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Glenn Gould plays Beethoven in a radio broadcast of October 5, 1952

Glenn Gould plays Beethoven in a radio broadcast of October 5, 1952

We present now the second of a new series of recitals by distinguished artists. And again our soloist tonight is the young
Toronto pianist Glenn Gould, in the second of his all-Beethoven recitals. Although he is being featured here in a series of Beethoven recitals, Glenn Gould is broad in his tastes, and is an ardent admirer of
the music of the late Arnold Schoenberg, all of whose piano works he includes in his repertoire. And last night in Toronto, he took part in
the first all-Schoenberg concert ever given in Canada. His programme tonight will consist of the
Sonata No.19 in G minor, and the Eroica Variations. The Sonata in G minor, Op.49, No. 1, is one of a pair of early sonatas which found their way into print nearly nine years after they
were written. It’s a short work, and has only two movements. That was the Sonata No.19 in G minor, Op.49 No.1 by Beethoven, played by Glenn Gould. Beethoven’s set of 15 Variations in E-flat
major on a theme from his ballet Prometheus, Op.35, is conveniently referred to as the Eroica Variations, for the theme is now most familiar to us as that of the finale of his third symphony, the Eroica, although both the ballet and the set of variations were written earlier. Glenn Gould plays these Eroica variations
now. This programme was heard tonight by listeners of the Mutual Broadcasting System, and originated in the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto. This is the trans-Canada network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. [captions edited by Bruce Cross]

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  1. YES!!! The perfect recording for me to differentiate between his 15 variations 1952 vs 1961! I literally memorised the 1961 recording because of how much I’ve listened to it. I literally felt the difference in playing 2 seconds in! Thank you very much Mr. Cross!

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