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How to Become a Radio Announcer : How to Promote a Radio Show

How to Become a Radio Announcer : How to Promote a Radio Show

Hi, there. This is Eddie Matthews on behalf
of Expert Village. A few tips for announcers trying to get a career in radio. In this segment,
we’re going to talk about the extension of broadcasting and things that can help promote
your radio station and your radio program as well, too. We’re into an age of instant
communication with cell phones, the blackberries, the e-mails, all these other devices. Radio
can either ignore them or embrace them and use them to remain the most instant of all
mediums. It’s great to have your own blog, it’s great to be on Facebook, it’s great to
have stuff on YouTube that you can talk to, but there’s no excuse for not working the
phones. If you can connect with the listener at that time, get something observational
going with the listener and in their life. Something that, as they’re driving down the
road, they will be nodding their head listening to you, going, “You know, he’s right on the
money on that one.” Getting them to call in with a traffic report, anything simple like
that. Or helping you out when you can’t remember the name of an old TV show. Or even having
them replay a memorable moment in their life. I’ve interviewed thousands of people over
the years. And the best guests are the ones who’ve been on with just a good little story
that people will relate to. Once you hear the passion in their voices, and they’re sincerely
glad that you could get them on the radio so they could share this – because it’s just
ready to explode out of them. That’s incredible to have. It could be the first date, could
be some other memorable moment in their life that others will be able to connect with.
Because it’s observational. It’s something that others can relate to as well. That’s
the key to broadcasting and connecting with that listener.

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