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Ham Radio Digi Modes WITHOUT an interface!! :)

Ham Radio Digi Modes WITHOUT an interface!! :)

WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES right okay hilarious video for you today what’s wrong Munoz recently ladies and
gentlemen welcome to DX Commander my name’s Calum M0MCX I’m an amateur
radio operator let me just turn that rubbish off there and when I was when I
was new to the Hobby I used to fern you hear all these these sounds can you hear
them and I used to wonder how I a decoder I remember being up the club one
night and someone said all you do this and they have this software on and and
actually could see what all these sounds were was amazing was people actually
transmitting and messages in them and everything but I then discovered I
needed something called an interface that put me off and I but I worked out a
method on the cheap if you just want to do experiment for a day go quite like
that of doing AM radio digital modes without any interface at all all you
need is like a laptop or something with a that you can hear and you know just
you play mp3s or whatever so that’s fine and and you need a microphone on the
laptop to hear your radio so I turn up all these funny sounds here we don’t want that validated so I’m
currently these sounds are coming out but not doing anything but I’m listening
to them how am i listening to them oh yes
the display audio on this monitor happens to have the microphone here is
that what I’m doing remember one – yeah what am i doing when
I transmit the sound comes to this microphone and it goes to the radio and
transmits that’s it so remember now
Telstar it’s me just ease that’s it’s the little things that make me happy
okay so what have I got here um I’m on digital note here without any
interface at all and we’re just about to go and try and have a qso without any
digital interface we’re gonna use an audio coupling device called a
microphone a pair of headphones so when the headphones here it is up here and
the microphone on this monitor happens to be the top so the monitor is the
microphone so got the headphones on the microphone on the me on the the PC here
and then when I transmit the sound happens ties two speakers at the bottom
here comes out there so let the microphone on the sound so this is good
fun so I can prove it to you by turning the volume down watching the display nothing until I talk okay so it’s my
sound that is being recorded not the radio sound of course for tone of volume
art when it comes out of headphones the speaker will get in till gone but there’s a lot of hash
because a lot a lot of lighting on in here which is some disturbing the
quality of the sound everybody’s God could say obviously know
that I’m here there’s what there’s a signal so if we put our cursor on this
signal here it is somebody calling c.q so I put the callsign in and what we
could do we could call him power one of you errors I’ll turn the volume up on the speaker’s
zoo charm again spit doubters tongue give us some proper walk well II that’s
about every time I talk I transmit Oh ooh area southern Italy we can hear me
Buccaneer are interfering but the BC SoundCloud oh shit
it says I’m imbued here but I’m not so this microphone is picking up the
speakers yeah he’s gone yeah I’ve got ten over
bloody hash here oh well I’ll turn the volume back down
so what about just done oh so what for just done
so I’ve received I’ve received a foot transmitted via my microphone that’s
right and I’m receiving on the computer through the headphones which is next to
the microphone in here so I just see how say there is one thing you have leads
everywhere wouldn’t you now obviously this is not a practical way rubbing
digital bodes I’d by any stretch of the imagination but we did it we did it love
although he didn’t get back to me but I’ve got a funny feeling my singing on
my bit of it shit Oh please come back I can’t talk very
loudly because it disturbs the thingy so I’ll send him 73 oh it’s to me look here
we go ciao ciao with 40 DB over LED lighting
shit right enough um so I’ve never done that
before okay yeah be that we’ve done that I have
never done that before that was really funny
okay what I do have is a cat interface a computer interface so that when I spin
the dial here somewhere up here I’ve got actually the frequency am I connected to
the radio yeah so so I am I am connected to the radio so I’ve still got things
like my frequency readout and my push-to-talk
but even if I didn’t have that I could transmit and just hit the send button
you know that’s that’s all meaning yeah I just happen to have that and I can
prove it too because if I go to my sound card and options my microphone is my
display audio and if I go to I think it’s 20 now no it’s not 20 I think it’s
21 21 here we are so if I shut that down it’s irrelevant
what I do now yeah my radio is transmitting now
properly through the USB interface at the back now Johnny over at forget his
channel name but I’ll put a link to the bottom he’s just done a great video
actually on interfaces in general but effectively one of the reasons that you
need a special interface is because if you took the audio directly out your
