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Freecom 4 – Basic operations

Freecom 4 – Basic operations

This is FREECOM4 the world’s most
advanced bike-to-bike long-range bluetooth communication system and this video will show you how to make the most out of it Meet FREECOM4 a fully blown
Bluetooth communication system that is wrapped inside a small extra tough shell
that is IP67 waterproof. It’s also slick, very slick- only 16 millimeters top to
button which makes it one of the most aerodynamic Bluetooth communication
systems that money can buy. Now let’s learn how to use it.
FREECOM 4 is equipped with four easily accessible buttons: a plus button for
volume up, a minus button for volume down, media and phone button, and finally an intercom button to turn on your unit press the intercom and minus button; “Hello FREECOM4”, to lower the volume press the minus button, to increase
volume press the plus button, to mute your unit press minus and plus buttons
together, to unmute press these two buttons again, to shut down the unit
press the intercom and minus button; “Goodbye” FREECOM can pair to up to two
mobile devices such as a phone or a GPS let’s go ahead and pair it. To pair a single phone press the phone button for about 5 seconds; “Mobile phone one pairing” on your mobile phone go to settings, go to Bluetooth press FREECOM4; “Mobile phone one connected” “Paired successfully” and you’re paired.
After we paired the first device let’s see how to pair a second device such as
another phone or GPS. Press the phone button for about 5 seconds; “Mobile phone one pairing” double-click to move to second channel: “Mobile phone two pairing” on your mobile device go to Bluetooth, check for the available Bluetooth headset, press FREECOM4; “Mobile phone one connected” “Paired successfully” and you’re paired To pair a GPS start with activating the phone pairing feature of your FREECOM “Mobile phone one pairing” move to second phone paitring by double-clicking the phone button “Mobile phone two pairing” to move to GPS pairing press the plus button; “GPS pairing”, on your GPS device start phone search- here we go
“GPS connected” and your paired. Now that we got that part covered let’s rock and roll to start music streaming press the media button once, to move to the
next song tap the media button again for previous song double tap the media
button, to shut off music streaming press the media button for two seconds or
until you hear the second beep Your FREECOM has FM radio built in let’s
see how to operate it to listen to FM radio double tap the
media button “97.7” to move to the next preset station press the media button “97.8”, to go back to the previous preset station double tap the media button “97.7”, to perform an auto scan press these buttons together “104” to stop a scan press the media button to save 104 press that media button again “104 saved” to stop radio press the media button for
two seconds or until you hear the next beep you can also set your
preferred preset stations using the Cardo app or the Cardo community FREECOM comes with a full phone support let’s see how to make calls, receive
calls, and control your phone features there is a call coming- to answer
tap the phone button, to end tap the phone button again But there’s a better way to answer calls to answer just yell “Hey” and you’re on, to reject the incoming call press the phone button for two seconds or until you hear the second beep you can also initiate calls on the go
using your smart phone voice assistant tap the intercom and phone buttons
together and wait for your phone to beep “Call home”; “calling home” . Another way of making a call is using the redial function press on the plus button for two seconds or until you hear the phone beep for a second time you can also use the speed dial function that you first have to set on the Cardo app or on the
Cardo community tap the phone buttons three times to activate speed dial now that we’ve covered the basics let’s set up our intercom FREECOM 4 is a four-way backed by communication systems that allows up to four bikers to hold an intercom conference at a distance of up
to 1.2 kilometers or 0.8 miles we’ll click off that tutorial with a simple 2-way pairing. to pair two FREECOM’s start by pressing the intercom button for five seconds “Rider a pairing” depending on several factors this process may take up to 120 seconds “paired successfully” To start an intercom conversation press the intercom button once to end that conversation press the intercom button again that wasn’t too difficult now let’s add another rider to connect the third rider start by activating intercom pairing channel pressing the intercom
button for 5 seconds and then move to the second intercom channel by
immediately double tapping that same button “rider b pairing” on the third unit just activate the intercom channel in whichever way you want “paired successfully” -now the three of you can talk start the second channel talking with a third rider by double-tapping the intercom button now rider one and rider three can talk to add rider number two
open the first channel by pressing the intercom button once now the three of
you can have a group conversation to stop the first channel talking between
rider one and rider two press the intercom button once to close the second
channel between rider three and rider one double tap the intercom button- that’s it, we’re done. Using this way you can connect any Cardo communication systems including FREECOM2, PACKTALK, SMARTPACK, G9, Q3, Q1
SMARTH, SHOW1, SRC and even G4 FREECOM has universal connectivity which
means you can also pair it to non Cardo or Bluetooth intercom systems, click on
the FAQ section of this video to learn more about this feature. finally it’s time to add the fourth rider to add a fourth rider we’ll use the third rider as an intermediate we’ll start the pairing by using the
free pairing channel of the third rider “rider b pairing” and then go to the
fourth rider and activate intercom pairing “paired successfully” to have a full way
conversation start by opening the first channel to the second rider, then open
the second channel to the third rider and then ask your colleague- the third
rider to open his second channel to the fourth rider now all of you are having
a four-way group conversation theoretically you can add unlimited
amount of devices in this fashion, but, in reality Bluetooth technology becomes
very unstable once you go above four riders Bluetooth was simply not designed
to handle group riding no matter if it’s a Cardo device or a device by a
competing brand, if you plan to have any meaningful rider in a group of four and
above we highly recommend you to consider a mesh enabled device like this
DMC powered PACKTALK when you’re done talking you can share some music or radio let’s see how activating music on your own unit, now press the minus button for two seconds or until you hear the second beep “sharing mode activated” and you’re on, to stop the sharing press this button again for two seconds and sharing mode is off. for more information about how to make the most out of your FREECOM4 grab the pocket guide and look inside

