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How a Radio Station Works : Radio Station Equipment

How a Radio Station Works : Radio Station Equipment

And welcome, to the beautiful studios of Valley
Free Radio, located in a basement. Anyway, we’re going to show you today the basics of
how to do old school, analog style broadcasting, and a very low tech, ancient style broadcasting
studio. So, let’s take a look at what we’ve got here. Of course, the heart of any studio
is your broadcast board, so, we’re going to talk about all that in a minute. And most
of the rest of what you see are different things that are going to be inputs to the
board. Got some CD players, we’ve got another mixing board that goes as one input to the,
to the a, to the board. We’ve got a couple cassette players, hi-tech. And, we have a
computer that we play MP3’s to, and of course, the telephone. And, we’ll also see how to
put callers on the air. Other features of the station are, some very kicking monitors,
microphones we’ll be talking about, headphones you need when you’re talking on the mike,
some turntables. All here, at beautiful, Valley Free Radio.

32 comments on “How a Radio Station Works : Radio Station Equipment

  1. what do you call that kind of microphone stand. can you teach me how to build it.. the mic stand with spring…

  2. Thank you for the captions; for non native english earer is more easy understand the speaks and explanations.
    God Job.

  3. Dear God! Is that a Barry Manilow album in the background at the start? PLease tell me its not so!! AHHhhhhh!…LOL Couldn't resist!

  4. @jigglejuggle91 I agree. but I'm guessing people don't really ask him that often what is in the station, so he probably doesn't get much practice explaining it.

  5. This is great, thanks for doing these videos!
    Was just looking into what it'd take equipment wise to get a radio studio together, so this was nicely informative 🙂

  6. The experts at expert village dont seem like experts. Especially if youre this guy. He also looks like my photo teacher from last year haha.

  7. where is the FCC license that allows you to broadcast legally ? none ? PIRATE radio USA ! This man has the perfect radio broadcaster voice !

  8. Waste of time …,stop talking like a prick and try and at least pretend you know what you are talk ny about

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