about profit and not about people

  2. Humble! You are amazing! I literally have shivers all over my body… I don't want to be a 'love slut' but I really love this song. Thank you. ❤

  3. Humble's Lyrics always has a way of touching your emotions.
    I am left speechless.
    Your lyrics are amazing.

  4. should be more gentle truthful positive creative souls like you in the world humble the poet who use theirs talents to spread the word's an inspiration ..I could listen and would take your advise any day of the week wise head on young shoulders 💙

  5. Humble.. I waited for thiss so freeking looooongXD, when I heard the snippet at the end of bang bang I knew I had to hear the full song. great work, very artistic:)

  6. That's a kick ass beat. The person singing in the background adds a little sweetness to everything, as well. 🖒💋 can't wait for full video.

  7. Humble Fabulous rhymes! lyrics are truths! your delivery was on point! One Poetry to another. Sweet word's never spoken, so Soulful!
    I enjoyed this piece especially! PEACE LOVE & DREAM'S! Most Sincerely Crystal Elk. 🍁

  8. I love this song, it's so deep and poetic, and I especially love the last verse. Can't wait for the official video. Awesome!

  9. This is amazing… Like honestly, i have no words, your rhyme is so unstoppable and the lyrics hit hard. You have soo much talent honestly i shouldnt be amazed any more at this point but you still manage to amaze me with each new project, track, or video of yours

  10. her fav angel was lucifer … ur right we all lucifers … if we not part of the solution then we part of the disease
    # kal jug

  11. I had a freak out moment when I saw that this was a Radiohead bootleg.. I love both Radiohead and Humble!
    I really like Humble's take on the song. Both the song and video are brilliant pieces of art. I like how he basically re wrote the song as his own. It makes you think
    I hope Humble does even more stuff like this, it's amazing 👌😍

  12. Thanks so much Humble, I'm not sure if I'm interpreting this properly but if I am…this means a lot for Indian girls and of course girls everywhere…and Mumbai looks beautiful!!! Love you, thank you

  13. I know all those lanes the car is driving from 😉
    love the video and your work. great work love you

  14. Absolutely in love with this song, it's amazing Humble! fantastic job! and of course Pueblo is holding it down with the amazing video

  15. Yo Humble, I think the people would love for you to make a vlog channel or post weekly vlogs! I'm interested in seeing life through your eyes more Poet.

  16. It's 10:00 AM. a good time for your soul to be rocked.
    Brilliant work as always Humble, this one is probably my new favourite <3

  17. music doesn't match with the way your saying the words. Just wish you would take that into consideration. every beat needs a bit of personality added to it. take that into consideration youd be way better, wish this reaches u in a good way.

  18. Such deep lyrics, i'm left speechless. Keep up the good work Humble, your words bring about awareness
    Can't wait for the music video(Pueblo 🙌🏻)

    Thank you so much for putting out this energy of yours into the world.

  20. Love your ideology. Keep teaching the world how to be humble! We all need to understand that Unlearning everything can only make us better.

  21. Just started reading your book Unlearn and I loved this line: 'People who aren’t happy with what they have won’t be happy with what they get!' I really like the way you write. Keep going. Cheers!

  22. Idol? Mentor? Yoda? A hero for those of us who just need inspiration, art & beauty you share with the world… the answer is Humble. I can't stop hearing the music, witnessing the artistry, and observing the beauty in all that you do. Thank you for being so freakin awesome, inspiring, compassionate and always showing ineffable love and loyalty to the fans, to your friends, family and to yourself for taking on such a difficult task, then again you make it look easy: You are awesome my handsome friend, you truly are the voice of a generation that needs it more than ever before. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌🏽️✌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👓👓

  23. Is there a place where I can buy your music? I love how you've incorporated street spirit into your song. in my opinion, this version is ten times better than the original.

  24. Not bad bro. I clicked after reading a comment you posted on a kendrick video. Not bad at all.
    Fairly well written, flow was solid enough and your delivery was on point,
    Keep at it.

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