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How a Radio Station Works : Radio DJ Interview Techniques

How a Radio Station Works : Radio DJ Interview Techniques

So in this clip we’re going to talk a little
bit about how to interview with people and things you need to tell your guests about
when they’re on the mic. So first, first thing is when you have a guest, make sure that your
process by-pass button is engaged and that that little light is on. Because otherwise
your guests may sound weird. Then turn your guest on, your guest’s channel, your guest
mic channel and turn it up. And talk to your guest. Guest: Hi, glad to be here today. Glad
to be on the radio. Announcer: Hey glad to have you here. Now there’s a few things you
need always to tell your guests when they come into the station. The first is not to
wander away from the mic, because they get kind of quiet when they do that. Guest: If
I do this, or if I do this. That’s right. Also, to talk at a slight angle to the mic.
And then also when you’re, that during your discussion with your guest, that they not
turn their head away from the mic. Which is a very natural thing to do. You turn your
head away to talk to your host. It’s only nice. But that they need to really try and
focus on staying near the mic and not wandering off. Like this because now they can’t hear
anything. Announcer: So, David, how are you today. Guest: I’m great and I’m glad to be
here. Announcer: Great. Well you’re going very well keeping your head near the mic.
Guest: Thank You Announcer: Because if your head wandered off what would it sound like?
Guest: You wouldn’t be able to hear me much at all. Announcer: That’s correct. Anyway,
so those are the basics of having a guest in your very high tech all analog studio here
at Valley Free Radio. And always, don’t forget, turn your mics off.

8 comments on “How a Radio Station Works : Radio DJ Interview Techniques

  1. @Lucasius19 The audio is output by RCA L/R and routed into an FM transmitter or sent off for more processing before reaching the transmitter.

  2. The setup needs to be corrected… Rather than having the hand held mics unprocessed, why not process them like the RE20 is… That way, there would be no need to bypass and the person being interviewed would not sound like he's in a wind tunnel. As it is now, both of you sound like you're in a wind tunnel… Besides compressors are very cheap these days…

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