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How Radio Access Network is being Virtualized and the Role of FlexRAN | Intel Software

Hi. I’m Sujata. In this video, I introduce
FlexRAN and put it into context within the wireless industry. I also talk about
how you can start to work with it to
make it more efficient and the benefits you
can get from using it in your next virtual Radio
Access Network project. The next generation
of the 5G network will have to handle large
volumes of data generated from millions of devices. To accommodate these
next generation services, operators will need to rapidly
evolve their mobile network architectures to process high
bandwidth real-time data. This means transforming
the core telecom network from a fixed function hardwired
appliance architecture to a software-based open
hybrid cloud platform. One way that
operators are looking to streamline the network is by
virtualizing the Radio Access Network or vRAN. vRAN is an essential
step into the 5G future because it simplifies the
deployment of new features and algorithms by
streamlining resource use. vRAN also separates
network functions from the underlying
hardware, making it possible for a flexible
and dynamic RAN environment. This design also leads to
cost effective networks supporting various
access technologies such as millimeter waves, LTE,
and Wi-Fi Essential for 5G. Intel has created a vRAN
reference implementation for virtualized
cloud-enabled Radio Access Network called FlexRAN. FlexRAN demonstrates how to
efficiently implement wireless access workloads powered by the
new generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors. These powerful processors
bring high efficiency into the wireless
RAN technology. To optimize the data processing
needed in this new 5G space, Intel processors are enhanced
with the Intel AVX-512 parallel instruction set. Intel Xeon Scalable processors
are also highly integrated with NFVI and DPDK
technologies and run optimally on Wind River Titanium Cloud,
as well as other optimized Linux variants. The ORAN Alliance is a
multi-company initiative committed to evolving
Open Radio Access Networks around the
world and is built on a foundation of
Open vRAN and white box hardware and common
standardized interfaces. Intel is committed
to this Alliance and has opened up FlexRAN
APIs for developers. There are numerous examples
of Intel’s FlexRAN reference implementations at
work around the world. For instance, Rakuten, a leading
global innovation company, is currently on track to
achieve an industry first with the deployment of a fully
virtualized mobile network in Japan. Rakuten is utilizing Intel’s
FlexRAN building blocks to achieve greater flexibility
and significant efficiency out of that innovative virtualized
cloud-ready network. With Intel’s FlexRAN reference
design and ORAN industry and ecosystem collaboration,
telcos and communication service providers will now have
an agile future-proof platform that they and their customers
can use to accelerate innovation into 5G and beyond. Follow the links to
contribute and to download the ORAN stack for
app development for 5G and Edge use cases. Thanks for watching.

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