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How to Install A Cobra 19 CB Radio in your Jeep Using a Wilson 1000 Magnet Mount Antenna

Hey what’s up guys, this is Bryce, and this is Kristoffer Smith. We’re going to show you how to install a CB Radio into your vehicle For this install, we’re going to be using a Cobra 19, that i’ve previously had installed in this vehicle, as well as a Wilson 1000 that I picked up recently The Cobra 19 is nice and small and compact, it will fit in this vehicle great and take a small amount of space. The Wilson 1000 is basically the best magnet mount antennae on the market As I mentioned before, I have already installed this in my vehicle before, I have chosen this location to install it. But, you can essentially install it anywhere you want. If you wanted to, you could install it all the way on top of your dash, down low, or over to the side. You can install anywhere you want, but for my application this takes up the least amount of space and was the best option. Now that the box is installed, lets install the microphone. It would be great if it would plug in. So, there is a couple different trains of thought when it comes to wiring these. There are some kits where you can wire directly to your cigarette lighter You can also also wire it into your accessories, so when you turn your key the CB radio automatically turns on However, none of those are the correct way to do it. The reason for this is, your power can receive signals such as engine noise and cause static in your CB radio So, the correct way to do this, is wire the cb radio directly to your battery with nothing but the inline fuse thats including with your cb radio Make sure you run these wires completely out of the way of anything in your engine bay that it can get caught on. So we’re going to route the wires along the firewall, next to the main engine wiring harness, all the way over to the battery You may have noticed that we’re using red wire for power and ground. Don’t do that, use red for power, and black for ground. Do as we say, not as we do. Magnet mount style antennas cannot be mounted to aluminum. It also needs to be mounted in the center of your roof, or the center of your trunk. Now we can attach the coax cable to the radio. As for the coax cable, it needs to be routed as straight as possible with no coils or bunching up.. Coils or bunching up the coax cable will cause your SWR reading to be really bad as cause poor cb radio performance and possible damage to the cb radio. Alright guys, so what were doing now, is going to over to a dirt lot by my house to test out the CB radio, that way were away from power lines, trees, and houses. Best part about this setup is that its less than $100, and you’ll have an incredibly performing CB radio.. As long as we don’t hit that car in front of me. Go ahead radio check. Hey whats good out there how are you doing? Alright guys, so part of the reason that this setup works so incredibly well is mostly due to the Wilson 1000, this antennae out of the box, all you have to do is insert the whip into the base and it just works. 1:1 SWR across all 40 channels, there is so adjusting or tuning that needs to be done and it just works If you wanted an even better set up, you could step up to a Cobra 29 which gives you a lot more features and ultimately a better experience with you CB radio However, this setup is extremely cheap and works extremely well for any purpose, whether you are on the highway, or you are off roading Lets see if I can get anyone to respond. Hey can I get a radio check please, radio check? Go ahead radio check Radio check, am I coming in clear? Yea, you sound alright for where you are at.

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