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How Does An Antenna Work? | weBoost

How Does An Antenna Work? | weBoost

Hi my name is Don and I primarily
design and test antennas for a living and I’m here today to try to explain to
you basically a little bit about how antennas
work so the first thing I want to start with
is the antenna wire and we call it coaxial cable so the first thing we are going to talk about it what is not coaxial cable this is just normal power cable notice that
the lines are parallel to each other this coaxial cable you’ll notice that
there’s a shield on the outside and then there’s an insulator and then there’s a
center conductor, the center conductor is actually what runs the power to the
antenna. The reason this is important is how an internal works. So if you have two
pieces of wire side-by-side, you have current flow in this direction and
current flow in that direction the current flows cancel each other out if
you have a piece of coaxial cable this is actually grounded on the outside and the
current flows in this direction and the current flows in that direction on the
inside and the currents cancel each other out how we gettin intended to work and
actually radiate power is to change that so to change that we want to transmit
power out to the air so once again you have two pieces of wired and you have
current flow in this direction and current flow in that direction a simple dipole antenna like you put on
your FM stereo at home is just when you take this wire and split off over in this
direction and split it off over this direction and now I still have current
flow in this direction and I still have current flow in this direction but if
you notice the current flows in the same direction across this plane and that
allows us to generate RF energy that leaves like this, and can be received as
well. So if you have two pieces of wire side-by-side the electromagnetic energy that is generated from current flow
cancel each other out so if I have a wire here and have a wire here, this one we’ll
call it positive and this one we’ll call negative because this was positive in
this one’s negative you can’t get any energy to radiate out because they
cancel each other out I think that’s pretty simple but if I take and I
separate these two wires like this so this is still my feed point down here
and I have current flow in this direction and in this direction and I have current
flow in this direction and in this direction but every time you have current
flow you also have electromagnetic energy so now because I have current
flow in the same direction across this plane now I have an energy field that
looks like this. I have a high current point here and a low current point here
but high voltage point here and when that high voltage point hits they’re all
that electromagnetic energy jumps off the wire and radiates out into space that’s
basically how an antenna works, most antennas act very similar to a dipole
antenna and that’s what this is and remember a dipole antenna you have
radiated energy on both sides How does an antenna receive energy? Well
like on a cell tower a cell tower is radiating energy just like our antenna here
was radiating energy out, well radiated energy also can be received by
this same antenna so the antenna captures that energy and then transfers
it down to our feed point so we can run into an amplifier or maybe you just plug
it straight into your stereo system or on a car stereo you plug it into the
back of the car stereo and they all act very similarly. I hope everything that
I’ve explained today was apparent and you understood it and if you have any
questions or comments please feel free to leave that and please subscribe to
our channel we will be releasing more videos in the future. Have a great day.

100 comments on “How Does An Antenna Work? | weBoost

  1. Its amazing and a credit that Don is still teaching by video, and will be teaching long after he has left this world. He still remains relevant and hopefully will for years and years to come. RIP Don.

  2. Does anything control which direction the energy goes, can it also land in other areas that send signals.if a car is parked in an area where there is an antenna on top of a steeple can that energy wave be drawn to the energy emitting from a car radio? is the antenna Frequencies encompassed by a limited space or does it travel from exm a steeple of a church and can hit the sidewalk from the steeple. like how does it travel ? what attracts the energy, ?

  3. Hi my question is what you think about dominator antenna and 2 or 4 dipole antena in formation ( or two dipole in X position) … witch one can get more range… and for circular antena range what is best choice for bad configuration… buildings hill… etc—

  4. I was just thinking I liked Don's delivery. Wasn't annoying at all like most on YT. Then I see he died. Dang it.
    RIP Don.

  5. I do not get the logic behind the essentials explained. My confuses: why would the energy radiate once you implicit the Circuit as shown. Like why would the energy leave the circuit just because Current flow in the same direction. Would’nt that also cancel them out? Why would’nt all energy just continue into the cathode? Could someone with a Nice soul please clarify this to me? I really must say i’ve allways fellt smart until i’ve tried to understand the logics and deeper fundamentals with radio signals.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Great video.
    So what makes the difference within the antenna for specific frequencies?
    Fx what is difference inside a 600MHz antenna and a 2100MHz antenne?

  7. Thank you sir…
    Well explained…! I learned something new.
    How electrical energy got converted into electromagnetic energy and radiating into the air ??

  8. I was going to make a snarky comment about Don not having his sleeves buttoned, but then I read of his passing and thought better of it. The video gave me some value: the concept of where the highest current and highest voltage occurs along the dipole. This is a good place to start with antenna theory. Don presented himself as thoughtful and no-nonsense, and although he is gone, he continues to dispense his knowledge. RIP Don.

