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FestivalRaR: Radio Ñomdaa Xochistlahuaca

FestivalRaR: Radio Ñomdaa Xochistlahuaca

for more subtitled videos My name is Gudiseni, I belong to the
community known as Xochistlahuaca, in Guerrero state. There we inhabit Ñomdaa,
as we call it, and we speak the Ñomdaa language,
which is the word of water. For over 10 years, in the year 2002, the people from the municipality
and its communities, once again in the communities
there were traditional authorities, as our grandparents had done, as a
way of organizing within the community. It was when the traditional authorities
resumed, based on consultations within the communities, and in turn
the need to have a means of communication
for the community was put forth, to keep each other informed in our
own language, to say what we think and how we can continue
organizing as a people. And that’s when, in 2004,
Radio Ñomdaa, the word of water, emerged. And like so the radio station has existed,
as a means, as a tool for struggle, also for resistance against this system,
which in the end, indigenous or not, invades us in many ways. So the radio station has been for that,
to organize by informing, and in turn strengthening of the community itself,
with the ways that we have, with traditions, with language, with thought. The radio station is based
on the people’s permission, it is an independent radio station, it does
not belong to any political party, any religion, it was consulted with the community. And since then, the government came
to warn us when we began to broadcast: How were we broadcasting
if we did not have a permit? So at one point they offered us a permit,
within the legality that the State wants, but which in-turn gave
many types of concessions, it would no longer be what we had proposed. And so the community said no,
the people’s permission was already there, that we did not need
a piece of paper from the State. And so it became a point of
attention for the government, at the municipal, state, and federal level. Further along, a compañero who was
more visible within the organization was held prisoner in Ometepec,
and that came from the retaliation, the crime fabricated by the leader, who
at the time was Aceadeth Rocha Ramízrez, the municipal president in the community. Then came the police operations, to strengthen the communication
and transportation laws. At that time, they had already notified
us that there would be police operations throughout the state, throughout the country, operations against the community radios
which broadcasted without permission, we were already informed in some way,
but we didn’t expect them to come so soon. We had already formed support bases,
as we call them, support committees, in several communities,
among them Zacualpan,
half an hour away from Xochistlahuaca. The compañeros notified us
that the state police were entering, and that they were armed,
they got to the community, and then surrounded Cerro de las Flores where the studio and the
radio station currently are. But there was time to notify the population
because we were broadcasting at that time, then people began to concentrate
there, they made a blockade, the police could not take away
a single compañero or compañera
or anyone from the community. Sisters and brothers of
the Indigenous National Congress, compañeros of the EZLN,
adherents to the Sixth Declaration. The message that I can share would be to
continue organizing as peoples, as tribes, as communities, as collectives,
as individuals, as persons. Here what is being put forth, being shared,
is the defense of the land, of life itself, and how to look for those
other ways which are not individual even if the places are different. The struggle is one, we are in resistance,
and that is exactly what brings us here to continue looking for that path
to continue resisting against this capitalism, so it doesn’t erase everything.

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