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GeoChron Digital Review – Ultimate Ham Radio Toy

GeoChron Digital Review – Ultimate Ham Radio Toy

WARNING – SUBTITLES CREATED BY A ROBOT AT GOOGLE – CONTAINS ERROR5! Hello and welcome my name’s Callum from DX Commander I’m an amateur radio operator and I’ve been in contact with Patrick who is the owner of GeoChron .. so before the Internet the
only way of visualizing where the gray line was in other words what was in
darkness and what was in light on the on the globe was to use an analogue
original chronographic GeoChron so I’ll show you that and here I’ve got the
internet we’ll find out look if we just go to wait this big box here okay it sat
on the wall and there’s one apparently in the white house you know
boardroom, reception areas you know if you’re a multinational with places
around the world and you be able to see where was in the dark where wasn’t a
like you could tell the exact time the date and everything a bit like her rolls
Rolls Royce bit like a Rolex Oyster Perpetual with a presidential bracelet
oh we don’t need Li bought one of those but I didn’t and if I just done a search
on Google here for GeoChron and you could see if you go to images other
people have taken pictures and so if geo chronometric and you can see some of
them are digital gia crumbs and some of them are analog what this is it’s the
digital version which I’m going to run through with you now so Patrick got in
touch with me because he likes my style and he recognizes that the amateur radio
world some versa bit like me I’ve got a little bit too many toys it always use
another one and I know because I’ve just mentioned this a couple of times on my
channel already a couple of people got this on their Christmas list and I’m
gonna show you why in a minute so effectively what a digital jiah Khan
is is a computer if you like in here which outputs a 4k display it’s
automatic because if you’ve only got an HD display in other words 1080p by no
t 2019 ten by ten eighty is it nineteen twenty hook up whatever HD and so if
you’ve got a nice TV you could plug that in and you get this oh god you threw it
in a minute so the box itself on the back of the box it comes with a little
USB thing job tell you what that is in a minute and that’s in the remote control
and I’ll show you that in a minute and sorry freckling around with all what’s
that and that plugs in there’s only one place it can go on the back okay power
there’s the HD or 4k out and it’s a LAN connection which is optional because in
the main this will just connect to your Wi-Fi and do things like a firmware
update or you can update the time date and so on you can do that manually as
well but it will do it gyah Chrome okay so very nice little box it comes in or
what I call a retail box that’s very nice it’s nicely Donita black box well
comes in a box it’s all packed away there is a power adapter now the one
that Patrick sent me is the u.s. power adapter but it’s okay because I have is
that it’s from 100 to 240 volts I just put an adapter on I’ll plug the two in
and now I’ve got a three-pin plug for the UK that gives me 12 volts to here so
if you are and which already operator very often you have 200 volts flooded
round shack I’m assuming you could plug that in read the instruction manual and
you get really cool mouse right mousey and that’s I recently have given you
that is it’s a lot easier to set the Wi-Fi okay so I’m never quite sure how
it goes back together I did work it out oh there we are once it’s out I didn’t
know it went back in but it ought done it now so it’s just a really cool mouse
that sets your Wi-Fi on Jia grunt I might get around to showing you that but
just a little menu with a QWERTY keyboard and I’ll put in my password you
know and then what is the kind of the bit you feel on the jig on digital is
this thing it all right which is a remote control and
it’s got the menu and you can go through so I better my computer’s playing around
now you can go through the menus and you can look at different display types and
you want to see little overlays like honesty where all the flight paths are
all the shipping lanes are or sadly you can look at all their all of the
pollution is as well which is a real shame but I mean it’s not a shame nice
he’s dumbing reminds us how much Woodcock and I plan it up to be honest
it’s got the date and time so I’ve already know this display here
on my right-hand side is just an HD display but what I am gonna do is go to
James’s house m0 y om that sees call sign and we’ll get kind of a viewer
reaction if you know what I mean I think we’ll do an a separate film I don’t want
to clog this one up so this is only eighth a HD display but the could even
the quality on HD is fantastic but just beware the device itself outputs 4k if
you ever seen a 4k display you’ll know that the tiny text is all perfect it
just looks like a picture you see on the wall so I’m stuck between a rock and a
hard place I don’t know whether to buy another one because I like this so much
I think you put it in the business so when you come through the door on the
wall will be the world map with the time so I need to get a 4k TV for there
because I just think that’s really nice he gives me a little talking point you
see oh yes that digital cheer Krong I could
convince people that we cuts at other branches in Sydney and New York Los
Angeles which of course we don’t so very nice where was I yeah so I was just
prepared you so even though it’s HD beware that