28 comments on “Freecom 4 – Basic operations

  1. I can't update my freecom 4. where I walk in the Thistle community and connect on USB input, the freecom light Red light but on page of the Thistle community continues to message to connect the USB input. it's as if not recognize. already tried with both units and didn't work out. at the look forward.

  2. I can't update my Freecom 4. Where i walk in the Cardo Community and connect on USB input, the Freecom light Red Light but on page of the Cardo Community continues to message to connect the USB input. It's as if not recognize. Already tried with both units and didn't work out. At the look forward

  3. I bought this in Stugis 2017 so I can speak with my passenger and use my iphone to take/make calls when I'm on the road. I've been using it for a while now, the sound is very good through the helmet speakers and mic that come with it, people I have talked with on the phone don't even know I'm on the motorcycle, very happy with it. It's a little complicated for me to remember all the button sequences but I carry the manual and get everything working before we get going then I don't really have to do much other than press the volume buttons. I don't use the radio feature and sometimes I get connected to the music on my phone when I don't want to but, again that's because I get confused with the buttons and don't remember how to turn it off, my bad on that one. My brother bought a Sena system at the same time and he returned his the next day, that system had to use the phone channel to connect to the Cardo devices so he couldn't use his phone if we were connected.

  4. I'm having difficulty pairing the 2 units and have watched the video and believe I'm doing everything correct. It says "Rider A connected but doesn't say paired successfully. ????

  5. I use to garmin zumo 590 gps device. Right connecion style iphone to zumo and freecom4 to zumo. And I selected source İphone or MP3. If I selected MP3 source paralelstraming not working..After inercom connection music is intermittent. (other freecom connect to zumo) Or I selected other style iphone my passsenger is hearing everything. (sharing mode) Exp: two of us listening music sms tone or whatsapp voice message etc..
    Note : I want to use MP3 mode because zumo req internet connection via iphone. for garmin smartlink

  6. why can you not use SIRI to make a call with one Button press Two Fingers is annoying .Surely you can make it use one button like the paktalk?

  7. I cannot get my unit to respond to voice commands. Also have tried everything to pair with a Sena unit but will not do so

  8. Having an issue with my daughters freecom4 and my Q3. She can call me but I am unable to call her. I have tried re pairing and that works for a short time but then issue arises again. Any ideas ? Love the products.

  9. Hi Great video, I just have a question, Does this Freecom 4 have the ability to Talk and Listen to Music or the GPS? Thank You

  10. What happens if I´m connected via intercom with 3 riders and I receive a phone call? Does everyone are going to listen to my phone conversation? Thank for your help.

  11. hello, I have FreeCom 4, while talking to the other passenger, I want to listen to music at the same time. but I can not, the music is interrupted while talking to the other passenger. I can not talk with other passengers while listening to music together?
    does not it have a solution? I want to talk and share music. at the same time

  12. I also have this doubt. When I am listening to FM radio and the other passenger is also listening to FM, we can listen to the radio and talk at the same time, but when we put music from the cell phone we can not talk and listen to the music.

  13. I did not understand a part of the video. For me to connect my GPS, I have to pair my cell in channel 2, that is, it has to be matching the "cellular 2" and then click to pair also the GPS?

  14. I just bought the freecom4 and for some reason when I turn up the volume, it automatically lowers the volume back down.
    Is this normal?

  15. After pairing with a second Freecom and attempting to share music, I keep getting the female voice saying “busy”….???

  16. Can I get it paired with another helmet sound system (not intercomunicator, it's just a bluetooth headset) as the second device? This would allow me to stream music from my mobile phone to both devices. Tks!

  17. I have purchased a Freecom 2 dual pack.  We cannot pair between rider and passenger.  We have viewed every video on the web, followed all instructions, reset, etc.  Please help!

  18. many of the commands, especially on/off require two buttons pushed at same time. How is this safe or possibly when mounts and riding? We currently ride with G4 system and looking to upgrade. Don't need a lot of bells & whistles…just a simple system for two riders

  19. Can I listen to the radio at the same time i use the intercom with my passenger? i.e can i hear her when i listen radio fm?

  20. My instruction (pocket version) says that I can initaite a conversation by saying "Hello" – that doesn't work for me. Any hints? Or does it work only to add another rider to an existing conversation???

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