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How to install the car stereo PEUGEOT 207 📻

How to install the car stereo PEUGEOT 207 📻

To replace your car radio you must first turn your engine off. Get your hands on the needles that will let you remove the original radio. Insert them on both sides of the radio, in the holes provided for this, until they lock into place correctly. Pull on both of the needles, at the same time, to remove the radio. To begin with, take out the antenna cable. To unplug the double connector terminal, press on the small tab and lift the locking bar. This should automatically make the terminal come out. Insert the antenna adapter into the original antenna cable. Do the same with the ISO adapter connector for the power cables and the loud speakers. Put the rack provided in place with the new radio, slipping the wires inside beforehand. Once the rack has been properly placed into its compartment, lock it in place with a flat head screwdriver and pushing down all of the metal tabs It is important to push all of them down so that the rack is perfectly fixed in place. Connect the new radio. The keyed connections will help ensure that you don’t make a mistake when assembling the black and white connectors. Finish with the antenna wire. Get all of the cables in by pushing downwards as much as possible. Slide the radio into position without pushing it in too hard Turn on the ignition to check that the radio is working correctly before fully fixing it in place. Operation completed.

5 comments on “How to install the car stereo PEUGEOT 207 📻

  1. Hi. In this specific car, changing the radio means not being able to control the monitor above. Is there any other way of being able to control it?

  2. Hahah he pusht away holder of stereo 🤣 u have 1 more slot u can put new stereo and dubble conekt it so u keep computer

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    Replacing the car radio on a PEUGEOT 207.

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    Needed parts :

    – Car radio :

    – Antenna adapter :

    Needed tools

    – 💣🤖🏆 The complete toolbox recommended by UseTool ES to repair your 207 : 🏆🤖💣

    – Flat head screwdriver

    🔝💪 Safely lift your 207 with the hydraulic jack : and axle stands : recommended by UseTool EN : 💪🔝

    – "No lifting equipment necessary to carry out this operation"

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    Usetool's warnings

    Before installing the new car radio, carefully adjust the metal rack making sure that it doesn't move at all.

    Some car radios require an antenna adapter.

    If the new car radio doesn't have a steering wheel controls jack or outlet, these controls won't work.

    Usetool's infos

    "No particular piece of information necessary to carry out this operation"

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  4. Hi, I got a aftermarket stereo about 1 week, worked fine until yesterday
    It just keeps turning off and car beeps 3 times then turns back on for about 1 minute then turns off again

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