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36 comments on “How to Get WWE Tickets

  1. @Turpale ok, *uses a time machine and enlists in vietnam, goes to fight, shoots himself in the leg and goes home as a war veteran, then comes back to the 2010 and goes to a wwe match :D*

  2. i would take her to watch TNA, TNA is way better TNA TNA TNA TNA and i would fuck her after the show with out a condom

  3. Yes. Wrestling is fake. But so isn't everything else (good) on tv these days, so…. really why would /anyone/ have a problem with that? It's just like sitting down and watching a favorite show, and it's entertaining (and also – hey… there's lots of hot men in the business… I'm up for that.) =D

  4. ROFL…I thought there would have been some useful information instead of "you your brain, you moron" information. Nice to see boobiez at 1:04. She could be a diva with a bit of augmentation.

  5. Rather go see a good independent wrestling promotion, some of the wrestlers are WWE Hall of Famers and will sign autographs for a fee.

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