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How Much Does Your Directeur Sportif Tell You On The Radio? | GCN Ask The Pros

How Much Does Your Directeur Sportif Tell You On The Radio? | GCN Ask The Pros

– I’m asking the pros, how
much does their DS tell them and is it sometimes too much? – Alex, not that much.
– No? – It’s pretty concise. – Okay, interesting. – Oh quite a lot, yeah
sometimes in the descents he’ll tell us every
single corner coming up, how sharp it is, sometimes
we go through quiet moments, yeah it can be a lot of information. Sometimes good, sometimes too much, yeah it’s very mixed. – About today?
– Yeah. – Just survive. (laughs) – I did think you were going to say that. – Yeah, I think it’s a
really difficult stage for me with all the climbs and
it’s 5000 meter of altitude and I’m still a sprinter and for me it’s all about surviving today. – A lot and it’s really
useful so I know race radios, you know it’s a bit
controversial I suppose but from our perspective
it’s, yeah it’s really good. I think it keeps us much safer, yeah it just tells you
loads of useful information for those sketchy
descents or pinch points. So yeah it’s really handy. – Quite a fair bit, it depends
how technical the stage is. Like if we’ve, yeah for stages
like early in the second, early last week there
wasn’t really a lot to say, it was pancake flat for 200 K or whatever. But usually I will find
out when we get to a climb how long the climb is, the
gradients and stuff like that and then if the descent’s
going to be technical or not, where there’s hairpins
and stuff like that, so yeah they can, they
can, they’re pretty good with the information now
that people use things like VeloViewer and stuff it’s yeah. – We have Nico and Mateo on the radio and they’re really good,
really detailed information. They always tell us what we need to hear, they don’t overload us with information which is always good I think, most of the guys on the team like that. – No, I don’t think so, I
think Nico is pretty good, you know, just the right information. What’s coming up, what climb, left, right. Like important parts of the race, no I think in the team they are good. – In the radio we have
all the information, we have roundabouts, bumps, fits on, extra fits on for our team, climbs, gather on the break, I don’t know. – Is it sometimes too much
that you have to pull it out? – Yeah of course, sometimes (laughs) – That’s what I thought. – Of course, when maybe
one guy of the team stay in the break and the sport director start to support him, – Then you take. – keep pushing sometimes,
maybe I’m in the grupetto so sometimes we need to
put out a little bit. – You’re never in the grupetto. (laughs) – In this year, (laughs) in
this year I am not really in the last grupetto but
yeah of course the mountains and in the grupetto,
medium, medium grupetto. – Yeah, ’cause when I raced
I, my director sports team spoke way too much, I
end up pulling out my ear every now and again. Does that happen to you or
are you very much listen to every word and you know,
take direction quite well? – Well it really depends, you know, I think it’s always good
if they talk too much and then you can decide
to pull it out or not. – ‘Cause I know when I raced, some DSs were just non-stop in my
ear and I had to pull it out every now and again, is
that the same for you or? – No, not really, I think
every DS has their own, yeah, their own style but no ours
tend to keep it fairly concise and just give us all the essential info. – Is it ever too much that
you have to pull it out? – It depends where you are
in the race sometimes like, for example being more of
a domestique style rider, usually once I’ve done my job I’ll– – Unplug? – Yeah and switch off
for the day but some, ’cause and then a lot of the times they’ll actually start talking in Dutch ’cause if it’s Tom or Wilko
or someone up the road then they just automatically
start talking in and then I’m well I don’t
know what you’re talking so that’s me done for the day. – Is sometimes too much,
do you take it out, maybe if you’re not in the break or if you’re not really part of the race? I mean, you are at the moment, during the climbing stages but. – No, I think it’s too
important, we have Pavel and GC so it’s always important
we know what’s coming. Someone’s radio mightn’t
work so you might need to pass on information
so this part of the race with the stages coming
up, it’s always important to have it in I think. – There you have it,
some pros love hearing as much info as possible and
others like to pull it out when they’re not part of the race. If you’ve enjoyed this video, then make sure you give it a big thumbs up and for more Giro content
why don’t you click on that lovely lake, Lake
Isao, what a beautiful place.

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