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Houston Radiologist Dr. Theodore Wissink

Houston Radiologist Dr. Theodore Wissink

– So what I look forward to in the day is just kind of the variety of things that we get took at as Radiologists and in the course of looking
at that variety of things, hopefully being able
to help out some people who have a variety of different problems and kind of get to the bottom
of what’s going on with them and help them to feel better. I guess it was kind of like fixing things and being a physician is about trying to fix people’s problems. So it kind of drew me to
medicine from that stand point. To just try to treat every
patient like I would want myself or my family to be treated. I think that’s kind of the standard that I would want to apply if
my family was at the hospital and that’s sort of what I try to apply every day when I’m at work. You I think it’s nice
to kind of be able to bring the patient in on what’s going on, I think a lot of times
people have varying levels of understanding in terms
of what’s happening. And its nice to be able to explain what we’re going to be doing and what exactly is going to be going on and help give them a
little bit more control. I think a lot of empathy, trying to understand
where they’re coming from, and again a lot of
trying to explain to them what’s going on so they feel like they have a little bit more control in getting over the situation and they have an understanding
of the situation. I think those are two
big things in my mind.

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