4k and Patrick was at a that pains to express to me the difference between two
so that’s why we’ll make another film we’ll get a viewer reaction up at
James’s house so I’m the going down in a couple of days time to sort that out so
without further ado we’ll plug it in over here and boot it up all right okay
so I’ve jiggle things around I’ve got a camera here on my right hand side so we
can see the monitor I do have an HDMI capture card a
real-time capture card but I want to be able to point at the screen you’ll be
able to see me on the camera you see so let’s power the thing on you press
and hold the red button on the back and then we wait 30 seconds that’s a full
boot sequence it’s going through because it’s a real computer you know it’s very
exciting to be honest I can’t wait I’m hot look at that really quite key to
them to put this in the office to be honest it’s too good for me you know so
I’m gonna be using the remote control there’s basically two buttons for menu
button left right up and down okay and then as a return button which is well
looks like a little reverse arrow if you know the mean so I’ve got it set up like
this and what we can see the mo we’ve got all satellite tracking at the moment
and I’ve got a three-minute tail on each each satellite that that’s the lair and
that’s how I set it up and that’s how I like the look of it we’ve also got the
ISS up here and that’s the Hubble Space Telescope here on these trajectories so
tremendous across the top we’ve got house of minutes so we can see I’m I’m
on this time zone so I’m here so I must be about seven and I am and we can see
any time you know so you know right down here in California
fucking coast for instant leaven o’clock in the morning I can see that
straightaway so let’s hit the menu and I’ll show you what what we can do so in
general I’m on a low res okay because it’s HD but you can do all sorts of
stuff this the ham radio so you got the zones and stuff this is very OC Anik
looking fucking press the right button that’s very kind of where it says it
topographical and that’s the human and you can you can have where you want
12-hour 24 where you want to display the seconds down here on the left hand side
I’m kind of a metric man but you might want to be Imperial you know oh that is
that this thing here yes I’ve switched it off because during the
course of a year the Sun could be anywhere around that twist not amazing
and it’s got a cool demo mode which I thought was quite funny and it says to
use the return button to exit the demo mode so what this is is a frame kind of
everyday if you know the mean and on the next a million second an hour to show
you what the whole thing looks like it’s just funny is somebody says you know
what does it do you you can you can show them this so we’ll go back I’ll hit the
menu again and this time I’ll go across to the different layers and then you
terminate a line I could either have normal that’s this this line here or a
little bit softer I don’t know what the reality is is it more like this is that
real I don’t know might be the terminator line it might actually be
quite hard how much the human likes you wanna you know do you want these these
bits here and then you can have one layer at a time
so I I just have a little bit of air traffic you could dial that almost out
to nothing we could have shipping lanes well it depends on the type of company
or what you’re interested in if you don’t I mean
I like used to be their traffic for some reason I’ve got pins so you can pin
various things I think it says we can have one of 16 pins I’ve got all my
satellites and everything on in terms of what’s live I’ve selected my time zone
this is about factory updates downloading new firmware as I’ve already
checked and done that and you can power the device down now if I just hit return
button that’s it he sits there looking like this
looks lovely so if you’ve got a spare telly
for instance knocking around particularly HD or 4k I don’t know 4k is
a bit much to spend by the time you’ve bought the jack on digital might be a
little bit heavy but I’ve got I know for I’ve just discussed it Wendy I wouldn’t
mind the for the HD telly from the our main sitting room
you know we watch the films I might want that down the dam a bunker down at the
farm for instance and none of this I might have a switch where it’s got a
menu the tape TV because I won’t want to see a camera who’s coming down the drive
I might want to see the cheer crop on the other hand I might put it in the
boardroom so that’s it a whistle-stop tour of a G ekron would I recommend it
would I buy one depends what I’ve got in my budget there
are nearly four hundred pounds in the UK that’s probably about four hundred
dollars locally in the u.s. I don’t know go to G Ekron calm and I think they’ve
got prices and stuff there or send a mail to patrie they’re selling a small
company they’re very he’s very really very
active in the business and he wants to make it over it so you know help him out
put it on your Christmas list and get yourself a toy so my name’s Colin
Padilla’s commander let’s give our best wishes to cheer on all the best to them
and of course if you want original analog Crona graphic that’s the right
word geo cron you still do them okay you can get a wood yeah beautiful map
everything moves the way the curtains work on lights and everything else of
course Jack Renauld maintain it and rebuild it for you as
well so that’s it all the best thanks for tuning in I’ll see you next time!

