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100 comments on “Goodnight Radio – Sophia So Far (English/Spanish)

  1. It occurred to me just today to search if an extended version of this had been released. I'm glad I did!

  2. I LOVED this short film when I saw it as part of the Short Film Oscar nominee package and was thrilled it won. In its 19 minutes, it told a richer and deeper stories than some 2-hour films. I actually thought the song was an 80s obscure ditty (it's got that vibe), and both the song and Curfew are excellent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  3. 9,000 views?!?!? Come on guys. This song is better than a lot of the stuff I hear today and has a much deeper meaning inside of it

  4. When Joy Division meet GlasVegas and Esbe … a beautiful collision of epic waves of beauty!!   … Thanks

  5. Before I Disappear brought me here. Such an amazing short film and by the far the best I have seen. <3

  6. Thank you Before I Disappear, movies inspire me and open me up to new movies and songs! can't beat it.

  7. I thought of cure hearing in this film and had to find out who it was. Great scene and wonderful song.

  8. It seems that Iam the only Person here who didnt watched the movie. Maybe i should give it a try. Awesome song btw 🙂

  9. I love this kind of music! after watching before I disappear, I had to look this up! This song really gets me and makes me think about life

  10. wow, just found out that the lead actor Shawn Cristensen is also the maker of this film and this band Goodnight Radio ( awful name though ) is him as well. And he is also a very skilled and praised painter. Tallented fucker.. 🙂

  11. When I learned – feel alive
    And you know you were fine
    Sharing knives, cut and go
    I just hoped that you were home

    It was faintest cry, in a sorry place
    In the faintest times, I will never forget why… I always liked you and I

    It was a dead holiday
    I just lost my head, I couldn't stay
    When you find that you were lost in the fray
    I will hold my breath another day

    It was faintest cry, in a sorry place
    In the faintest times, I will never forget why… I always liked you and I

    You and I

  12. i had left in 2013 may when my entire world was taken from me…..i lost everthing. house, 10 year girlfriend with daughter, good job, lots of friends…..even my mind for a while. end of 15 i found diff job picked up my feet and i am hear now listening to this song which i found watching the movie it came from cause i know that PAIN all too well.

  13. did you know: The guy who stars in Before I Disappear is the same guy who directed the movie and sings this song!!

  14. To me; Stellastarr (vox)/Human League/yeah, a little Alphaville, I get that. White Lies with less bite, lyrically? Very good "back to roots" tune. Suffice it to say, well done, regardless of my idiotic glean😆

  15. When the time comes that i get murdered i hope i have this song playing. That way it hopefully will distract the gunman and i can runaway or legally shoot him many times.plan b i will just shoot the armed burglar then I will ask why do you not like this song. At which point he will say," I've never heard this song and it sucks". Then I will have to shoot him for not knowing the song. If you agree let me know

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