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How to Cast Your Vote for the YTMAs: Reggie Watts Explains

How to Cast Your Vote for the YTMAs: Reggie Watts Explains

REGGIE WATTS: Hi. My name is Reggie Watts, lead
singer of Thrill Kill Kult. I’m here today to
let you know that I am the co-host of the
YouTube Music Awards. Now you might be
wondering, how do I vote? Well, you search
“YTMA” on YouTube, find and watch official
playlists of the nominees, and then share those videos
you want on Twitter, Google+, or even Facebook. Now, here’s a dog. You probably remember this dog
from the last video we did. But we have to use the
same dog, because that’s what’s in its contract. This right here is
a representation of a video playlist. Now, after you’ve searched, one
of these is going to come up. And in this particular
category, you’re going to have some choices. Let’s say you chose Lindsey
Stirling, a stunning violin player. You decide to take her, and we
put her up on something like Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. And once that happens
on the internet, well, that counts as a vote. But what happens if a
friend of yours is like, hey, I agree with that. I think she’s really cool. Well, all they have to do
is share it or retweet it, and that creates another
vote, so on and so forth, until you have an
amalgamation of massive votes that then creates what
I like to call a meme. Now, if enough of these
memes come together, you get a super
meme, as represented by this humanoid form factor. Now, when you take this
meme and you put it up against another
meme, what happens? You have an epic battle
like Voice Avenue and Lindsey Stirling in
an all-out knockout punch drag out. Moving on. These are the categories
you can vote for. Video of the Year. Artist of the Year. Whats thou worketh on? MALE SPEAKER: My father. REGGIE WATTS: Ah, me father. I love Irish artists. YouTube Phenomenon of the Year. What’s going on in there? She can’t see me. Innovation of the Year. [GROWLING] REGGIE WATTS: Stop. Please. Response of the Year. Look at all these responders. And of course, Breakthrough. So make sure you
tune in November 3 and watch the
YouTube Music Awards. [LAUGHS] I love this guy. We’ve done a lot
of work together. Well, that’s how you vote. And that’s the
YouTube Music Awards. So if you want to get voting and
you want to get other thinging, then get on that thing. Because tonight
is all about you, and [? KoJo, ?] and
special effects, and things that go around in a circle,
and little props and stuff, and a crew that’s
behind that you can’t see because
of the cameras. But sometimes you can
see them because they’re wearing white suits
with the hoods on them. So enjoy yourself here
at YouTube Music Awards. See you next week
on YouTube Live. MALE SPEAKER: Cut!

99 comments on “How to Cast Your Vote for the YTMAs: Reggie Watts Explains

  1. Why are you even gratifying response girls/guys now? What the fuck google? I thought everyone agreed that they were literally scum of the earth and were nothing but leeches?

  2. You know that you failed when the like / dislike thumb is running 50/50. Sorry, Google/YouTube/Google Ads/Google Play Store. We see right through your money grab.

  3. what a bunch of crap…. nice way to generate "likes " I.E. page links (hits)…… pay to play scam from google…

  4. This is possibly the worst live show I've ever seen. Disorganized, babies crying, badly timed choreography, and sloppy interviews.

  5. Looked in – all corporate junk – the usual generics from the Big Four
    My vote is against all of this.

    Music and the music business, has been reduced to 5 auto tuned sound alikes. These 5 get more media attention than all the other musicians in the world, combined. Corporate music has marginalize the rest into footnotes. Decreed by the suits that you will not have any real career in music unless you are Beyonce, Beiber, Gaga, Perry, Swift. (and maybe runnerups 1D, JT, and Miley).

  6. I feel really bad for Reggie that he had to do this awful, awkward attempt at edgy and trendy humor. It was painful to watch. I love Reggie though, and I hope they're paying him well (or that he at least gets even better exposure because of this).

  7. The quality of the live stream is terrible. And whats up with the moderators?! What kind of drugs did they take to be so awful!!

  8. This award was crap! The actual youtubers got screwed over by the professionals. At least they got the opportunity. Though plenty of people tuned in to make it "successful" this was a major fail.

  9. There are a shitload more musicians out there with "real careers" than those five. But for the most part they're just as shitty. Also, not to defend any of those people you mentioned (I don't willingly listen to pop music), but most of those don't use autotune. I know it's hip to use autotune as a bash on any and all artiss, but autotune is a specific effect that is very audible. I've never heard Beyonce, GaGa, Swift, or Bieber use it, although I've never heard all their songs.

  10. I think the biggest failure was not having Reggie Watts move around in some sort of robot full of instruments so he could play all the time. He's fantastic, but it's kind of pointless to use someone who's more interesting than most of the acts as a presenter, especially when it's still a pretty limited & controlled presentation. Next time, build a machine for Reggie!!

  11. The only thing that saved them was that last performance by Eminem & Denaun – the rest pretty much really sucked!! wth – no Big Sean who has videos with over 60 million views or Hopsin who has videos with over 32 million views – not even nominated for anything? Ha – they disabled the comments for the video of the show.

  12. The youtube music awards wasn't organized and was really awkward… I don't mean or want to sound like a bitch but these awards show that people who are trying to make it big will fail… I mean its kind of messed up that they didn't make it an award show for real youtubers… There are many talented people in youtube and all they did was pick famous artists? What about smosh,Pewdiepie, nigahiga etc…

  13. An indie category would be good, but you should chill with the ego. There are endless indie musicians on Youtube with serious talent, so don't act like you somehow deserve free promotion just for being a unique and special snowflake. You have to bust your own ass and get yourself known, just like musicians have been doing for a long time. You have to captivate people. Youtube is already giving you a tremendous free tool for doing that, so stop making yourself look like an ass.

  14. I could understand if Psy won, I'd love for ERB to win, but Eminem? Sure he's cool, a little overrated at times, but cool. However, I was disappointed he won…

  15. I want to vote, but i don't want to share!! this voting system is stupid! though it doesn't cost anything to vote as some contests (on TV that is) ask 50cents per vote!!

  16. 4 words k.i.s.s. The awards show was WeiRd! not good weird but eyebrow raising, head shaking! it looked like the kids awards show and some guy high as a kite coordinating it!
    I wont be watching next time!!!

  17. I guess my issue with it, was it seemed more like a typical awards show, than an actual award show for youtube user content…where's all the viral videos, Sweet Brown, Antoine Dodson, The "Pumped up kicks" video with Marquese Scott charlie bit my finger, rebecca black the original Harlem Shake and all the cat vids we love (maybe i missed that) or any number of memes created by video presence…youtube was designed for the everyday joe to become noticed and they missed that point entirely

  18. 😀 Trying to host impromptu was a nice touch though. Gotta give credit for their originality but way more attention should have been made towards the viral videos or YouTube celebrities instead of the already high profile acts. That would have been more aesthetic to me.

  19. I know this was there 1st awards show but I thought it was going to be ALL about folks on YouTube not folks you can see on the VMAs. So many artists were not featured that really should have been

  20. I have never heard of the Hi Spike campaign at all. I'm guessing that must be where people choose who would be included in this awards presentation? Not sure it would really matter though. If mainstream artists were included on the ballot they would get the most votes anyway, as they have more of an audience to draw from. I would like to see it promoted as much as their music awards were though, as I had no idea it was even going on.

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  23. I luv you tube though its jst nt easy to watch evrythng tht u wsh to watch lyk new soaps n' drama episodes u' only gt old stuff n' movies..plz try to show latest episodes whtevr th pryc cz u expensive alrdy for th old stuff…

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