computer and squirted it straight into the microphone for instance or maybe
there might be a patch in and the old EAC days had a case of a patch in denied what can happen is that RF can get on
the audio chain and you can then start or audio gets on the RF you can then
start transmitting a really frankly shitty signal for receive you don’t need
any interface at all you could plug your headphone socket or your ideally your AF
out to the back of the rig straight into that top and you can receive all the
digital signals that you want you don’t need any interface at all however when
you transmit now you’ve got RF floating around and everything else so what we do
is we isolate now isolate the ideally both the receive and transmit lines to
your computer with isolation transformers alternatively you can just
go by that so that would be like a signal link or a micro ham or something
so if you’ve got a radio with a 9-pin D connector rs-232 on the radio and you
can plug it into your PC with a USB to rs-232 interface cable and you plug it
into your computer you download the drivers and lo and behold all of a
sudden your computer thinks he’s actually got a comport doesn’t because
it’s a USB port but it’s have what they call a virtual comport now you can
control the radio with your computer like like I can you know I know that
this this computer knows what presses the right buttons knows that what what
frequency I’m on and it also it knows ever hits so many buttons and whatever
else it’ll transmit and not transmit that’s done with Kat C 80 which stands
for it could be to something computer-assisted transmitted it doesn’t
I don’t answer you understand Saul but everybody’s calls it a cat paw and it
just connects the radio to your computer from from that perspective couple of
ferrite sometimes just on the cat need to keep any RF that might be floating
around from the radio into your computer which can come back out through the
sound card so your sound card itself just needs some isolation transformers
and and then you can buy a little box or wire up your microphone or your AF in or
your patch in on the old Lee a zoo or the AF out whatever now the very modern
radios and Kenwood and kiiis and I think I calm and I think you start doing now
have a single USB line it’s really trick but straight into computer straight into
the radio and yeah that does everything it gives you sound it in and sound out
let’s I said on an onboard sound card on the radio you don’t need any interfaces
at all just a USB that gives you a virtual comport sound in sound out so if
you’re fairly new to digital and you’ve got a fairly new radio you don’t need to
go and buy all this baloney signal lengths and just a USB line will do
absolutely everything and that’s what I’ve got I’ve got no cables at all I’ve
got a micro ham and I’m back to sneeze micro ham I’ve got a signal link and the
wires are everywhere and I really can’t be bothered of that so may I thoroughly
recommend if you’ve got a modern radio and it’s got a USB in the back you plug
that into your computer download the virtual comport drivers from the
manufacture and all of a sudden you’ve got a comm port and it’s probably and
normally automatically detects that you’ve got on an outboard sound card and
and all of a sudden you’ll end up with like I’ve got sound card number 20 or
something I’ve got several sound cards for all sorts of stuff I get up to in
here so and you could rename those to your rig if you like just say you know
your ft 990 I don’t know for 990 by the way has a USB card but that’s the way
anyway hopefully that’s just inspired you a little bit look down the comments
sorry on the down below here for the link Jonny’s channel where he’s just
done and a video on that on digital interfaces particularly I think for the
what are the kiiis or one of the other craft things but Haley bit of fun isn’t
it there we are have a nice day hopefully I don’t bore the pants off you
too much of my name’s Calum from dear it’s commander enjoy your radio and
enjoy your digital modes cheers for now bye

6 comments on “Ham Radio Digi Modes WITHOUT an interface!! :)

  1. I was able to get by with using an external usb sound card and a couple of 3.5mm cables to the back of my Kenwood TS940 through the patch panel. Just had to get a couple of 3.5mm to rca jacks. Worked over 400+ QSOs. Probably not the best. There are several reasons for the isolation after reading a lot about interfaces. I was looking at building one. I guess if you spent enough money on your radio as you would a car I guess you can afford an expensive interface. One of the reasons for isolation is you end up with nasty ground loops without isolation. Also using the transformers in the mix is sometimes for impedance match between audio connections that have different impedance. I probably need mine to make sure I don't have any ground loops. But this is a link that explains some of it.

  2. callun great video your vib can pass tru mic to us but like to now with program do you used on this video so tks hope all good sseu when a see u best 73 tony py1ax

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