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100 comments on “How to Connect Your Laptop to Your Television

  1. I do a great review on a cable tester, Great for testing USB cables, Ethernet cables, XLR's, and More….check it out 🙂

  2. my HD tv has dvi, vga, and s-video, buy my laptop only has vga. Will vga by itself work or not? Any help is welcome and highly appreciated.

  3. Hello, I have watched your video and I have some questions… I have a laptop… and I have the VGA cable… I also have the mini to RCA cable… I have gotten the picture to show up but unfortunately not the audio… hmmm. Now I plug my headphone side of the mini to RCA cable into the laptops headphones slot.. and the other end where the audio color coded prongs are.. into the audio input of the t.v… but to no avail.. it doesn't work… does anyone know how I can get the audio working? Please help. Thanks, and great vid. 🙂

  4. My TV has all of the ports, but I have to use the VGA one because of my laptop.  The picture quality is great!  However, I can't use the RCA audio cable because it doesn't produce a good sound.  I have to use a 3.5 mm male to male audio cable.  My PC Audio port is located by my VGA port on the TV so I guess that will work a lot better.

  5. Does anyone now how and if you can have a computer monitor but also turn the tv into another monitor that way

  6. How would I connect a laptop from vga to avi only. Using it for karaoke. I have a TV with just a Input avi. Do I need converter box or do I set settings on laptop

  7. I have an older projection tv and it only has the red white and yellow ports on back. Can I still connect my tv to my laptop?

  8. My laptop screen has been broken for some time now and I DID try to get picture on my brother's flatscreen (I have in the past) but the laptop screen is sooo messed up, it shows nothing but a blank picture ;-;…and I'm not rich like everyone else is to go throw out 300 dollars on some questionable repairer :c. Guess I'll have to buy a new one and loose all precious data from my old one u_u…

  9. I tried hooking the dvi-d to hdmi and the rca to my tv from my computer, but i can't get the sound to play through the tv. I even checked the manual for the tv and did it exactly as it said but still can't get the audio to play. Help.

  10. Can anyone help me? : )

    My laptop is too modern and my tv is too old.

    I have HDMI and VGA on my laptop.
    My Tv only has SCART, RCA and S-Video.

    Is there any "converser" cable that will work? Or will it not work due to the difference in quality image?

    I dont know if it is possible but I have a paid TV Box from Vodafone (not sure how to say in English but I think you guy get it…) that has HDMI. Is it possible to connect my laptop to the TV box to display on the TV?

    I dont want to spend too much € …

  11. okay forks my husband ackadenty. cracked my labt screen. but I want connect the laptop to tv got wipers but can't get my laptop to come on its on but can't get it the tip

  12. Everybody u dont need all that u just need a hdmi and connect hdmi1 or hdmi2 on your tv and you hdmi on you laptop and your done

  13. Is there a way that I can just make it stay on my 43 inch flat screen cause my laptop crack and I just want to stay connected and even I turn on is there way to do that ?

  14. some computers don't have usb ports.I wounder would the vga or dvi could power up a condenser mic like 1 of the cords on ebay called a VGA to S-Video / Composite / XLR3F Audio (L & R) Cable ?

  15. Hi howcast I got a question that's new since this video is old, my laptop has HDMI can I buy a HDMI cable that has the other end of AV cables (the 3 color cables) and plug it to a old TV and make it work? I seen the cable on eBay and i'm interested but I don't know if it'll work or not

  16. i have a old sony tv of 90's and i have hp envy 360x Hdmi…how to connect it with my tv ?which things i need? please help

  17. You don't need adapters. How simple is it to plug in a simple VGA cable to the Vga port on a TV. You don't need this much requirements. Trust me Grandpa did for movies.

  18. Bruh I’m just over thinking like I get what he is doing and saying when really I don’t 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. hi, You are doing great work!
    i want to know that i have 2 camera with avi/rca (red,white & yellow) & i want to connect them to my laptop dell latitude e7240 with windows 10 for live streaming.which one is the device to connect them with laptop??

  20. I think you have good knowledge about several ways of connecting the computer to tv using different types of adopters with various options. Thats what your video explains. But you could have said option 1 or option 2 etc (instead of saying step 1, next step 2 etc which is confusing the viewer. Please try to edit this and it would be appreciated).

  21. I’d like to connect my laptop to a projector but the projector only has the Audio Video Aux (white yellow red) to plug into. Is it possible?

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