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How Radiohead Writes A Chord Progression | The Artists Series S2E1

How Radiohead Writes A Chord Progression | The Artists Series S2E1

100 comments on “How Radiohead Writes A Chord Progression | The Artists Series S2E1

  1. lol do you really think talented artists ask themeselves all these questions ? it's just inspiration and talent. all this speech is just bullshit. talking a lot, not saying much

  2. When I started trying to jam to Radiohead I got a bit confused and was surprised that it was mostly in Major keys and interesting modes too. I'm not a very good guitarist I usually jam in minor pentatonic but I find it a bit boring sometimes. I like the sweet melodies you get from other scales but their harder to nail.

  3. You're so right, look at what radiohead did when they released In Rainbows. They let the fans choose what to pay for the album and wound up making more money than if they would have set a price.

  4. I wonder if Radiohead actually analyzed & write progression that way … maybe I'm doofus but I think it would be too rigid for them to do so, and prefer the simple ways and feelings 😑😶 or maybe I'm wrong.

  5. Сделайте перевод пожалуйста, русские ребята или субтитры хотя бы, люди должны это видеть.

  6. Must be a bummer being one if those really intelligent people who can figure out how others became successful but can't replicate it for their own success

  7. Moving down from minor chord to major chord by half-step… like in Goldfrapp’s “Lovely Head”. It’s almost vortic. It’s the vortex chord.

  8. Philosophy, depression, humanity… I could be more descriptive because their lyrics and music speak volumes to me.
    I probably used the wrong words but they are my favorite band.

  9. And to the people who know too much theory, No, he does not just 'write' melodies for chord progression , it comes naturally

  10. Please, do a "how Evanescence's writes song". It would be awesome to know how Amy creates the melancholic effect at her music.

  11. Paused- Three words to describe RadioHead… Timeless, Emotionally-charged, Atmospheric. 💗🌹

  12. I hardly understood any of it, but I loved it and now have greater appreciation of just how much goes into creating the music I take for granted. Thank you!

  13. thanks. you have break it down for me. the radiohead's mistery.. i love it when it has mistery.. i still love radiohead

  14. I’m curious why you didn’t mention the use of the moll-dur in Radiohead’s songs? The example of 1000 real fans was really inspiring. I’d love to see a video about nothing but thieves!

  15. Weird, the only music genius I ever knew once told me Radiohead was the most simple shit he has ever heard (this was 2009)

  16. Dude I have no clue what you said but it sounds tight, being able to create moods and emotions with the all the chord substitutions and shit

  17. Just getting into radiohead and I really do wonder where they get the ideas for a lot of their songs. I mean paranoid Android is just changing bass notes over a chord but sounds soo full and amazing. The compositions are genius. 15 step using 5/4 time and suss / extended chords is beautiful.

    For the minor to major changes, Debussy and satie experimented with that a bit.
    And in "my funny valentine", you have a Cm played over descending bass notes.
    But radio head makes it all so natural and takes it to an entirely original place.

    I'm properly in awe of radio head. Even more than I was with Bill Evans earlier.

  18. Less accessible but easier to get lost in the music.
    And yet people who aren't into music that isn't "accessible" want to get lost in music.
    Society in a nutshell.

  19. Maybe you should check out his vocals, the timing changes of the percussion's the perhaps inspiration of Queen (IMO)

  20. Although I appreciate acknowledging the creativeness of Radiohead this is not about 'how' they write songs. This video is about how one could use music theory to describe what is going on. Useful if you are trying to learn music theory. But this different from the process of creating songs and writing progressions .

  21. Perfectly clear and it all makes sense, yet there's a part of me that just doesn't to have it explained. I will maintain that it is inspired music, no analysis found when they sit behind a guitar or a piano, sure you can and you have explained it, but this equation if you will is an expression of someone's story and soul, which could never be manufactured through mathematics knowledge. Great video though.

  22. Do you think that artists like Radiohead are thinking this deeply about the theory when they write their songs, or are they focusing mainly on the expression without worrying too much about the theory?

  23. Radiohead has many sad songs. I believe they use a Very peculiar chord progression to make the music sound trippy and depressive, but this feeling is justified on their songs. Feeling depressed sometimes is part of human nature

  24. it really boils down to mayor agains minor, doesn't it? as in soooo many styles of music, the mayor third since it is in the harmonic overtones sounds strong logical and bright and minor sounds darker, and music needs to oscilate between the two like a dance between two polarities!!!

  25. I've been writing songs for 20+ yrs and often decide to study a band or artist to understand their process. This video was tremendously useful and well-done. Thanks

  26. Rewatching this video after a long time and realized that the "Do you like the kind of person you're writing for?" thing made me quit my previous band. That phrase kept me thinking about it for months, I made the decision and didn't know where I heard it, now I came by it by surprise, and man… Thank you for this. This was a very important decision in my life, I'm happy to restart my carrer thinking about this in the first place.

  27. My favorite band is Radiohead. Is this any good?

  28. Just 3 words? Doleful Depressing Despondent and totaly Joyless – Geez makes me want to jump off the nearest cliff. In what state of mind do you leave a 2 hour concert of that …. ? Found out why the only song anyone knows them by is Creep …… That is totally creepy ….

  29. You need to do a "How Prefab Sprout write a chord progression".
    Jazz chord progressions, elegant songwriting and instrumentation and hypnotic harmonies. Sort of jazz mixed with pop. I recommend their debut album "Swoon"

  30. Shit, Radiohead is my favorite band ever. After watching this, I guess I belong in the back of Denny's at midnight wearing Doc Martin's smoking cloves sipping on black coffee and being all angsty. Thanks, man! Also, Creep is their least complex song, start anywhere but there. lol

  31. Creep is a poor example of Radiohead’s composition. The chord progression was a direct lift from “The Air I Breathe” by the Hollies. It’s the least defining song in their discography.

  32. I find it curious why we analyse music this way, as I am almost certain Radiohead (and most other bands or songwriters) will not create music in such a robotised fashion. Music creators go with feel, instinct and the desire to affect the listener in a certain way or the desire to convey moods via tonal shifting. I very much doubt Radiohead will think to themselves, Ooo it would be so cool to chuck in Dorian mode right here. An obsession with seeing music from this perspective, I think, is almost counterproductive to creativity.

  33. Thank you for this, I appreciate that you decided to make videos for those who want to be greater. I applaud you for it. Cheers

  34. You’re opening a much needed arena of discussion.
    Please stop referring to us as “fans”
    Ya cavernous fanny.

  35. I think there's a false dichotomy here. You said a lot of artists write the melody first and then find the chords. You suggested Radiohead does the opposite. I don't think they do. Most songwriters I know — and especially the good ones — write both at the same time.

  36. I like the breakdown of the music of Radiohead. I still feel like a lot of music is just feeling however. Feeling sad, happy, trippy, angry- every emotion can be expressed through vibrations of sound. To quantify any musician or band can be hard but I appreciate seeing the notes. I will attempt some on piano tomorrow and thank you!

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