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How to conduct a great radio interview ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

hi guys and welcome to this video or I’ll be giving you some top tips on how to conduct a great radio interview so finding a guest may sound obvious but we’re going to look at how you can find someone for your interview you may want to start by asking yourself some questions such as what does my audience want to know who can give them the answers that they’re looking for and what can my guests bring to my show you can use social media to find people who have expertise or interested in the subject you want to talk about for example on Twitter you can use hashtags to search for keywords they’re linked to people who are interested in the subject so doing a research before the interview is essential you should automatically know more about the subject than your listeners do that way you can easily engage in the conversation with your guests and ask questions without having to read them from a piece of paper you should also be able to introduce the subject and say a few words before the interview begins it’s still important for you to prepare some questions have a brainstorming session and come up with all the questions that your listeners may want the answers to you don’t need to follow them to the letter but they’ll guide you through the interview if you need them you can also come up with two to three follow-up questions for each of your main questions this will help you bounce off an answer or dig a little deeper if the answer that your guests gave you wasn’t detailed enough it’s important for your guests to feel comfortable so here are a few things you can do to provide a warm welcoming environment take the time to chat before the interview begins check if they have any questions before starting ask them if they want to see the questions that you’ve prepared make sure they have something to drink thank them for taking the time to join you in this interview so listening is probably the most obvious yet important tip to make sure that your radio interviews are a success you need to show your listeners and your guests that you’re engaged in the conversation and not simply reading questions from a piece of paper it can be hard to remain concentrated on each and every word that’s being said so try and think of it more as a conversation and be ready to bounce off any comments that your guest makes if a question pops into your head while Stu guest is speaking avoid interrupting them your listeners might find it difficult to understand what’s going on if more than one person is speaking at the same time make sure your listeners know that your interviews coming up you can post about it on social media for example and even ask your guests to do the same or you can do a bit of teasing by leaving clues about who your guest is so that your followers can guess who you’re interviewing lastly here are top tips on what not to do during your interview asking yes or no questions the aim is to have a conversation asking more than one question at a time relying too much on your notes keeping your mouth or breath too close to the microphone whilst your guest is talking going off-topic do you want to create an online radio station radio queue offers you a free 7-day trial no commitments you can find the link in the description below

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