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Help Fund the KALX Berkeley 90.7 FM Radio Station

Help Fund the KALX Berkeley 90.7 FM Radio Station

Hello. Hey. Hello. Hola. Hello. Hi. Hey. Hi!
It’s that time of year again. The KALX fundraiser is here. HERE! here!
And we need your support. your support. To keep our independent, crazy, organic, delicious,
diverse, awesome, rocking, eclectic, groovy, freaking cool hella awesome radio station
which you listen to. Keep it on the airwaves! We are a bunch of people just like you, who
come together, together, to pump out our unique mix of music, news, sports, live performances,
public affairs, interviews, ticket giveaways, public service announcement, and events calendars.
This year, our fundraiser runs from Monday,October 13th to Monday, October 20th. With your donation,
you can receive a thank you from KALX in the form of t-shirts, music, tickets, gift certificates,
KALX good vibes, our undying appreciation, and most importantly, our love.
Go to our website now – to make a tax deductible donation today, today,
right now. Thank you!

3 comments on “Help Fund the KALX Berkeley 90.7 FM Radio Station

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