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How to Customize Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Uconnect® Touchscreen Menu

How to Customize Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Uconnect® Touchscreen Menu

Hi, I’m Paul. I’m one of the sales professionals at Croton
Auto Park and today we’ll be ah discussing how to set up the the custom menus in your
Jeep Grand Cherokee. Alright so on our Uconnect 8.4 inch screen
we have several icons along the bottom that are your various menus. You can customize these icons by going to
your apps menu and it has a variety of different options that you can use. Say for example you don’t care about turning
the screen on and off, but you use your passenger heated seat all the time. You can click and hold on to the icon and
then drag it down, and replace the screen off button with your passenger heated seat. Similarly say you want your settings menu
instead of your full control menu, you can click and hold the setting and again just
drag it down to customize. Alright, speaking of the settings, you can
also go to the settings menu and customize your full features of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. You have your display, your units, your voice
command, you can set your clock, safety and driving assistance and lights. And in these menus it gives you full options
over the car. For example the safety and driving gives you
options such as having the side mirrors tilt while you’re in reverse. You can turn off your steering wheels paddle
shifters so you don’t bump them if you don’t ever use them. And you can set the volume of your park sense
rear radar. Same with your lighting, you can control how
long your headlights stay on after you power down the vehicle. And how long they stay illuminated if you
hit your unlock button on approach to the vehicle. Very very handy for late at night, finding
the car and keeping- letting you know where it is. You can have settings for 30 seconds, 60 seconds,
or a full minute and half, 90 seconds. For your clock, you have your clock up there,
you can set it, you can have it in standard or military time and you can set the time,
hours, and minutes. Your display, you can control whether it’s
automatic or manual. And then you can control the different brightness
like when the head lights are off, if the screen is brighter or dimmer. See it getting dimmer as you lower it. You can also change the language, change your
keyboard configuration. Right now it’s the standard QWERTY keyboard. You can also set it just to be a traditional
ABCDEF. And smart selection, as you’re typing it’ll
eliminate umm various words. So say you were typing in looking for Croton,
as you’re typing Crot, it’ll eliminate all other options give you Croton Falls or Croton
on Hudson. You have your back arrow there, and that lets
you scroll away from it. And it’s fully comprehensive. You can also access your phone and bluetooth
though your settings, as well as your phone icon down there. Thanks for watching this video,if you have
any questions about your 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee or any other Jeep vehicles, you can reach
us online at or by phone at 914-271-5100

7 comments on “How to Customize Your Jeep Grand Cherokee Uconnect® Touchscreen Menu

  1. How do you set your phone contacts as your favorite setting without them disappearing the next time you get in the car?

  2. It is cool how you can drag and drop functions. I have to try it tommorow… do you know how to change songs order within a folder (which contains an album) so it shows in filename order, not alphabetical song order? For example: album that contains 3 songs i would like to have listed as 1.zzz 2.yyy as these are songs filenames, not as xxx, yyy, zzz per mp3 id tag… it is annoying as i have albums of continous mixes and they are all over the place now. Does not seem like i can sort by filename anymore…

  3. Thanks for your thorough tutorial. I'm excited to go and play around with my navigation. Thanks again

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