  9. I took some random thicker copper wire and put it in the drill to twist it togheter for my simple am/fm radio, seems to work

  10. I have a RV. Online I've seen RV videos saying that the Wilson Electronics 19-inch 4G Truck and RV Spring-Mount Antenna works better than the weBoost Drive 4G-X RV 470410 Cell Phone Signal Booster for Your RV Antenna. Why is this? Thank you

  11. Hello and thanks for the video. I do have a question. What is the name of the item on an antenna that connects the wire mess antenna to the coax? I think I need a replacement for my antenna. Wondering if I can purchase and replace my broken piece so I don't have to throw away a perfectly useful antenna. Please help.

  12. Miss you pops. ❤️
    Had to show Sums her grandpa Don again. And she still remembers! Makes my heart happy.

  13. Hi. Big fan here! Just a beginner radio user question. The repeater is located somewhere here in the Philippines, they are using UHF Radio's but I don't understand why portable radios can't pick up any audio from the transmitting person even if they are just 2-5 feet away from the same room? Radio base are operational, antennas are installed but I can't understand why they can't receive the person who is transmitting? Comments are highly appreciated, thank you!

  14. Condolence to Mr. Don😢. The information is great. I learned about it. Hope this channel post more informative videos. 😃

  15. I understand how the current is created by the frequency in the wire but I don't understand how it emits a magnetic field because the circuit is incomplete in the first place.

  16. This video is not at all great. It hardly explains if anything. But people like "entertainment" more than anything. Here's the result in terms of views. I guess sensible people have disliked.

  17. Sir thank u very ,it was so simple to understand I was not knowing this before of current flow concept in dipole

  18. So Antenna is basically an open circuit obviously. I did not know that you could even have any type of electron flow in an open circuit regardless of how the wire is shaped. This is all too weird for me or nobody really knows how to explain it or what is actually going on. Obviously, everybody explains it in this same manner. Very absurd if you ask me. This is the same type of absurdity as the absurdity of computers operate and know only binary numbers and stores everything as 0 and 1. Which is false. 0 and 1 are nothing but abstraction. It is not true at all. It is false. You can not find 0 and 1 anywhere in a computer unless maybe in the serial number in the back of it.

  19. If the energy just “jumped” off of the antenna into free space. Why the need for a resonant length? I believe the energy “bounces” back and fourth at least several times on the elements of the antenna before it gets radiated into space……. Thus the need for a resonant length antenna. The elements of the dipole have to be in phase with the wavelength being transmitted.

    Any thoughts?

  20. I get why the direction on left wire,,, but the right wire you have power just appearing somehow and moving thru the wire,,, positive and neg,,,,, the positive is hooked up to something radio or a hoes purse or some electronic,, hard wired ,,,, but this mysterious negitive begins in the air and magically moves in wire So the bottom of example are on a car battery? Positive goin out lookn for somin,,, negitive has its dick in the wind not doin squat. ? How can the magic just materialize somewhere invisible in the air … find and enter the right wire in example,,,, then move and dance and become part of the get down? I think this okay video falls short of showing why that is?

  21. I thought the current always has to be zero where the conductor ends, and the voltage its maximum. And wouldn't the current be highest at the feed (lowest impedance) and the voltage its lowest?

  22. This is incorrect. Antenna is a terminal not a circle, there is no current passing through antenna, and there is no electric field and magnetic field reproducing each other at 90 degrees. The voltage oscillates in transmitter antenna, induces alternating current in the air, propagating at light speed, reaches receiver antenna and transfer information.

  23. How can you send a signal with a dipole if the 2 ends arent connected? Current has to flow through a circuit but with a dipole the circuit is broken right?

  24. Hi sir. Sorry for this suggestion. Could you pls send a link about on how images (light waves) are transported from the source objects to the televisions? I am curious of what physics is applied here.

  25. this is current flow… creating an expanding and contracting magnetic field around the conductor.

    the magnetic field doesnt just "jump off" the wire. it is created AROUND the wire due to the current flow, and that moving magnetic field creates its own EMF in opposition to the applied current. as the current increases, the applied EMF decreases. until there is no more EMF and the magnetic field strts collapsing, creating an EMF or potential again, until there is no more magnetic field, at which point there is no more induced EMF, and the current starts to flow back the other way, creating an expanding magnetic field that creates an EMF in opposition until the whole damn cycle repeats again…

    good explanation, but it lacks in clarity on a few points.

  26. Sir what happens when antenna length is shorter than half of wavelength.

    And amplitude of em wave is controlled by current or voltage?

    Kindly answer.

    Thanks u

    Please begin listening at 31:00
    More info at this link.

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