41 comments on “GeoChron Digital Review – Ultimate Ham Radio Toy

  1. Hey, that's a cool toy…i probably don't need it….but I want it!!! I know my wife would like it, because I would be staring at it all day, and staying out of her hair !

  2. Outstanding. The GeoChron is something I've dreamt about since I was a kid. There was a magnificent one at the Beeb back in the day, I fell in love with.
    This digital one it's pretty interesting. Do you know if it requires internet, or can it get the time from a GPS as well?
    Thanks for the video and looking forward to part 2.

  3. When I worked at Kitt Peak NOAO here in Arizona we had one of these in our store. Really helped to show guests how time zones worked and when sun set would come.

  4. Something I struggle with on YouTube is introductions. With in the first 20 seconds you are done with your intro and start talking about the subject matter.

    I love that! Thank you for the great content.

    Now I know you are the DX commander but lot of amateurs aren't quite into that portion of the hobby. Is it possible you could cover 2m?

    In the meantime I am looking forward to getting into the 10m band.


  5. @ glunn H and Callum if you go on the geochron website,you can buy it direct from them here in the uk,if my memory serves me correctly(i looked and drooled) for £329.99,
    but ML&S have it for £70 more, wheres james demo ??,keep up the work and get on and finish the 30m delta Loop

  6. Nice gadget not really something you need to have to operate. But a nice toy to have extra if your shack is complete with the important stuff. And if you have 400$ to spare. nice video, thanks for sharing. 73 Rob

  7. Hi Tazsmonn, Minneapolis USA branch. Nice video Boss! When you sending your fav Yank branch one??? Very intriguing.

  8. 1) Rolex ? surely you mean the GMT Master II which has a second hour hand and rotating 24 hour bezel for GMT / UTC.

    2) The line between light and dark is like dawn and dusk. More or less.

    3) What about all the people who think the earth is flat ?  Is there a model of GeoChron for flat-earther's ? Well, they can go and fall off the edge……

    4) Watching the moving map would drive me crazy. It'd be like being on an intercontinental flight that never lands….. It'd do my head in. Can you upgrade the GeoChron service to include meals, drinks and flight updates ?

    And can I get a pencil please ? I need to fill out my landing card.

    What does it mean when it says "Have you ever been suspected or convicted of terrorism?" Am I supposed to answer that honestly ?? I digress.

    5) I like the GeoChron. It's for people with a global view.

  9. Callum, I purchased one of these a few weeks ago. I use it on a 43" 4K LG IPS monitor on my wall in the shack. I really like it. There was a deal when you sign up to their newsletter that if you purchased it within 5 days you got a 15% discount. I did the upgrade but I only saw where you can add the ISS passes but I didn't see anything on adding others. I will go back and review the setup again. I do follow satellites and would like to add some of the new ones like AO-92.

    I do subscribe to your channel and get your post from the alert bell. 73 Larry W9XE…….

  10. You are missing a zero for the price in the US. High price in US is $4000, there is a middle price at $2100, and a low price at $1910.

  11. There is a new Geostationary Ham Radio SAT up in space that the EU can use.
    Es’hail-2 Geostationary Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio Payload Launched

  12. Always enjoy your videos but this is an OTT expensive toy, which amounts to nothing more than an inexpensive Android TV box and an APP selling as an over priced gadget for someones corporate office. Does it cover IARU maps, Maidenhead Locator System, my guess it doesn't? Hope you Android APP writers are listening, there is an opening for you to write something for Android to emulate all this, which can consolidate everything over a high resolution live DX Map including live PSK, WSPR reporting etc all with greyline coverage.

  13. I bought one of these, about 3 weeks ago – v.v.nice piece of kit. First thing I turn on in my shack.
    It already has had one software update to add enhancements, and apparently more to come.

  14. Its a cool toy, but I think it would be more accessible running on something like a Raspberry Pi to a HD display. The hardware has be most of the cost there.

  15. Hi Callum really like your reviews and get the point across well. A review of the Metrovna antenna analyser would be welcomed.

  16. Interesting feedback & just purchased the digital 4k & can't wait for delivery & get set-up here in Cairns Australia

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