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How To Install Car Android Radio Navigation Seicane S6920G on the Volkswagen Head Unit

How To Install Car Android Radio Navigation Seicane S6920G on the Volkswagen Head Unit

hello and welcome to my channel in this
video I will show you how to change the old CD player with a new radio car
navigation with android 8.0 from Seiken we start with this assembly of the vent
hole it is fixed with clamps around it and for opening we will use plastic tool unscrew the screw with Torx t20 head
then drag from the windshield to us to pull it off the front grille is fixed on the top and
two screws with t20 size all the screws that we are going to open are of the
same size and they will be open up with the same Torx also pull from the back to
the front use plastic tool to prevent damage of the grid at the front we have
to pull straight up to remove the clamps from the bottom grid because it is fixed
in three places on the heads and on the metal don’t forget like and subscribe we remove the plug for the emergency
button and the passenger airbag indicator now we will go to the bottom grid which
is trapped in two screws and then metal clamps to open it from the clamps we
will insert slowly the plastic tool around it now we will unscrew the four screws that
hold the CD player now we remove it and disconnect the power plug in the antenna these are removed by lifting the safety
clips as you see it now we are going to install the
navigation from Seiken this comes with a power adapter plug for the Volkswagen
model this power harness has the power plug of
the CANbus module the plug of the video signal for the reversing camera and
audio in from the two antenna plugs we connect
the adapter to one of them this is the GPS antenna that needs to be pulled out
of from the board of the car if we want to get a better signal we will take the
cables out of the cardboard on the bottom next to the glove compartment besides the GPS cable we will pull also
the two USB one is for the 3G network module and the other for the portable
memory we will plug in the USB OTG power
connector radial antenna and we will screw the Wi-Fi antenna and the GPS
antenna before we mount it we will do a test it
only works with engine on it’s an android 8.0 with an eight-core
processor a four gigabytes ram memory in 32 gigabytes of flash that moved pretty
well after assembly let’s see what it can do
this unit works only with the engine on or when we put the key to position one
if we off it from button then it will memorize and will be on from the button
if we will off it from the key then we’ll be on from the key it’s a 9 inch
large screen device i downloaded from google play an app to
see the device configuration as you can see the device has four gigabytes ddr3
ram memory the internal memory is 32 gigabytes and we have free only 19
gigabytes because the difference it’s occupied by the system the display has
1024 X 600 resolution the device use Android 8.0 with octa-core CPU which is
manufactured by ro chip this is the radio that you can store up
to 18 radio stations you can search it automatically or manually the Bluetooth is very fast at connection
after connecting the phone to the device we can make phone calls and listen to
music stored on the phone the DVR function is used for recording
the whole process of traffic accidents taking photos for front of vehicles and
storing the video in real time while driving here we have a video player with
which we can watch the movies on the device here we have the file browser
where we find the files from the device this is the image from the backup camera
this camera is automatically switching to the parking image while reversing as
you can see here we have the balance that helped us adjust sound according to
your preference when we press the fader button we can adjust the right left
front rear automatic and manual now you can see how I play a song in
YouTube and we can listen in the car damn plus it is an advanced digital
radio technology for broadcasting radio stations integrates a number of features
to reduce interference problems and signal noise this is the easy connection
icon where we can find Wi-Fi connection with the phone in the settings section we can adjust
the brightness level the wallpaper the font size and also we can adjust the
light here you can change the color display
this work only in night mode for a safe driving these buttons
watching video and notification should be disabled in this icon we can get car status
information kilometers battery fuel and open doors this is the Eco navigation icon with 3d
map view in the torque icon we can see engine
management diagnostics and tools obd2 helps us to get information about car
system problems in time the car TPMS reports real time tire pressure
information via pictogram display or a simple low pressure warning light to
help you save fuel consumption thanks for watching and do not forget like and

12 comments on “How To Install Car Android Radio Navigation Seicane S6920G on the Volkswagen Head Unit

  1. Nice video.!!Here showing support,liked and subscribed; Hoping that you support my page as well. Thank you in advance

  2. Seicane is Horrible dont buy I bought one they have horrible service and when the product stops working they want you to pay for shipping and refuses to replace it without it being returned. Mine barely lasted 3 months

  3. Very helpful and good video on assembling and disassembling. Why only works with the engine on?
    Did you shut battery before removing airbag switch? If not didn't it show up an error after?
    Thank you

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